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(Late) March 2017 Update

Then of course the new year comes around and i fall out of my writing muse. I'm still here folks, i am always still around, i work a full time job as well as go to school part time so its really hard for me to gather the motivation to sit down and type. Especially when in my mind, all it wants to do is revise, revise, revise. I'm currently trying to look for an internship in game design so hopefully when i do (which might take longer than you think) i'll have more time to do the things i want to do, which is play videogames and write again.

I love you guys for trying to stick around and i know how it is, the author takes so long to update, you forget what the story is about and you just don't want to read it anymore. I understand, but still thank you to all of you who are supportive.

October 2016 Update

So funniest thing happened. I got back into the motivation to write more of the chapters and all of a sudden it was a full blown writing of it. I can't tell you what it was about it would ruin the story but it's a lot. I was doing this while at work, mind you, and i was like damn! Then i get the urge to post the first chapter, even though i don't have the full story typed out but i have most of it written on paper.

I like writing my stories on paper first then i go type it up, after that if i need to change some things or make corrections i can. Its like a triple check, lol.

But man, please don't hate me if the chapters don't come out as fast as you want them, i'm terrible at doing that.

August 2016 Update

Hi guys! I know its been forever since i've actually posted anything or updated my story and im forever sorry for the people who (if they are) are still waiting for it.

Its been a very long hiatus and i'm COMPLETELY SORRY but for those who are still looking forward to it, it will take a bit longer. I highly doubt that anyone has remembered Revealing Secrets and i understand.

Damn the last time i've updated this profile was in 2012!

I'm not saying i'm giving up on the story, it will forever be in my heart and i cant get rid of it if i wanted to. The only way to stop it is to publish it to the best of my ability.

I have begun rewriting the story since the past couple of months and i most likely wont be sending out any chapters until i've actually almost finished with the story itself. If i just do chapters each week, i'm afraid this will just end up like how its become and fall out of writing again. Though honestly, i probably will go chapter by chapter if i feel the first chapter is good enough to publish.

Recently though it might be pushed back even more or maybe not. The building that i am working at is closing down at the end of the month(August) so i will be out of a job. I'm hoping to get an internship but we shall see what will happen.

Thanks to everyone who has enjoyed reading this story and please forgive me for such a long delay(pretty much three years, im so terribly sorry)!

About Me

You can call me Soul Dea, i'm female and 23 this year (2016). I live in the United States and i only speak English. I wish to learn to speak French and Japanese but those are for another time.

Favorite Videogame: Legend of Zelda (You probably will mostly only see fanfictions with these games)

Hobbies: Sewing, playing videogames, reading, drawing

Not very much, i dont know what else to put here, lol.


Revealing Secrets

Four girls are suddenly thrown into the world of Hyrule and one of them goes missing. It's up to the three girls to bring back their friend from the clutches of shadows with the help from the four Links. But there are secrets that may very well decide their fate that they must face. As each secret is revealed, will the girls stick together or will their friendship fall apart. BluexOc RedxOc ShadowxOc VioxOc


Yumi: A girl with long dark purple hair and light purple eyes. She is usually silent and very attentive to her surroundings. She gives off an air of mystery and likes to keep things to herself. She will protect the one's she cares for even at the cost for her life. She doesn't trust anyone except for her close three friends, Amy, Sam, and Cassy. Some think she is an empty shell because she doesn't show her emotions or have an passion for anything. Though she's been close friends with Amy, Sam and Cassy, they still don't know a lot about her or her past.

Cassy: A girl with short dark blue hair and hazel eyes. She has slightly tanned skin even though most of the time she is indoors most likely playing video games. Her all time favorite is Legend Of Zelda. She has a short temper when it comes to almost everything but she is confident and will protect her friends. When she was little she actually was a calm but stubborn child.

Amy: A girl with long blond hair and light pink eyes. She is a happy-go-lucky and kind-hearted person. Most of the time she is optimistic for other people but when it comes to herself she worries. Innocent and pure, she can cry easily and be hurt easily. She hates fighting and wishes that everything would be okay instead of things going wrong.

Sam: A girl with long silver hair and golden eyes. She can be confident and out-going but puts up a front for people. She has a kind heart but if you harm her or the ones she cares about, you wont be able to escape her wrath. She doesn't like to see people hurt and will try to cheer them up. She loves playing games with people to confuse them.

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