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Author has written 3 stories for Kingdom Hearts, Naruto, and Inuyasha.

Name: Nykeetta Akers (PLEASE call me Dawn)

Sex: Female

Age: 14

Orientation: Bisexual

Weight: 160 (but i dont think im fat... i just have alot of muscle and my boobs and ass are lottz of weight...)

Height: 5'2"

Hair color: Light auburn

Eye color: Hazel/ brown (changes with my mood... i love them to death!)

Complection: Porcelean color

Hey everyone... Where should i start?...Well, I opened one of these for 2 reasons really... 1. I love Yaoi! I love writing and reading it!... and 2. My Best friend has one too and he told me about it. He's on here too... and he likes to be called Dusk. His real name is Colby... i love him to death. He's like my brother, but he is really just my cousin. He's really good at writing Yaoi, and i hope i can at least get mine to sound about as good as his!

Me and Dusk always would hang out (until i had to have surgery on my foot!). We'd go pole dancing (we love that so much!) and we even think about being hookers sometimes... He was always going to be in a red leather, and i'd be in black... i love hanging out with him. He's my best (gay guy) friend! (;D) Me and Dusk will always be the best of friends and we'll always have our hooker boots!(inside joke with Dusk and me!) I just got into High school (with Dusk... we are in the same grade) and I've regreted getting in there ever since the first day! It is like you are the top dog when you are in 8th grade Because you're the oldest in the school, then you get to high school and you are the bottom of the food chain all over again!(It really sucks!) Well... I really hope you all love my stories that i write! Please review!

Interests: Well of course i love to write and read yaoi! (Duh!) I love to walk in the moonlight with friends (yeuhh... i know that is wierd, but... dont judge me on that... judge me on how good my writing is!) Whenever I go to other people's houses, and there are other people there, i dont like everyone around me. So I am anti-sociable! everyone around me makes me mad! But, like Dusk said, that really isn't an intrest, it's more like a personality flaw, but we like it better that way. I like playing video games, i have a PS2, a X-box, a Nintendo Gamecube, and a Gameboy Advance. I have many games to each of the systems (and i've beat every game i own). Im not in love with them, but i like them. I also love Flowers (expecially whenever i am given them from someone i like alot!). My favorite flower is the black rose, but my second favorite is the Blue Carnations. I also love to write poetry, many people say it is so good, so i hope it is.

Favorite Books: Well i love to read. I read all the time, but if you want me to say if i have favorite books, i love the books Twilight, Eclipse, and alot of other vampire/ Werewolve books. I love all the books i read, and i definately love the yaoi books! Some books don't have good plots to them... but I always love a good story... ;D!

Background: I started reading/ watching yaoi because of Dusk. He had a Halloween party, and some people spent the night with him (including me). One of our friends had a cell phone with some yaoi anime on it. Dusk started watching it, and me (being my nosey self) had to ask what he was watching, and he said I wouldn't like it, and he wouldn't let me watch it. He finally gave in once we knew that the owner of the cell phone was asleep and he started it. Me, Toni, and him all layed on the bed and watched it together (we also had cake and me and Dusk were feeding eachother the cake, but of course he is gay, and im bi, plus we're cousins, that's just how we are). Toni really didn't like the yaoi, but me and Dusk loved it. That is what started me on being a yaoi fan. Then I started reading the yaoi fan fiction because i liked the movie of it so well. Ever since that, I've been reading and watching yaoi everyday of my life. So I thank Dusk for even starting me with this. I send my love to Dusk and i hope you all go to his website too and read his stories. His pen name is Koumoritos. When you go read his story's, leave some good reviews! Thanx! Love ya!

Favorite Movies: My favorite movies are horror movies. I love to watch Saw, Saw 1, Saw 2, Saw 3, and Saw 4. All horror movies are for me. And they are alot funner whenever you have someone to watch them with. I love to just sit somwhere with my girlfriend/ boyfriend and watch a horror movie so that we can hold hands, and i can act like I am scared so that they will embrace me. I also like the movies Rent, The Crow(all of them), The Phantom of the Opera, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Silent Hill. I like more movies than just that, but I like all the movies so far that I have watched except for one. (AND OF COURSE A LIL YAOI NOW AND AGAIN!)

