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Author has written 17 stories for Kyo kara Maoh!/今日からマ王!, Code Geass, Bleach, D.Gray-Man, Yu-Gi-Oh, Escaflowne, Avatar: Last Airbender, Tiger & Bunny/タイガー&バニー, and Danny Phantom.

HI everyone! The reason I haven't posted anything in almost a year is because I have been working on my own original novel. I'm proud to announce that it is complete and is now available on amazon and smashwords. If you like my work, or fantasy with a helping of boy love and mpreg, then you should definitely check out my novel Eternal Shadow that I've published under the pseudonym "Nicole Cambridge." If you don't have a kindle or nook or if you are interested in reading it for free then I would be happy to send you a free copy if you would be so kind as to leave me a review on amazon, goodreads, or smashwords (or more than one if you are feeling generous .) If you are up for this, just send me a quick message

Here is the summary that is posted for the book:

In a mystical world without sunlight, a young, androgynous prince(ess) becomes entangled in a web of secrets and conspiracy. With the eleven kingdoms preparing for war and with a dangerous, religious cult in power he finds himself in an unlikely partnership with a wanted criminal. Together, the two of them must travel across the continent, one seeking his long lost friend and the other on a quest for vengeance. Along the way each discovers himself as well as a new love that neither of them thought possible.

here is the link to the amazon page:

here is the link to the smashwords page:

ok on to my profile...

age: too old to be lusting after 15 yr old anime characters

gender: I'll let u know when i figure it out

ethnicity: proud Hetalian

location: anywhere but reality

occupation: ...

orientation: It should only concern you if you happen to be an attractive fictional character

Favorite animes

Tiger and Bunny, Blue exorcist, No. 6, Axis powers hetalia, escaflowne, kyo kara maoh, maiden rose, avatar, gungrave, tenchi, code geass, bleach, Evangelion, Wolf's rain, Fullmetal alchemist, loveless, last exile, glass fleet, Gundam Seed, kenshin, deathnote, outlaw star, trigun, nabari no ou, black blood brothers, 07 ghost, togainu no chi, yami no matsui, deadman wonderland, berserk, trinity blood, naruto, anything shonen ai or yaoi, Wow there are tons more but i dont feel like listing them.

I enjoy writing immensely and writing fanfiction has really helped me improve over the years. I also like to draw but I am afraid my drawing isn't nearly as good as my writing.

Stories in progress:


Sequel to CONQUEST. Sol struggles to find his place. Ulquiorra and Grimmjow take up arms against the shinigami and against each other once again.

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Tiger/Barnaby fanfiction. ON HIATUS

Shades of Grey

Tiger/Lunatic fanfiction. I became very interested in Lunatic's character halfway through the anime. This fic pits the ideals of Yuri and Kotetsu against each other and explores the difference between heroism and vigilantism. ON HIATUS


A kyo kara maoh fic that began my ff writing career. It's really too complex to have a good summary. Wolfram must decide between his king and his country. His choice ultimately leaves him with neither. Alone and with many obstacles to overcome, he must unravel an ancient mystery before returning home or being reunited with Yuuri. Will he end up saving the world or destroying it? ON HIATUS

Midnight Indiscretion

New kkm story about Yuuri and Wolfram. Not sure where its gonna go yet. Mpreg though.

Finished stories:


Mpreg. Upon given the order to bear a child, Ulquiorra unexpectedly chooses Grimmjow as his mate. With the shinigami preparing their counter attack, and conspiracy running amok within the walls of Las Noches, these two espada must decide where they stand, and whether they can put aside their rivalry long enough to work together

The Winner Takes All

My first code geass fic. Incestuous. Thanks to all who reviewed.

Cries of the Beasts

A rather dark bleach fanfic. I'm proud of the way it turned out.

Keep your enemy closest

This one was hard but it was worth it. Suzaku/Lelouch

Epitome of Sin

I had a weird craving for some Tyki/Allen lemon after I saw episode 56. This is the result.

Still Doll

a look at some of suzaku's feelings after the death of his friend.

The Burning

An escaflowne het. sorta. yea its kinda weird but very artistic.

Beyond These Walls

My first Yu-gi-oh fanfic some yummy thiefshipping. I love Marik. He is so fucking pretty.

You know your a Yaoi fan when...
you look up FanFiction yaoi fics, you automatically go to 'M'.
you see a boy/girl pairing, you think "This is weird!"
you get your best friends into yaoi, and they end up loving it.
you create a seperate Fanfiction account just for yaoi.
you daydream, it's rated 'X'. (I am so guilty of this one!)
you have yaoi posters all over your wall.
you realize your deprived, you automatically go to YaoiKiss

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