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Hey Guys

First of all, yes I am a girl. Nickname is Juana. That's all I'll tell you about my personal life. I'm scared that old freaky men will be on this and will hunt me down. lol

"Love is the essence of life..."

"When one door closes, another one opens..."

"Be the better person..."

These are fave sayings of mine.


March 13 2009--I can see that it's been a year since I've last been on this site. I'm sorry for those who have been waiting for me to update my stories. I'm terribly sorry and I am ashamed to say that I've let all you down. You see, I was introduced to a site called adultfanfiction.net and I'm sorry to say that I have become addicted to reading Harry Potter slash stories. Yes, I'm a great fan of harry Potter. anyway, I've written stories on that site and I am continuing with those.

As for the stories on this site, they are on HOLD for now. I don't know when I'll get back to them, I'm really sorry. But for anyone who would like to continue them, please feel free too. I'm really sorry, once again. I hope I can get back to writing them soon. I mean, I really love them and I myself cant wait to find out what happens next in each story. I had a plan for all of them, and I don't when or how but I didn't feel like writing anymore. I promise to get back to them. They are not permantly on hold, i hope.

Email me anytime for any comments.

As for those who would like for me to beta them, or who had, I'm sorry for not getting those in time. It's been a long time since I checked that particular email. Any of those who would like for me to beta their stories, I'll be glad to. For here on, i'll pay lots more attention to you.

Once more, i'm sorry. : (

June 03--Just uploaded the second chapter of Never Let Go. Thanks for reviewing. I'll try to hurry updating on this story, and my other story, When One Door Opens.

May 28--I just started and uploaded my new story, Never Let Go. It's based on Vampire Knight characters aboard the Titanic. Hope you all like it. On my other story, When One Door Opens, I'll be updating the chapter soon by this weekend. Sorry for the wait. I really am. But I hope you forgive me all soon. Review both please! Thanks!

May 07--I just uploaded Nightmares, Chapter Four of my new story. Once again, thanks to all those who have read my story. Please review, even if it's just one word and or a simple sentence, it will make me all the more happier. Anyway, hope you enjoy. I'll try to update soon.

Oooh, and I almost forgot. I have to say this, even if you are not a Twilight fan, I am. Forever until death!


Anyway, until I update again! Review please! Thanx. :)

April 27--'Sup guys, just updated Part Three of Lost. I hope it's alright for you all and please review if i should make any changes or not. And don't worry, for all you impatient fans. You will learn soon more about who Akina is. And also, I have changed my rating of the story. It is not Teen, anymore, but rather Mature. So I will warn you in later chapters of some parts that might be a bit too mature for those under age 18. But for now, enjoy the story as much as you can!

April 25--Hey guys, I updated this new story of mine. I hope you enjoy it. It includes Kaname X Yuki X Zero X OC. The OC's name is Akina Manami, just to let you know. Anyway, the new story is called When One Door Opens. You all know that saying, right? "When One Door closes, another one Opens." Well, this saying has to do with my story. In later chapters, you'll see why. And you'll see how this Akina Manami person stole Zero's heart.

Anyway, I really hope you do enjoy it! Review please!!

April 20--I haven't been updating for awhile, sorry for those who have been waiting. But I've been really busy reading other people's work, and I am sad to say that I'm not that great writer I thought I was. I'm taking a break now from my current story, and I'm going to try to fix them up a bit.

But I do have an idea for another story that is featured on Zero X Yuki X Kaname. It will be a sweet lemon, and some yaoi stuff...lol. Review if you have any ideas. I'm currently working on it, so you won't hear from me for awhile. So anyway, hope you have a great week! Don't do drugs!! lol 'Till next time...cheers.

April 09--Hey guys, I just uploaded the third chapter of Together For Now. Yeah, I know what you all are thinking... "FINALLY!!" Ha, ha. But yeah, I'm sorry. It's just that school, work, and crazy siblings at home keep you really busy, you know. Not to mention that I'm writing my own little "book" that i have to keep up with, too. So, once again, I ask you all to PLEASE REVIEW! So..., until next time...! Cheers!

