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Author has written 6 stories for Dragon Ball Z, and Twilight.

It's Ladyyy Loserrr :)

I am currently writing for Twilight and testing the waters with my new infatuation.

I'm just a bored mom-to-be. But Twilight is amazing, huh?

I am prone to flames, but I will never change my writing.

-People seem to think I'm the spawn of satan for wanting to write Jasper/Bella fanfiction.

--These people fail to notice that I don't care.

-I love Edward/Bella. I am very loyal to the original couple and, shit, I fell in love with Edward in the book. Rofl.
-- I just can't stand 90 percent of their fandom!

-I get bored. Which is why I mess around with non-cannon pairings.

-The fanfiction writers here, specifically Twilight fans, can't write for Hoo Haa. And it's annoying.

- I find it hard to see any originality around here. I have favorites, and I love certain authors, but people around here just aren't creative anymore.

- If you're going to make an ALL HUMAN story, please make it good. Because we all know we wouldn't be in the computer chair looking up Twilight fanfictions if Stephenie Meyer originally made the Cullen's human.

- When someone says something negative, or points out my mistakes/spelling/grammar errors, I would like you to have some history first. Don't join this site if you're only here to be a critic. It's annoying. If you have nothing written that I can judge in return, then please don't bother me.

-- I will look over my work and follow tips, though, even if you haven't writen anything. But don't attempt to make me feel dumb, alright?


1. I don't like Edward/Alice as a couple, but I'm in love with Jasper/Bella.

2. I don't like writing lemons, but I love reading them. Rofl.

3. I'm easily annoyed with unoriginal and bad fanfiction.

4. I don't like to write disclaimers. Get real, people; You know I'm not SM. If not, then you certainly have some issues.

5. My ideas and inspiration hit me at weird hours. I won't even be thinking of Twilight, and I'll have to drop whatever I'm doing to type.

The One Major Pet Peeve Of Mine;;;

People/fans who refuse to go see Twilight when it comes out because they don't like the cast.

Are you guys serious?! For one, you are not in charge of Twilight so therefor - shut up. SM worked her ass off to give her loyal fans something, and everyone is turning their backs because the people they imagined in the book were different. Stop being so selfish. Have you seen the real world yet? Not everyone cares about your opinion. I think it's so lame how everyone acts like five year olds when it comes to not getting what they want.

As for me, I can't wait to see the movie.

I imagined Bella a little different, sure, but that doesn't stop me from being a fan.

To my readers;;;

My laptop has been rundown by spyware! Ah!

So my update will be very, VERY. . . rare. Sorry to say. The spyware is not doing much damage, but it's interupting me with pop-ups every few minutes and I just don't have the patience to deal with it. Getting lots of reviews may inspire me to be patient, though! :D

Ladyy Loserr

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UPDATE She lost Edward. I lost Alice. She is empty, and I am a wreck. It was pain that brought us together, and fate that kept us there. There are millions of reasons why our love is wrong, but there is one that makes it right.
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Lust. That's all it was for Jasper and I. Nothing more. I shifted my gaze from the ground, and looked into his eyes, telling myself that I was happily married. But I melted under his gaze, weak at the knees, "Jasper, I love you." J/B, E/B. Breaking Dawn.
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Every story has a rough beginning, and a happy ending. But for one girl, that happy ending seems to be an endless wait. Until someone unexpected battles every obstical and knocks down every wall to give Pan Son her happily ever after.
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.UPDATE. Pan felt the blood trickling down her shoulder as she felt the two bite marks burn on her neck. Her tears never stopped as she looked at Prince Trunks, and cried out her only question, "Why did you do this to me?"
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His lips were just as soft as I had imagined them to be, working their flawless grace upon my own. The kiss was only but two or three seconds, and Trunks broke away with that look in his eyes. The one I waited so long for. .ONESHOT.
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