Favorite Games: My favorite games are stuff like all the final fantasy's, Kingdom of hearts 1 & 2, dark cloud 1&2, Shadow Hearts, and lots of other games. Most the time I play the X-box with my brother (Billy), and we play stuff like football and basketball. We have alot of fun hanging out together (but not as much fun as me n Dusk!).

Favorite Music: My Favorite music is really everything. I dont like things like Blues or Jazz, or any of that stuff, but I do like everything else. When you ask me a question like that, this is your answer. ;D The reason I get along with like everybody is because I listen to all genres of music!

Favorite Television Shows: My favorite T.V shows are things like Charmed, Buffy, Angel, Bones, and other mystical shows. If the show has to do with wizards, worlocks, witches, werewolves, vampires, or other myth creatures and mystical creatures, I love the shows. ;D

My Hero: My hero would have to be my late father Frank Paul Akers Jr. He was my idol, and my roll model. I really loved him, but I tell people that I don't remember him and they don't have to be sad because I don't like people to cry about it (it makes me cry really bad when I get home).

My Favorite Quote(s): "I'm not afraid to die. I'm just afraid to be put in the ground." -Said by me and my father (Paul)

"Life sux, People die, Get over it!" -my friend (and Dusk's) Rod.

"Hurt me for who I am- Love me for who I am not." -Said by me and my friend Kayla Parker

Snding love to ya all_ But, if you would like to see some of my poetry, I will write some here and you can tell me if you like them by sending me a message.


This poem was meant for someone i loved, and still love. She doesn't love me, but I have loved her alot. She lead me on, made me think I was everything to her. She said that she'd never hurt me, but she did hurt me in the end. So, now when I look back, I don't care of all that. I know I still love her, and that's all I want and need. So, I hope you like it.

I call this poem "I Thought":

I thought I let her go
I thought that was an end
I thought it was ok
I thought I let my heart mend

I thought it wouldn't be as hard
I thought she could still be my friend
I thought my feelings were gone
I thought I wouldn't have to pretend

I thought I could forget her
I thought I didn't need her to depend
I thought life was different
I thought the rules could bend

This next poem I wrote when I started liking the only guy I like. He is perfect and really cute. He always makes me laugh, and he always makes me smile. When I don't see him at least 5 times a week I cry, and I never knew why. It'd always confuse me, but I think I'm really in love with him. He is the only guy I like. One night he held me tight around my waist. He did that because I was scared because I felt like I was alone in the house and someone would kill me. We had one fight only one time, and i didn't talk to him for 3 days and i missed his voice so bad. We're usually always together, and we talk on the phone. I know his house, cell, dad's cell, and his sister's cell numbers. He walked with me home from Dairy Queen one night. It was Dark and I felt safe only because I had him with me. He knows what I want to become in life. I want to go to college and go into forensics. I want to be a CSI like those people on the shows. He tells me when I'm down that I can do it, just to believe. He knows my deepest, darkest secrets, and I know he'll never leave me. Any girl who reads this will understand why I love him so much(or any gay guy not to mention any names... Dusk!)

I call this poem "In Love":

You know you're in love when:

He makes you laugh
He makes you cry
He makes you smile
And you don't know why

You feel so safe
When he holds you tight
You miss his voice
When you've had a fight

You're always together
You talk on the phone
He knows where you live
So he walks you home

He knows your dreams
He helps you believe
He knows your secrets
And he will never leave

This poem I'm about to show you next I wrote when I was crying my eyes out. I wrote it for a girl named Haley. I liked her alot, but I wouldn't tell her. I was afraid she wouldn't like me back. Then my friend told her and she started talkin to me more. I found out she didn't like me that way. I was too much like a friend. Then she told me that if she wasn't going out with her new girlfriend, I'd have a chance with her. So, I hope you have some laughs reading this one. (Please don't cry...)

