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Author has written 10 stories for Tales of the Abyss, Guild Wars, Warcraft, Final Fantasy VII, Dragon Age, Assassin's Creed, and Persona Series.


I also have a formspring. Right here:

There, I'll answer any kinds of questions you can come up with, unless they involve spoilers towards anything I'm currently working on. xD

-Anaeli, formerly Cao-

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Table of Contents

1. Isofon Series Information (IsIn)

2. Writing Tidbits (WrTi)


(IsIn) Isofon Information

Cao's (un)official Scion Explanation -

Scions are pretty much select individuals who are descendants of the seven sentiences in the Tales of the Abyss world. They are born like any other human, with the only difference being that they have the exact same fonon signature (like, their lil DNA thing) as the sentiences!

ex) Asch as the same fonon signature as Lorelei; Alex as the same fonon signature as Sylph, etc.

Only experts in fonology and have mastered most fonic artes, either in one element or in all (coughLikeJadecough) would be able to tell. However, in some cases, it is extremely obvious. But this is rare. Most Scions, however, are weak, and it requires specific concentration to pick them out. These 'weak' Scions are only like this because they have yet to acquire their 'Scionic Object' (as they will be called by everyone soon). These can be absolutely anything, usually something that said Scion cares about to the extreme. Each object was made by the Scions of the past, and have their own unique ability that only the Scions of the element may be able to utilize.

ex) Alex's "Scionic Object" would be his teal-crystal necklace which never leaves his body.

These are but some of the abilities that the scions of the different elements have. Lorelei is not included in this list.

Strengths - Health and endurance improvement, immunity to sickness, immense strength, bruises are hard to get, gravity control
Weaknesses - Slower reflexes and speed, overpowered by Undine and Rem

Strengths - Faster, ability to levitate, swift, a positive-playful personality, flexible
Weaknesses - Weaker in strength, easily bruised and hurt, overpowered by Gnome, Rem and Efreet

Strengths - Immense strength and endurance, slightly physically stronger, hot-tempered, stronger in artes, flexible personality, does not get tired easily
Weaknesses - Arrogant, destructive, mentally weaker, uses a lot of energy, overpowered by Gnome and Undine

(More will be added as later installments of Isofons are added)

During the Dawn Age, around the time Yulia Jue had lived, there were the very first Scions of the different sentiences. Or at least, they are the only and oldest that the limited history has been able to track. Naturally, Lorelei did not have one, as these Scions were alive before the Planet Storm was created. Not much is known about the first six Scions, however, as the Order of Lorelei seems to keep an extremely tight seal over them. What is known:

First Scion of Shadow - Dairen Khi
He had been a warrior, one quickly consumed by anger and hate in battle. He was a devastating fighter. Not much is known about him, but what is known is that he vanished in the middle of an intense battle. His body and weapons were never found, though he was presumed dead and his weapons lost.

First Scion of Gnome - Ursulas Gigantis
She had been a fonist and, as evident in her last name, a woman larger than most at the time. She had a powerful strength and often preferred to spend her time training in the woods than any. She was a valuable asset in most battles and even became a high-ranking soldier. Sadly, however, she was defeated in battle, and her body forever remains buried in its resting place.

First Scion of Sylph - Daniel Masato
A man with a particularly care-free attitude, evident of his nature. He had been one of the best swordsmen of his time, often vanquishing those in his path. He often fought alongside Incendius, using his powers in unison with him and creating a devastating team. Not much is known, but legend tells that he was the only Scion of the time to survive until after the Outer Lands were raised. His sword, however, went missing after his death. His body forever remains buried in its resting place.

First Scion of Undine - Luria Nympha
A woman of a beautiful nature, she was not an official member of anything. Legend tells that she was a mysterious healer of unknown origins, with hair and skin of a brilliant deep-blue. She purified water during the time when the miasma engulfed the land. But one day, she was impaled and killed instantly. The Order of the time deemed her a holy being, and thus buried her with the other Scions.

First Scion of Efreet - Angelo "Fiery" Incendius
He was a well-trained fist-fighter and participated alongside Daniel in battles. The two often used their abilities in unison and together created a devastating team. However, he was killed in battle, and forever remains buried in its resting place.

First Scion of Rem - Lumina Phoebus
She was a well-trained fonist that harnessed the power of light, often blinding her enemies in battle. Sadly, her physical strength was severely weak, and she was one of the first Scions to die. Her body remains forever buried in its resting place.



First Installment

Luke: Regular Outfit
Tear: Regular Outfit
Guy: Regular Outfit
Anise: Regular Outfit
Jade: Regular Outfit
Natalia: Regular Outfit
Asch: Regular Outfit
Alex: A red t-shirt and loose-fitting, faded jeans held up with a belt. Also has a white cape with the symbol for the Third Fonon (look it up in videos) on it and plain black shoes.

Second Installment

Luke: Black, gold-trimmed, short-sleeved t-shirt (in a never-going-to-be-released-scene, he cuts off the sleeves 'cause it bugs him). It has also has the fancy little golden sign on the right side, over the waist. Yes, ladies, it covers his abdomen. Sorry.
Also has his trusty grey pants and red shoes, alongside his typical jacket, save for the jacket has long sleeves now.
Tear: Cool Chick outfit from the game (look it up either in pictures or in videos).
Guy: Regular Outfit
Anise: That outfit from the game that Emperor Peony gives her (forgot its name); after Ion releases her from her duties.
Jade: Regular Outfit
Natalia: Regular Outfit
Asch: Long-sleeved, button-up, black t-shirt with the typical Order of Lorelei sign (funky heart thing) in the middle. A thin brown belt around his waist. Black, loose pants (though not loose enough to be a hassle in battle). Black, laced-up boots.
Alex: White, short-sleeved t-shirt with a loose-fit collar and gold trimming and a black slash design from his right shoulder to his left waist, accompanied by some Ancient Ispanian symbols on the black streak. Black pants. Black boots that slipped under them. Typical white cape made to fit his form a bit better. Black, fingerless gloves.
Catherine: Tan, bell-bottom jeans and a low-cut cream bustier. Knee-high, brown-leather boots. Fingerless, brown-leather gloves.
Jaren: Baggy, green jeans. Brown, short-sleeved shirt beneath a brown vest. Black boots.

Third Installment

(Coming Soon)

Fourth Installment

(Coming Soon)


(WrTi) (-pokes down below- Psst! Ish some super-secret info~!)

Stories in Progress -

Isofons: The Earth's Untamed Fire (Abyss)

Upcoming -

Isofons: The Ocean's Wrath (Abyss)

Isofons: The Sun and the Moon (Abyss)

Series -

Isofons (Abyss)

Completed -

Hidden Talents (Abyss)

Isofons: The Sound of the Wind (Abyss)

Bad Apple (Assassins Creed)

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