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Hello Everyone! My name is Rachel! I pretty much love digimon. It was one of my favorite things growing up when I was a kid and here I am 21 now and I still love it. If you have never taken the time to go on youtube and watch it in the original Japanese with english subtitles then what the hell are you waiting for? It is AMAZING! Oh and I was only a fan of season one and season two. I also love alot of other animes but I wont write about them or really even read their fanfiction.

Here is a list of my favorite pairings






I'm not all that picky about pairings in digimon fics but I DO BELIEVE that Takeru and Hikari were MADE for eachother. Sorry Dakari fans, I just don't

see them together.

Here is a list of my favorite anime/manga

Naruto, the manga

Full metal alchemist, the anime and manga

Deathnote, the manga

Gundam Wing, the anime

Digimon(duh) the anime

Claymore, the manga

Kare first love, the manga

Bleach, the anime and the manga

Midnight Secertary, the manga (do they even have an anime for that?)

The Getbackers, the manga

and like, half a million others. but I am also pretty much obsessed with Avatar the last Airbender. America finally did SOMETHING right. I own all THREE seasons and watch them all the time. And btw, I DO NOT think Katara and Zuko belong with eachother. Get your in the right place man! She was so obviously created for Aang. Its just like people who like to think that Diasuke and Hikari should be together. What the hell? Are you blind? Hikari should so be with Takeru. Light and Hope just go together hand in hand.

I also love love love music. I have been listening to my new Twilight soundtrack non stop since i bought it. Stephanie Meyer is BRILLIANT!! I love all kinds of music. i dont really have a "favorite" because there is just so much to choose from. but no, i dont like country and im not a big fan of rap and i cannot stand r&b that is a big NO NO NO! I mostly listen to rock music. i love paramore, mxpx, flogging molly, celldweller, fluffy starr, orgy, alien ant farm, jeremy tullocks music is great. www.myspace.com/jeremytullock check him out. i also love muse, staind, breaking benjamen and so so so many others. it would take me all day to write what all i love on here so i will spare you the rest

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