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4 December 2011, 10:41 PM

What the hell is a glaive? Order of the Stick and Sailor Moon agree it's a sort of polearm, Okami says it's a sword, I've heard it's supposed to be some sort of bladed throwing disc...

Kid from the Sky is permanently removed from the internet due to personal dissatisfaction about where the story was going. Should I choose to bring it back up, it will be in a completely revised edition.

I'm really wondering why 2001 is such a weird year for fanfiction. A bunch of good writers fell off the face of the earth with their stories half-completed, and beyond that, most of it was 10,000 words a chapter, updated either all at once or once daily. 2007 also seems like an odd year.

I tend not to put reviews. It's a personal thing, but by the time I actually finish reading a story, I usually have forgotten about points I might have wanted to bring up. And I always read as far as I can before doing things like reviews or putting stuff in my favorites. Stuff I like go into my bookmarks. Stuff I really like get an entry into favorites.

There's also a few projects that keep popping into my head whenever I try to start writing. I may decide to post some of them here.

BIT.TRIP COMPLETE - awesome, or awesome? You decide.

Remember, kids; "Canon" means "Original Source" in fanfic speak. "Cannon" is something you shoot cannonballs with. (Well, unless you're talking about a cannon of canon, which is something else entirely. Imagine my surprise when I trawled the TVTropes article on the above and found that out.)

'Till next we meet again, may the path you walk be curved and long. God knows a straight and narrow path is way too boring.

And since you're reading this, I might as well indulge and present some of those projects - story ideas. Feel free to use these, (just tell me first so I can see what you do with them).

Bonus: What if...?

Minor disclaimer: Unless explicitly noted, all ideas posted here are from my own head - any resemblance to any already posted idea is completely coincidental.

What if 33: Songs may be power, but sometimes power comes to those who can't hold a tune in a bucket.

Type: Standard
Series: Ar tonelico
Notes: OC, AU. Just wondering if there was ever a Reyvateil who couldn't sing worth a damn, but could still somehow use Song Magic. True, the power comes more from emotions than what the Reyvateil actually sings (any song with #%CHARACTER% extracting for example), but it seems that all Reyvateils can (or have to) sing decently.

What if 35: Nodoka, on her first trip to the Tendo Dojo, notices something interesting about "Ranko." Hey, what are you doing with that hexagonal thing? Where the hell are you trying to stick that crystal!

Type: Crossover
Series: Ranma 1/2 and Ar tonelico
Notes: Another Ranma as a Reyvateil, but it's because of his mom, who's either a Beta-type Reyvateil or someone who built Dive machines for a living. Among other things, Nodoka should immediately perform the check to determine if she's a Reyvateil, and then try to stick a Diquility crystal somewhere.

What if 60a: Neptune falls onto the original game's Noire instead of the Ultradimenion Noire when Rei shoves her into the portal. Right in front of the other Neptune... Oh boy. Twin Neppermints.

Type: Crossover/AU
Series: Hyperdimension Neptunia
Notes: Of course, based off of Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory. If Nepgear follows, her mind may just shatter.

What if 62: A young-ish apothecary is summoned as a familiar. Then again, since said apothecary can make weapons the equivalent of supernovae, it might not be all that bad... can it?

Type: Crossover
Series: Atelier Ayesha and Familiar of Zero
Notes: Louise would probably get conniptions with being stuck with a familiar who's a self-trained prodigy in alchemy. Not sure if Ayesha would even have equivalents to the Tauns, Spiky Fruit/Uni, etc. in that world. Maybe she'd get mistaken for a multi-element mage, if she starts using the elemental bombs or the Nimbus Stone or something. Probably Water. Assuming end-game Ayesha, tricked out with that massive Basket, Like the Wind shoes, and the Portable Container. And a bunch of end-game attack and heal items.

What if 66: Nepgear takes the whole incident with the Ultradimension Vert a little bit too seriously. Seriously enough that even afterward, she's still convinced that Vert's her new big sister.

Type: Standard
Series: Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory
Notes: It would have been an interesting time if Purple Sister became Green Sister, wouldn't it?

What if 67: Neptune lands on Plutia instead of Noire, and accidentally gives her a bit of personality displacement. Oh cheese sticks, Sadie's in control untransformed now?!

Type: Standard
Series: Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory
Notes: This was born out of me randomly thinking Iris Heart's lines with the Plutia voice.