I call this "I Love You With All My Heart and Soul"

It's crazy how I dreamed that this would never happen
That everywhere I turn you'd be there looking back
I never thought that you would learn
That you would find out how I felt

I mean the only reason she told you was so you'd know how I felt
I was never going to tell you thinking that you wouldn't understand
I wasn't sure you would get how I felt

It was hard to see you some days
I would try to avoid you
But other days I would try and catch you whenever I could

My friend told me you thought I was pretty
That I was unique and different
You said I was special in other ways that you had never seen in a girl

It made me feel so special and smile all day long
I was happy forever and was smiling eternally can't wait to see what we become what we will be together
I love you with all my heart and soul

This next poem, I actually wrote this morning. I'm up at 4:00 in the morning writing poetry. I wrote it for a girl I love more than my life. Her name is Kayla and I've liked her ever since I met her. Everyday I grow closer to her. So this next poem I hope you like it, and remember that you can always find more love in you heart. But when it is broken in many pieces, it is hard.

I call this poem "3 Mere Words"

It's times like these I wish to cry
Yet all my tears are worn
I feel the downside of my plan
Right now my thoughts are torn

The plan is to withdrawl myself
So I need not feel the pain
Though I feel, as I'm doing this
My heart is under strain

Amazing, how just 3 mere words
Can set two souls alight
Alight, and with great passion
But with still the need to fight

"I love you" now should it be said?
Those 3 mere words, in vain
When tossed around so carelessly
Can cause much undue pain

And although I deserve no less
For toying with one's heart
To think of our love frayed and bruised
Just rips my soul apart

Oh, please believe that if I could
I'd turn our world around
You'll always be so dear to me
To you, I'm always bound

"I love you" there, it's plain as that
Yet not so small, as it seems
"I love you" though I know I can't
So maybe in my dreams

For there I'll see you, there you'll be
All for me to adore
And if this would be the only way
I'd sleep forever more...

The Next poem may be a short one, but it holds two true meanings. There may be only one theme, but two meanings for me. One of the meanings is because Haley broke my heart. She broke it into many pieces. Then, once i picked up all those little pieces, they blew into the hands of Kayla. Kayla started dating my best friend who I call Bunny Boo. So, this poem is meant for all three of them. Haley, Kayla, and Bunny Boo!

I call this poem "Heartbroken"

Don't know what to do
There's not one day I don't think about you
You're over there, I'm over here
And it feels like I haven't seen you in over a year
We're too far away, so there's someone she found
Fuck it boo; She's just a rebound

The next poem I'll write down for you all will be the one I wrote when I got home from the movies the night that Haley told me that we would never be together because I was too much like a friend. I could never be more to her. I was crying my eyes out, and I was distraught, so if you don't like it, send me a message and tell me, and I will remove it.

I call this poem "Endless Hours"

Forever I could count the ways,
The endless hours and the days

My heart has pained and ached for you,
Yet there's nothing else that I can do,

Nothing more is wanted than this,
Your love, comfort, peace and bliss,

I know right now we cannot be,
But I dream of you so constanly,

The times my eyes have cried the tears,
The times I gave into my fears,

The lonliness I feel inside,
I hope this feeling will soon subside,

I close my eyes and see your face,
This time without you will never erase,

Your tender lips, your graceful walk,
The way you laugh, or the way you talk,

And what still astounds me everyday,
Is I didn't think there was a possible way,

To still look at you now and not see a flaw,
To just see your beauty, that leaves me in awe,

Alone with your beauty, the most astounding part,
The real gift you have, that comes from your heart,

It's hard to believe, but your beauty doesn't compare,
To the personality you have, or the thoughts that u share,

To have found both these things, that I've found in you,
It's like walking in a dream, if you only knew,

So impossible indeed, is it to count the ways,
The endless hours and the days,

I will spend on loving you,
Even at this moment, if you only knew...

The next one I wrote for a friend, but I can't give her the credit. I write alot of poems for her, so you might see more later. She's dating my best friend. But I don't care, I love her anyway. Hope you like it.

I call this poem "Sometimes when I'm Alone":

Sometimes when I'm alone,
Sometimes when there is no one around,
I look into the sky,
And see your face across the clouds.

Sometimes when I'm alone,
And walking along the shore,
I hear your whispers in my ears.

Sometimes when I'm alone,
And lying in despair,
I see your beautiful smile,
Right before my eyes.

Sometimes when I'm alone,
And walking in a crowd,
I feel you pass by.

Sometimes when I'm alone,
And thinking about you,
I realize,
Though you never were for me,
You are always mine, for now, forever.

If you liked those give me a shout. I'll put more on if I get enough people to say they liked them. Thanks for everything. SEND YOUR LOVE! Love ya Dusk... I hope u never change!

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