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Hey, everyone. Wow...I didn't update my profile for a long time, and when I looked back, I realized it needed a serious makeover. So here we go!


I'm Hawkflyer667 on Deviantart, tumblr, and ArchiveofOurOwn too!

About Me:

Hi! My name is Hannah. I'm going to tell you that because I can probably name four Hannah's in my town alone. So I don't think any creepy stalkers can find me just through that. :) I'm a girl, obviously. From all of those people named Hannah, none of them are guys. So please, do not refer to me as anything male. Unless you really want to, I guess. Your choice. You can also call me Hawkie, Hawkflyer, Hawk, or any of those as well. I normally go by Hawkie. :)

I'm not going to tell you my age, for obvious reasons. If you get to know me and we talk, well, then I'll think about it.

I am a whump/angst/hurt-comfort fantatic, to the point where I worry about myself sometimes. It's not good. I like to torture my favorite characters until they're barely holding on to life. I feel it brings a whole new dimension to a story and it brings raw emotion. It's fantastic, as I think I mentioned before. Haha.

I, also, on the complete other side of the spectrum, enjoy fluff. It's a relatively new obsession, brought around by the wonderful BBC shows. But you'll be seeing fluff intermingled with the angst. But for the most part, my short drabbles will be fluff and my longer stories will be majority angst. But the 'comfort' side of hurt/comfort will have fluffies.

Some other random facts about me? I love italics, as you can probably tell. If I could write in them always, I would. I think it makes the letters look all fancy and sideways. :) I love smiley faces. I put them everywhere. They're fun.

I have three cats, Ninja, Punkie, and Goldie. They are my love. I love to read and write, and I'm constantly perusing the internet for random things about things I read and watch. I go through these obsessive stages where I read/watch something I love and then immerse myself in it fully with pictures and fanfictions and music. :) It's pretty fun. Some people think it's weird, but oh well. I'm weird. It's a fangirl problem.

My favorite colors are neon green, regular green, orange, and yellow. And sometimes red. And purple's pretty. Blue is OK in moderation. I pretty much like all colors. :)

I'm fascinated with medieval history. I read about it, I spend time learning about it, I go to medieval faires, I research on my own time. I want to get a job in it someday. Hopefully.

Currently, my favorite TV shows are Sherlock, Doctor Who, Robin Hood, and Merlin. All from the BBC. Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Jonas Armstrong, Colin Morgan, and Bradley James are all very sexy people. Haha.

I don't have a favorite book, although I love Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Pendragon series...geez I could go on forever. If it's fantasy, sci-fi, or adventure, I've probably read it.

I can't spell for my life. Spell-check is the greatest invention known to man.

I have horrible horrible chronic writer's block. I think of something, write half of it, and then it pitters out. So I'm sorry if I write something and then don't finish it. :(

I love rock music...3 Doors Down, 3 Days Grace, Coldplay, Muse, U2, and a bunch more. :)

Movies? How to Train Your Dragon. Tangled. Disney movies in general. Avatar. Studio Ghibli movies. Get Smart. A bunch of movies. I can't pick favorites.

OH! I'm majority a slash shipper. I don't really know when this changed, but... it happened. I think I got my slash googles, which used to be able to be removed, stapled to my face. So... warning now if you don't ship.

Message me if you want to know anything else. I LOVE messages. ;)

Random Quotes That I Love:

“Hello Stonehenge, who takes the pandorica takes the universe! But bad news everyone! Cuz guess who? HA. Except you lot are all wizzing about and it’s all very distracting. Can you all just stand still a minute, because I AM TALKING!