March 16--Hello there. Just telling you that I'm still working on my Vampire Knights Fanfic, but I will update in a few days. Just here to inform you that I am now a Beta Reader. Yay! Anyway, thanks for those who have reviewed. Wish I had more, though. Oh, and I'm not grounded any more. (grins big time) I'm so happy. And for all those who are in the United States "HAVE A HAPPY SPRING BREAK! WOO HOO!" Cheers...!

March 10--Hey guys, i'm sorry i haven't updated recently. I'm grounded. But I've got my next stories on paper, and once I get my computer back in my room, I'll update. Sorry for all those who have read my stories.

Anyway, I guess this is where I will post any updates on my stories. My cousin suggested this to me when she came over, so I'm gonna post any new news here. I promise I'll update as soon as possible. REMEMBER, I have the stories written. I just have to type it all out. I was able to sneak on now, thanx God, but I can't do that everyday without getting caught. lol

Thanks for some of the reviews, too. Wish I had more, but hopefully that will come soon after the posting of several more stories.

Until next time...!

Writing is my number one fave hobby, along with listening to all kinds of wacky music. And writing love/humor/action stories are my main thing. I love reading books like that as well. Here's a list of my all time faves:

Fave Book of All Time

Twilight--Edward x Bella Pairing

And Fave Manga of All Time

Vampire Knight--Zero x Yuuki Pairing

See...? I'm a sucker for love/action movies. And I love vampires, hence my username.

Here are some of my other faves:

Harry Potter--when I was little...then it just grew to be kinda dorky lol


Chibi Vampire


Cherry Juice


Final Fantasy

Fruits Basket

Kitchen Princess

And that's all for now...

Here's some stuff my friend sent me...

Friends: Never ask for anything to eat or drink

Best Friends: Help themselves and are the reason your fridge always seems to be empty

Friends: Bails you out of jail

Best Friends: Is the one sitting next to you saying, "God! Was that fun or what!"

Friends: Never sees you cry

Best friends: Tells everyone that you cried, and then just laughs about in private when you're not upset any longer

Friends: Borrows your stuff for a few days, then gives it back

Best Friends: loses your stuff, but it doesn't matter. You forgot to return their shirt that you borrowed from them, too

Friends: Only knows a few things about you (favorite color, your hairstyle)

Best Friends: Could write a whole freakin biography about you

Friends: Before entering, knocks on your door

Best Friends: Would walk right in and say "I'm home!"

Friends: Would be there to take your drink away when they think you've had enough

Best Friends: Holding your hair back while you throw up in the toilet. You would never get drunk again after this.


Twilight was actually the reason for wanting to write my own personal love story. It began everything for me! And Vampire Knight just continued my love for stories. So my fanfics will really be revolving around a bowl of love, a dash of some humor, and lots of action. I hope you enjoy them. And I hope you review. Not reviewing a story is heart aching, I think. So please, r&r, and add flames if you wish. I don't think flames as just that, but as constructive criticism. So, hope you enjoy.

You know you live in 2008 when...

1. You accidently push in your password on your microwave.

2. You haven't played solitaire with real cards in forever.

3. The reason you don't stay in touch with your friends is because they don't own a AIM/LiveJournal/Myspace.

5. You'd rather search the entire house for the remote instead of just getting up to push the button on the television.

6. You're evening activity is sitting at the computer.

7. As you read this list, and you're smiling and nodding your head.

8. You think about how stupid and bored you are for reading this list.

9. As you read this list, you're thinking about sending this to your friends.

10. You were too busy to notice number four.

11. You actually looked up to check if there was a number four.

12. You are now laughing at your stupidity.

So put this on your profile if you fell for this trick.

(I did.)

Love and Cheers to lots!

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Taken by NightStar28 reviews
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Never Let Go reviews
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