What if 80: It's a typical day in the Hyperdimension... except the Candidates are now the CPUs and vice versa.

Type: Standard
Series: Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2
Notes: Probably not much of a change for Nepgear, probably what the absolute * for the twin CPUs... and probably Leanbox in general, as it has no CPU, just a Candidate. Maybe Rom would have to make a transfer.

What if 82: Louise learns that the Familiar Summoning Ritual has no regard for such fragile boundaries like time or relations - as she is summoned by herself.

Type: Standard
Series: Familiar of Zero
Notes: Inspired by a fic a while back that had included a partial story of if a young Karin became Louise's familiar. Given that the elder already knows what's up, would probably steer headlong into a fixfic. Would be interesting to think of the younger's reaction to the summon. Expect selfcest jokes.

What if 83: Harry comes across an interesting tome during his youth - a book known as the Wizard's Companion.

Type: Crossover
Series: Harry Potter and Ni no Kuni
Notes: Would probably have Breach Time and Ashes Of Resurrection ripped out to prevent the obvious "go back and stop the attack on parents". Would Levitate be on par with Wingardium Leviosa? Is Spring Lock with a holly wand more powerful than an Alohomora? Would Broom Broom even work with these broomsticks? etc., etc.

What if 92: Ranma has a bad day. With a portal leading to a world called Aterra, it's about to get much, much worse.

Type: Crossover
Series: Ranma 1/2 and Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars
Notes: Given Ranma's girl troubles as is, if he ends up as a God's Gift, suddenly having to juggle seven girls (even if they aren't near as obsessive as his usual cast) might end up being too much for him. And that's not even getting into what might happen if he ends up having to be a female Disciple; or worse, as an S Rank female Disciple having to Classmate with the protag.

What if 95: Nepgear gets a little too into her technology hobby, and becomes the first cyborg CPU. Unsurprisingly, it ends up snowballing into trying to take over Gamindustri. Can Uni defeat her and bring back peace?

Type: Standard
Series: Hyperdimension Neptunia
Notes: Directly inspired by a piece of fanart I saw on a booru.

What if 99: A mysterious kanmusu appears on the dawn of Operation MI. Bearing weapons surpassing even the strongest destroyers, with craft carriers could only hope to use, and a message - a message from Mirai.

Type: Crossover
Series: Kantai Collection and Zipang
Notes: Originally, this came about after I was looking up Zipang - as in, the neat cherry blossom paint skin for the F-14 Tomcat in Ace Combat. After the Kancolle event with Operation MI (aka Midway, the place and time the
Mirai showed up in the Zipang series), it's... a thing. I don't know crap about either series, though, so meh.

What if 103: Fresh off of helping Nei Yuuki back to her world, Earthes ends up being transported to a world where another girl who sounds just like her needs a Guardian just like him.

Type: Crossover
Series: Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star and MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death
Notes: Even after all of these years, still thinking about making another SI fic, silly me. The joke this time is that Estra and Ionasal have the same English VA.

What if 105: Hana Song was used to fighting huge monsters. Being in one of those huge monsters, though... That was new. Even if she did have to share cockpit space.

Type: Crossover
Series: Overwatch and Pacific Rim
Notes: Or Zone of the Enders, if that's your thing. Or maybe Gundam.

What if 106: In a world on the verge of destruction, Otonokizaka's idols might be their only hope?

Type: Crossover
Series: Omega Quintet and Love Live! School Idol Project
Notes: Okay, no clue where the hell this came from.

What if 108: A Caster who refuses to even fight, a woman with hibiscus in her hair running a bar... What the hell has this Grail War devolved to?

Type: Standard
Series: Fate
Notes: Shakespeare's profile notes that he absolutely will not fight. So that got me thinking; what if there was a Grail War where all of the Servants aren't going to actually fight? Mata Hari's unlikely to fight because she has no actual Grail wish. Medb would probably be more focused on screwing everyone she can, given her fighting ability seems to be limited only to versus males. Jeanne Santa Alter Lily is a kid, and based off the non-combatant Jeanne D'Arc (never mind that Jeanne is a Ruler). Ishtar... well, her F/GO character is also Rin, so you can kind of assume. Don't know who would fit Saber, maybe d'Eon? For 'Zerker... Nightingale? Mysterious Heroine X Alter?

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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