Now, the question of the hour is ‘Who’s got the Pandorica?’ Answer: I do. Next Question: Who’s coming to take it from me? Come on!! Look at me, no plan, no backup, no weapons worth a damn, oh and something else, I don’t have anything to lose, SO. If you’re sitting up there in your silly little spaceship with all your silly little guns and you have any plans on taking the Pandorica tonight, just remember whose standing in your way. Remember every black day I ever stopped you! And then…and THEN… do the smart thing…let somebody else try first. -Doctor Who

Trust me. I'm the Doctor. -Doctor Who

When you began, all those years ago, sailing off to see the universe, did you ever think you’d become this? The man who can turn an army around at the mention of his name? -Doctor Who

One may tolerate a world of demons for the sake of an angel. -Doctor Who

When you're a kid, they tell you it's all, "Grow up. Get a job. Get married. Get a house. Have a kid, and that's it." But the truth is: the world is so much stranger than that. It's so much darker. And so much madder. And so much better. -Doctor Who

Don't make people into heroes, John. Heroes don't exist, and if they did, I wouldn't be one of them. -Sherlock

Listen, what I said before John, I meant it. I don't have friends; I've just got one. -Sherlock

When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. -Sherlock

"My loyal comrades, you know the situation. And you know that we are on our own. We have already lost friends and loved ones, but England will loose far more if we do not make a stand this day! Some of us may fall, but our fight will live on in the hearts of those who despise injustice and in the minds of those who cherish freedom. You are the soul of England, standing firm against tyranny for a real future! Now tell me...is that not something worth fighting for!" - Robin Hood

"These men have committed no crime worth more than a spell in the stocks. Will you tolerate this injustice? I, for one, will not."- Robin Hood

"Everything is a choice! Everything we do!"- Robin Hood

"There is a purpose in which men set up in their lives. Let yours be the doing of all good deeds."- Robin Hood

"We will rob him! We will stop his insane taxes and give them back to the poor where they belong!"- Robin Hood

"No young man, no matter how great, can know his destiny. He cannot glimpse his part in the great story that is about to unfold. Like everyone, he must live and learn. And so it will be for the young warlock arriving at the gates of Camelot. A boy that will in time father the legend. His name... Merlin." - Great Dragon- Merlin

"None of us can choose our destiny. And none of us can escape it."- Great Dragon- Merlin

"The Sky People have sent us a message - that they can take whatever they want and no one can stop 'em... But we will send them a message... You ride out as fast as the wind can carry you, and you tell the other clans to come... and tell them Toruk Makto calls to them! And you fly now, with me, my brothers, sisters! And we will show the Sky People, that they cannot take whatever they want! And that this... This is our land! -Jake Sully: AVATAR

"What a crazy random happenstance!"- Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

"People say "Guns don't kill people, People kill people!" Well, I think guns help. If you stood there and yelled Bang, I don't think you'd kill too many people."

"Perhaps those who are best suited to power are those who have never sought it. Those who have leadership thrust upon them, and take up the mantle because they must, find to their own surprise that they wear it well." Dumbledore- Harry Potter 7

"It is important to fight, and fight again, and keep fighting, for only then can evil be kept at bay, though never quite eradicated." Dumbledore

"Voldemort himself created his own worst enemy, just as tyrants everywhere do! Have you any idea how much tyrants fear the people they oppress?" Dumbledore

"I made one of my famous snap decisions, the kind that everyone remembers later for being either the stupidest dumb-butt thing they ever saw or else the miraculous saving of the day. I seemed to hear more of the first kind. That's gratitude for you." Maximum Ride

"Right now, the future I see doesn't look so great. The good news is, the future is always changing, in the largest of ways, by the smallest of things. They've been winning a lot of battles. Now it's our turn to win the war." Push

I found this on many profiles and wanted to try!

I'm going to list 8 characters from multiple fandoms... and then answer the questions about them. Should be fun. You can try it too! :D


1. Merlin (Merlin)

2. Sherlock (Sherlock)

3. Arthur (Merlin)

4. Robin Hood (Robin Hood)

5. The 11th Doctor (Doctor Who)

6. John (Sherlock)

7. Marian (Robin Hood)

8. Amy (Doctor Who)

4 and 8 had a thumb wrestling match. Of the two, which would arise victorious?
Robin and Amy have a thumb wrestling match. As they are both cocky and arrogant, both would most likely be boasting of their skill and prowess. Amy would b fighting every moment to win, but I would have to say that Robin would arise victorious, only because he's a guy and is most likely stronger than Amy is. But it would be a close fight!

