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Author has written 5 stories for Naruto, and Kuroshitsuji.

Hello, everyone, I am Christine, a 17-year old student. My biggest flaw: well, I suffer from a dreadful complex of inferiority. Seriously, I think that everyone is much better than me. My opinion about myself has always been a bad one since I am extremely harsh when it comes to my achievements. But WHY ON EARTH I am telling you this is beyond my comprehension.

I am a HUGE anime and manga fan, as you have probably guessed by now. And anyway, who isn't, right? OH, AND I AM OBSESSED WITH TWILIGHT AND EDWARD CULLEN. MY BRAND OF HEROIN SINCE 1901, LOL.

Before I continue ranting about me, there is something I have to post here for MyDyingDaysBlackRose. Please DO NOT laugh of my first attempt at poetry. Lol, I don't even know if this can truly be called a poem, but here it goes.

Who is near you in dark times

Vanquishing all your mishaps?

Who can brighten up your day

When life is cruel, to your dismay?

Who soothes you when you're downcast

Turning your misery into past?

Unrelieved in times of grief

Who makes everything a bad dream?

How do we know what's true or not?

Can we tell the right from wrong?

Do we understand what true friendship is

And what a best friend truly means?

I've asked myself this question countless times

Knowing that an answer always comes.

And so it did - I finally see

My true friend is dear Kacey.

I mean, who takes my keyboard when I'm about to drool?

Whose stories I can't get enough of and I want more?

Who gives me pillows when I'm about to fall?

Whose words touch my being's core?

Writing with such abnegation

And this is no allegation,

Right here, before her, I bent low,

Since she is perfect from top to toe.

Moreover, who banishes the sorrow from my mind

With a beatific smile, so blunt, so kind,

Although life isn't a bed of roses

No matter what path one chooses,

She listens to me from far away

If you read this, thank you, Kay.

Whew, I'm done with that. Rhyme, rhythm, poetry is so tough. Ughh...

I am not going to give you any details regarding my personal life or anything related to it because everything you want to know about me you will eventually find out from my stories. As La Fontaine used to say, "A l'oeuvre on connait l'artisan", which in English would mean: 'You know an author by its writing.'

My favorite anime shows and mangas:

Death Note, Naruto, InuYasha, Vampire Knight, Shugo Chara!, Full Metal Panic, Full Metal Alchemist, Ouran High School Host Club, Shaman King, Elfen Lied, Desire Climax, Bitter Virgin, Hakushaku to Yousei, Blood , Hellsing, Godchild, Bleach, Rosario + Vampire, Galactik Football, Gravitation, Spiral, Kaleido Star, Paradise Kiss, Final Fantasy, OBAN Star Racers, Ayashi no Ceres, Hakaima Sadamitsu, Tokyo MewMew, Sailor Moon (when I was 5, lol), and many more.

Favourite characters:

1.Sabaku no Gaara and Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto). Ughh, I can't choose between them, but I think that Gaara is more interesting than the Uchiha prodigy.

2.Kiryuu Zero and Kuran Kaname (Vampire Knight). Umm, Zero is definitely my favourite. OME, I FORGOT IKUTO!! (drool) IKUTO and YORU from Shugo Chara are simply the best characters in the series. Lol.

3.Youko Kurama and Hiei Yaganshi (YuYu HaKuSho). Don't even ask! It's been 5 years since I started watching the anime and I still don't know which character is more intriguing than the other.

Others: Itachi Uchiha and Neji Hyuga (Naruto), Ichijou (Vampire Knight), Hatake Kakashi (Naruto), Edward Elric and Roy Mustang (Full Metal Alchemist), Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy VII), Sesshoumaru (InuYasha),Temari and Sakura Haruno(Naruto), Kiba Inuzuka and Shikamaru Nara (Naruto), Shiki (Vampire Knight), Yuki Eiri (Gravitation)

Favoutire pairings:

Both GaaraxSakura and GaaraxOC

SasukexSakura (Fuck off, Karin!)

ZeroxYuuki and KanamexYuuki

HieixOC and HieixBotan

KuramaxOC and KuramaxBotan


Favourite quotes:

Anime quotes:

Accepting dishonour in payment for honour... and hatred in payment for love, even then Itachi died smiling.

You're such a child. You talk of nothing but pipe dreams... There are times when a ninja must make painful choices. (Itachi Uchiha)

Sasuke Uchiha - The solitary genius. The boy once resisted, but he eventually learned that this pain is just part of his fate.

