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Name: Shay

Age: 14

Birthday: May 1st 1994

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown...kinda lightish I guess

Orrientation: Gayish lol

Quote: "The only real voyage of Discovery consists not in seeking new Landscapes, but in new Eyes"

Greatest accomplishments:

-Coming out of the closet with three of my friends

- Doing a report about the Holocaust and changing many people perspectives

- Being here for my friends in need

-Wrote a 20k word story and still going

Life goals:

-To write a 50,000 word story

- To climb ontop of this mountain with one or two of my friends

-Go to college

-Art school, and good life

Favorite whatevers:

Color- White blue or silver

Food- Not sure

Drinks- Pepsi and Gatorade

Sports- Softball, and some soccer


Straight parings: NaruSaku, SasuHina, ShikaTema, AsumKure (NaruSaku- Oh well its quite obvious here and I like it better) (SasuHina- this will take pages to explain but I will say a few rules 1. Hinata doesn't know Sasuke fan girl no jutsu 2. Hinata is a very nice girl and has big hips (not that way sick idiots), which would be good to birth many children 3. Bloodline comes in, will it be Sharingan? Byakugan? Or maybe mix? That will give the whole Naruto plot a good twist 4. It's quite good really, plus you know how they say polor opposites attract each other. ShikaTema- I just like it Period. AsumKure- its too adorable not to resist.

Most hated straight pairings: SASUSAKU, SHIKAINO, NARUHINA, NEJITEN (yes the most obvious but I can't seriously see them together maybe just for dating but not serious. SasuSaku- Sakura would eventually get tired of his assholeness and leave. ShikaIno- I can see them love each other in sibling way..NaruHina- Naruto would find out the true secrets of the world before he finds out Hinata likes him. NejiTen- Got to keep the bloodline pure.) But that doesn't mean I am going to go all crazy on you if you like these pairing, everyone is diffrent and I accept that :.

Gay pairings: InoSaku. Its absolutely healthier and much more funner to write. To me, the pairing would be cannon but too bad it lacks rabid fangirls like SasuNaru Shivers

Ah well I love to play softball. I play catcher or where-ever I am needed, I play on varsity. I have an Xbox360. My fave games are GH3, RockBand (drummer: Medium and Lead Guitar: hard), Dynasty Worriors 6, and Oblivion: Game of the year edition. I am always open to talk, and if you have MSN messenger then add me up and I will be willing to talk.

Well now if you read those boring things about me I will get to the point. I am a young writer who wants to be quite good one day, and kind of an artist but not like WOE but like Ooh thats nice. One day I am going to publish a book on the stages of life and how we all reflect diffrently. But it's still being thought of right now, and I am willing to make new friends who can possibley give me pointers in writing. Thanks for reading, and if you want to chat please email me at Shayleenrf@hotmail.com. Please don't abuse it, cause I don't really want to listen to a 59 year old pervert example Jiraya.

If you want to know anymore about me, please message me on here and we can chat a little.

Bitter Sweet Symphony

Omg believe it or not it ain't totally about InoSaku! But its in there lmao. So far it's one sided InoHina.

School of Angels-

Well it's been in my to-do-fiction journal, I personally think its heading somewhere great. With the help of Darkens I think it will go perfectly smooth. Don't read if you like multiple pairings and Sakura being a pimp :. Mostly does with sports, trying to find one person that you love, and much more. I say you should read it if you like Yuri and sports XD. Please review it and read!

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