There is an air guitar contest. Which character would dominate with over-the-top moves and relentless energy?

5-- The 11th Doctor. The Doctor is many things, and one of those things is being a walking, talking ball of energy.

All of the characters are arrested during a bank heist. Which would talk first?

2. Sherlock. Not because he's grassing the others out, but because he's angry and deducing the hell out of everyone.

All of the characters are trying to give something up. Which character would successfully go cold turkey?

I think out of all the characters, John Watson (6) would be the best at going cold turkey because he's a doctor and would be able to see the long-term effects instead of just the short term.

What if the characters were Hostess snack cakes? o.O Which would be a Twinkie?

3- Arthur. Because he's so blond and he could pull off being a Twinkie. Maybe John (6) as well.

What if the characters were mythical creatures? Which would be Pegasus, the winged horse?

I could either see Merlin or Sherlock as the winged horse, because both of them are brilliant and held to the ground. I could see both of them bursting with wings and leaping through the air.

What if the characters were cavemen? Which would have invented the wheel?

2- Sherlock. All those constant experiments have to pay off sometimes.

What if they were pairs of slippers? Which would be a pair of fuzzy slippers?
7- Marian. Because she could just somehow pull off being a pair of fluffy slippers. She's kind of hardcore but she has a fuzzy mothering instinct, at least for Robin.

What if they were bodies of water? Which would be the Fountain of Youth?
5- The 11th Doctor. Because, as he says, what's the use of growing up if you can't be young sometimes!

The characters are all on a camping trip together. Which would most crave the conveniences of home?
3- Arthur. I don't know if he could go without his princely bed.

What if the characters were pieces of sporting equipment? Which would be a bowling ball?

1- Merlin. He gets beat up a lot and chucked around.

What if the characters were games? Which would be a Barrel of Monkeys?

4- Robin! Because he's so entertaining!

What if they were all pairs of shoes? Which would be flip-flops?
5- Marian, or 8- Amy. Flipflops are girl shoes.

It is a blustery, snowy day. Which character would most likely brush the snow off the boss's car, hoping to win brownie points?
1- Merlin, probably not to win brownie points, but because he has to.

All of the characters are contestants on a reality TV singing show. Which would make it the furthest in the competition?

None really sing but I would pay to see Sherlock sing.

1. Merlin

2. Sherlock

3. The Doctor

4. Robin

5. Amy

6. John

7. Arthur

8. Marian

9. Captain Jack Harkness (Doctor Who)

10. Rory (Doctor Who)

11. Captain Martin Crieff (Cabin Pressure)

12. Douglas Richardson (Cabin Pressure)

Now, back to the show! :D

All of the characters are in girl scouts (hmmm...). Which would earn the "Write All About It" badge first?

Either Sherlock (2), the Doctor (3), or Martin (11). Because Sherlock would be 'experimenting', The Doctor wouldn't want to forget his adventures, and Martin would still make sure his logbook was completed.

All of the characters go camping together (again, but we've got some newbies so maybe that's why) and suddenly see a UFO landing. Which character(s) would board the craft?

Merlin (1) because he has to check if anything magical is on board, and therefore Arthur (7) will have to go with him to protect him; Sherlock (2) because he has to just check it out, and therefore John (6) will be dragged with him; the Doctor (3), of course, because he has to make sure that they are upholding the values of the Shadow Proclamation and if not, he's in charge of kicking them out, and of course his companions Amy (5) and Rory (10) would be forced to follow along. Captain Jack (9) would follow with the Doctor, as he's in charge of Torchwood and rival aliens is sort of his area. The others would stay behind to 'guard the camp'.

Everyone is competing in the Summer Olympics. Which would take the gold in the high jump events?

Probably the Doctor (3). He has all sorts of expertise. It's probably the first Olympics ever.

What if the characters were answers from a Magic 8 Ball? Which would be "You can count on it!"?

1- Merlin. He won't let you down.

