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"To laugh a bit and joke a bit,
And grasp a friendly hand;
To love a bit and scold a bit
And know they'll understand;
To tell one's secret hopes and fears
And share a friendly smile;
To have a friend and be a friend
Is what makes life worthwhile."
-Author Unknown, from "Nuggets of Wisdom"

Hi, ILoveSmallFonts here! After repeatedly clicking on the 'Register' button, staring in horror at the action I had just done and then dragging the mouse hurriedly to click on the 'Back' button (I do admit my mouse has had a bit too much exercise lately) I finally went through to the next part of the author registration. And the story uploading. And now, this.

...God. Where the hell should I start?

Origin of my Pen name
Well, actually, it all started when I deviated from the normal Arial-12 while using YM and actually taking the time to painstakingly go through all of the various fonts. Lo and behold - there was SimSun, Sketchbook, and then - what the hell was a 'Small Font'? I mean, 'Small Fonts'? So I tried it, and it looked...well, it looked horrible. It was just then that I realized that Small Fonts needed small fonts, so I did, and it - you know - stuck. Whenever I signed my classmate's remembrance book, I always wrote tinily at the very bottom right-hand corner, and she would say, "What the heck, where's the thing that you wrote?" And when I pointed to the corner, everyone (especially Kat) would roll their eyes. That's REALLY fun...[tries to roll eyes too


Note: Many of these apply only to Patricia (Caramel Crazy), like the POTC Jackabeth shipping.

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