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So I am a 20 something years old mother who has had this obssession with fanfic since high school. I love X-Men's Rogue fanfiction. She's always been my fav, and, even thought I usually prefer her with the Wolverine, I will read just about anything concerning her. (except when she's paired with Bobby. He's just too damn annoying for me. Sorry to any Bobby fans, can't do.)

* UPDATE 12/2012 *

Hey everyone... So, I know that I don't update often... Well, ever, but there is something that has been eating at me for some time now, and I find that it's just too disturbing to let go easily. I hope that posting about it helps. A while ago, as I was blissfully piecing together Forgotten, I received a flame. Someone left me a nasty little review for my brain child, calling me a 'sick a$$'. Their words, not mine. I am certain that I would be a bit more creative with the use of my vocabulary, not to mention the shame I would receive from my numerous brothers and Marine father at my lack of insulting technique.

While I appreciate constructive criticism, I do not believe in bashing someone because solely because of their own personal preference. If they had told me that I could have done it more tastefully, or even if the story was strong enough without the scene, I would have accepted it and moved on. Instead, they tried to tear me down.

This person attacked me because they could not open their eyes to something that is truly possible. This was apparent in their comment that this story had no reviews at the time, when, in fact, there was many before and after. Actually, the last review was in this passed August, Almost a year after it was completed. And, I am still, to this day, getting notifications in my email that it has been added to someone’s favorites list.

Yes, this is regarding the rape scene in Forgotten. Yes, I do believe that it was called for, and yes, I do believe that I did present it tastefully. No, I do not regret writing this. It was meant for a purpose. One that is very obvious, if you think about it. Forgotten was worked very hard on, and very lovingly. I do not regret it at all. I am just thankful that I was able to complete it.

Fanfiction has always been a way for me to deal with my writers block. I have no problem coming up with different scenarios and obstacles for my characters, but the characters, themselves, allude me. These are people that are going to be your best friend, lover, greatest enemy, child, everything. These are people you will know better than yourself. These are people who will dominate your every thought and dream. If you cannot connect with them, your story will fail.

For me, having characters that are already developed on their own and being able to expand on that is extremely helpful when I cannot write for myself. And Forgotten has turned into the epitome of that.

And, for that member who decided that I am a sick a$$ for writing about Rogue being raped, maybe you should pick up a comic. She was raped there, too. By her captives, when she had none of her abilities and was weak. Good luck with that, though. And grow up. There is nothing sweet and nice about rape. But that’s the real world. I didn’t write it for your enjoyment. Actually, I was going for more of the uncomfortable. I wanted to get you to think. I wanted to touch the readers and let them feel her anguish. I hope that no one else was offended. If you were, though, I do not apologize that you were. I hope that it made you think. If it has made you so offended that you hate me, such as this person, well, I then I do apologize that a piece of fiction can affect you this much. Don’t be so high and mighty.

Now, as much as I have tried to keep this rant as non-threatening as possible, there was something at the end of this flame that really set me off. This person wrote that they hope that what I write happens to me. I really want to lose my temper for this, and, anyone who really knows me knows that I wouldn’t be able to if this was said to me, I will not. I only hope that you do not find yourself if a position where your delusions wipe away easily with age, as it usually does, not in one felt swoop that usually comes from the pain of experience. And, try to be more careful of what you wish on someone. Because there were also a great many good things that I wrote for our dear characters that wouldn’t really be so bad. I would love to have my very own Logan to chase after me.

I doubt that anyone is going to read this, especially all the way througH, but, for those of you that have, I wanted to say that I am working on my new Rogue/Wolverine Fic. I am having trouble with it, but I have finished the first five chapters, and I will begin posting once I reach ten. Also, I am plotting a sequel to Forgotten. I hope it’s as good as the first, and, while I cannot promise all the characters will return, Rogue, Wolverine, and, of course, Sabertooth will be in it. Thank you for enjoying this voyage in my twisted mind. Hope you keep reading.

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