How much hate has filled and enveloped my heart, how much stronger I've grown because of it, you know nothing. (Sasuke Uchiha)

If you think I'm just a stupid kid ruled by my emotions, then so be it. Saying I should follow Itachi's footsteps is nothing but pretty words. It's nonsense for those who don't know hatred. If anyone wants to deny my way of living, I'll kill everyone they ever cared about! Maybe then they'll understand a little of my hatred. (Sasuke Uchiha)

Are you deaf? I said 'This is the End', you murderous, traitorous fuck. (Sasuke Uchiha)

These past six years...My father tried to assassinate me several times. So why do I exist? I've asked myself this question, but I couldn't find the answer. However, I need those reasons while I am still alive, or it would be the same as being dead. And this is what I concluded: I exist to kill everyone other than me. I fight only for myself and I love only myself . As long as there are people to kill in this world, my existence will remain. (Sabaku no Gaara)

You should have learnt by now that this is a kill-or-be-killed world. If you're not strong enough to protect yourself, you deserve to fall. (Hiei Yaganshi)

What repulsive creature makes my eardrums bleed? (Hiei Yaganshi)

People cannot win something if they don't lose something else of the same value. This is the first law of the Alchemy. (Edward Elric)

Books quotes:

My most favourite: A flood of words over a wasteland of ideas. (Deluge des mots sur un desert d'idees - Helvetius)

Before writing, learn thinking. (Avant donc que d'ecrire, apprenez a penser - Boileau)

Art is long, life is short. (Ars longa, vita brevis - Hipocrat)

Read not to contradict and confute, nor to believe and take for granted, nor to find talk and discourse, but to weigh and consider. (Francis Bacon)

The best lack all conviction while the worst are full of passionate intensity. (W.B.Yeats)

I think, thus I live. (Cogito, ergo sum - Rene Descartes)

Hell is paved with good intentions. - Samuel Johnson

Everyday we bury at least an illusion. (K.J.Benes)

Love is the most beautiful music in the score of life. Without it, you would be an eternal stranger in the immense chorus of humanity. (Raque Schneider)

Life can be understood only when looking behind, but it can be lived only when looking ahead. (Soren Kierkgaard)

If you want to defeat a weakness, don't nourish it. (W.Penn)

Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance. ( Will Durant)

I do not think about the future, it will eventually come. (Einstein)

Better a witty fool than a foolish wit. - William Shakespeare

Cowards die many times before their death / The valiant never taste of death but once. - W. Shakespeare

A moment is as precious as a man's life. (Der Augenblick ist kostbar, wie das Leben eines Menschen - Fr. Schiller)

Divide and rule. (Divide et impera - Machiavelli)

There's only one step from sublime to ridicule. (Du sublime au ridicule il n'y a qu'un pas - Napoleon Bonaparte)

Making mistakes is only human. (Errare humanum est - Sofocle)

Experience is by industry achieved. - W. Shakespeare

Everyone makes its own destiny. (Faber est suae quisque fortunae - Salustiu)

Books have their own destiny. (Habent sua fata libelli - Terentianus Maurus)

You create your own universe as you go along. (Churchill)

What is a friend? One soul in two bodies. (Aristotel)

Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. (M.L.King)

Simple quotes:

Every person I met is superior to me from at least one point of view. (me)

Lots of people miss the little joys of life waiting in vain for the big happiness.

Don't let your mind rule over your heart.

Without suffering there would be no compassion.

The one who has never truly loved means he has never truly lived.

I do not love you for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.

Nobody deserves your tears and the one who deserves them will surely not make you cry.

The worst way in which you feel someone's absence is to stay near him and to know that he will never be yours.

Don't you ever stop smiling, even when you are sad, because you never know who might fall in love with your smile.

Maybe you are only a person to the world, but to certain people you are the entire world.

Don't waste your time on someone who is not available to spend his with you.

Don't cry because it is over, but smile because it happened.

To love is a crazy thing, but at least love crazily.

Love me when I deserve it the least; that is the moment I need it the most.

It doesn't matter how much you live, it's important to live a moment worth dying for.

A day of sorrow is longer than a month of joy.

Every man is the architect of his own future.

Take me out of this world which has you in it.

Life is divine chaos. Embrace it!

The toes you step on today may be attached to the ASS you will have to kiss tomorrow.

Judge me and I'll prove you wrong. Tell me what to do and I'll tell you off. Call me a bitch and I'LL SHOW YOU ONE! Call me crazy, but you have no idea...

Humans have the incredible ability to reason logically and come to the wrong conclusion.

Life is not worth living if you don't have something worth dying for.

People say violence isn't the answer. Well, they are right. Violence is the question. The answer is HELL YES.

Suicide is a way of telling God: 'You can't fire me! I quit!'

Kids in the front seat can cause accidents. Accidents in the back seat can cause kids.

I'm trying really hard to care, does it show?

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Good morning, Gaara by wayofthepen reviews
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