Each of the characters have purchased a brand new computer. Which would call everyone else needing an explanation on how to use it?

Merlin (1), Arthur (7), Robin (4), and Marian (8) would need help, as they aren't from the times of computers.

1) You're out on a night out with 8 when you're savagely and drunkenly attacked by 2. What does 8 do?
I'm out on a night on the town with Marian, bringing her to all the special places for clothes and the spa. We're having a night out, baby, and we're making it last before Marian has to go back to Nottingham. Out of nowhere, however, Sherlock pops out and attacks us! He's holding his gun and screaming deductions and looking a bit high as a kite. Assuming Moriarty is somewhat involved I hesitate, but Marian does no such thing. As the Nightwatchman, she leaps out, attacking Sherlock viciously until she gets the gun and hands it to me. We call John on Sherlock's speed dial and then vacate the premises quickly!

2) What would happen if 9 got 5 pregnant?
What would happen if Captain Jack got Amy pregnant? Rory would be extremely angry and heartbroken, that's for sure, but other than that this doesn't seem too strange. Captain Jack would have sex with anything living.

3) 6 and 11 go to a strip club. What happens?

John Watson and Martin Creiff go to a strip club. John, being in the army and seeing things like this before is entirely not bothered and slightly enjoying it despite the fact that he was dating Sherlock (just because he likes Sherlock doesn't make him gay). Martin is the complete opposite, rambling and blushing and completely out of his comfort zone.

4) 7 and 12 are making out when 4 walks in. What's 4's reaction?

Arthur and Douglas are making out when Robin walks in. At first Robin pauses, watching for a second, laughing at the two exploring the limits of their sexuality (although Arthur has Merlin). Robin breaks it up when he realizes that Arthur is cheating on Merlin and that Douglas is way too old for him anyways (and may or may not be in love with his co-pilot). Everything gets real awkward real fast.

5) 10 falls in love with 3. 1 is jealous, what happens?

Rory, after spending quite some time in the TARDIS and shoved with the Doctor in various adventures, and realizing Amy probably doesn't love him, falls for the Doctor quite spectacularly. (Also, there must be some secret love gas in the TARDIS that makes everyone, male or female, fall head over heals for the Doctor [except Donna because Donna is awesome.]). Merlin, apparently, gets jealous because he's had his eye on the Doctor as well. Merlin and Rory end up getting in a fight where Merlin wins very easily, leaving Arthur to go have an adventure in the TARDIS.

6) 4 pulls up beside you, and offers you a lift. Will you take it?

Are you kidding me?! Robin pulls up and offers me a lift? There goes Mrs. Nice Hannah. God forbid, I would say yes in a heartbeat and hope there is kissing involved!! xD

7) Why is 6 afraid of 7?

Why is John afraid of Arthur? John isn't afraid of Arthur, John is wary of Arthur. There is a difference. He's wary because Arthur has a sword, and it's good to stay on guard when around fellow soldiers he isn't totally positive he can trust.

8) 10 is getting ready to marry 5, when 9 runs in to stop the ceremony. What is 9's reason?

Rory is getting ready to marry Amy (finally!!!) when Captain Jack runs in to stop the ceremony. The reason? The Doctor is in trouble and everything goes on hold for the Doctor. Again. (And he may or may not have impregnated Amy in a previous question.)

9) Give a title of a romance movie about 3 and 12.

The Doctor and Douglas? Fly with Me, Oh Lonely Sky Gods.

10) Fill in the blanks: "(1) and (9) are in a happy relationship, until (9) runs off with (2). (1), brokenhearted, has a short relationship with (11) and a brief unhappy affair with (6), then follows the wise advice of (8) and finds true love with (3)."
Oh geez. Here we go. "Merlin and Captain Jack are in a happy relationship (oh lord), until Captain Jack runs off with Sherlock (should have seen that coming). Merlin, brokenhearted, has a short relationship with Martin Crieff and a brief unhappy affair with John Watson, then follows the wise advice of Marian and finds true love with the Doctor!"


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