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I'm working at the moment at a few of my own stories but I'm a bit of a perfectionist (underexaggeration) and so, I like to have a LOT of the story written before I start to update it. I'm also going on holiday for most of the summer and I don't want to start and make people wait for ages.

I'm mainly interested in the AU human category, I've read every single one on this website (I have a lot of free time!) and that is the honest truth. I don't really read the twilight ones as I find that's it's so much more rewarding daydreaming about an Edward that actually exists. Honestly people, do you think Carlisle would have let Stephenie Meyer publish the books if they were true?? Because I don't think so.

The M rating is also my favourite. I'm an adult, why shouldn't I be able to read the adult section? It's so much more satisfying because it's so much more realistic. That's what I'm aiming for.

I have a few recommendations though (and these are just my opinion - noone's making me say this!):

Boycotts and Barflies This like the bible of AU human stories. Until you've read this one, you don't know what you're missing! Well written, witty and with a clear story line (no waffling!), this story is honestly one of the best, if not the best. Everything from the thick sexual tension (they have a bet on, preventing sexual activities) and the fun flirty real conversations make you feel like part of the cast (I wish!). It's a cliche idea, and at first I was hesitating to read it, but it's got a good plot. The sequel, We're Going Where! has a promising start, and I'm eager to see where the author is going to take it.

A Heart's Saviour and sequel, A Life Stolen These stories are so emotionally powerful, it's unbelievable. The sequel is just as amazing as the first, a commendable acheviement by the author. I cried when I read these stories, but the endings are beautiful. A Great idea, the story is so captivating. I read it in one go! The story captures Edward and Bella's personalities very well, retaining some of the Twilight charm.

Sacrifices (by Enthralled) The best 'Edward leaves and Bella gets changed and then they meet up later' story out there. This story is just perfect; perfect characterisation, perfect points of view, perfect, perfect, perfect. The author makes this believable from the start, I could imagine Stephanie Meyer writing this and being proud. If you haven't read this I seriously recommend it, in fact it's the only Twilight vampire story I have on alerts and that's saying something.

The Way Back This is actually a sequel, but I almost prefer this slightly more than the beginning although that (A Rite Of Passage) is also a good read. The Way Back is a story full of accumalative history, it's Edward and Bella trying to be friends after their passionate relationship sizzled out. Honestly, it's well written and very touching, very human. Full of mistakes and misunderstandings. The end ties everything up very well and is a satisfying read.

Retrograde This is another very satisfying story. After an insight into Edward and Bella's loving relationship, their world is ripped apart by a train crash. Don't be put off by the melodramatic beginning as this story is emotional, touching and very raw. Bella's temporary memory loss, Edward's reaction and the ending are all written very realistically. I'm glad the author never wrote a sequel as I think it would've ruined the delicate and poignant ending. Oh, and you might cry.

Making Love Out Of Nothing At All This is one of the longest stories out there, but highly enjoyable. A tad unrealistic but that only adds to the fun flirty carefree atmosphere of the story. It would make a great beach read and you'll never want to stop reading it. Surprisingly although full of juicy lemons (if you're that way inclined), it's also well written with excellent point of view. This giant story is addictive.

Blind This story I avoided for a while, never wanting to read it. However, after reading it I was completely addicted and I rate it very highly. It's a lovely story with a lovely idea and plot. Carefully written, it explores the pointd of view of both characters and tackles Edward's disability with delicate honesty. If you too are slightly frightened by the idea of this story, then I recommend taking a leap of faith and reading it. It's not finished yet, but the author is very very efficent to which I'm very grateful.

Foundations This story is my favourite 'Edward and Bella have always been best friends and then Edward realizes he loves her' story. I've read so many but this one is definitely the best. It captures Edward's love and her hesitation perfectly. The dramatic accident in recent chapters, may sound melodramatic, but I think it's a highly likely outcome and very well described. I tend to dislike many of the teenage romances (likelihood of finding your true love at 17? Very small), but this one is excellent.

Stitches and Scars This story is becoming better and better with every update. I've enjoyed the story so far and I'm excited for the rest. It's got some really great scenes (produce porn, Penny walk) and really great characterisation. This story is like the daughter of Boycotts And Barflies. And that is a seriousl compliment! You'll love Edward and Bella in this one as they're not too young and immature and it feels like a real relationship. I love this one.

News To Me I have absolutely no idea what the author has planned for this story and this sense of anticipation is amazing. Just read it to know what I mean. The way it's been written, the conversations and the slow untangling of the plot mean that the story is like a slow release drug. And I can't get enough. The whole way through, you'll be thinking, 'Edward or Jacob? Edward or Jacob? Edward or Jacob?'. It better be Edward, though. I'm just saying.

I think those are my absolute favourites but there are others to quickly mention too: A Matter Of Convenience, Chances, New Kiss, The Girl With The Books, When Fiction Becomes Reality, My Brother's Best Friend. You should read them, too.

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