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Yo, okay I can PM again! although I kinda lost track of my older messages so until further nothice I can't reply to them...

Also I have terrible writers block when it comes to writing about Neji or Gaara, or rather anyone from Naruto. So I might be taking a longer official break from writing Naruto fan fictions. (which won't matter much seeing as I don't really think people are reading them much) and of course school will be starting in a few weeks and I'll be busy cramming my brain with tons of other stuff and filling up my schedule. Buuuut, I'm hoping to have another chapeter of Shackles of my Mind out before that starts seeing as I'm half way done with it...

And last but not least, I'm looking for a beta, I think all of my old ones kinda poofed off the face of the earth...so yeah...=D and have a nice day.

Umm. Lets start out by saying I'm Vanessa(yo)...I like the animes Naruto, Death Note, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy (VII, VIII, X, XII), Ouran High School Host Club, InuYasha, Poke'mon(orignal series) , Sailor Moon, 10 Tokyo Warriors, Bleach, Blood , Dear Myself, nearly anything published by June Manga, and many many other Animes and Mangas that I am too lazy to list right now.

Favorite actors are Ken'ichi Matsuyama and Tatsuya Fujiwara of course. There was a casheer at Marukai(It's a Japanese grocery store for those who don't know) who looked exactly like Ken'ichi! I'm down there about once every two weeks buying grocries and I've never seen him before...now if only I could only find someone who looks like Tatsuya, and well of course they would instantly be surrounded by littel hearts and run off to get married and live happily ever after...anyway back to info...sorry.

I Cosplay as Sasuke, Riku, Butters, Marjorine, Gaara, Neji, Raito, Matt, Mellow and many other random characters or people.

Depending on who I'm with I do cosplay pairings, some of them make no sense...

Music: Everything, Especialy My Chemical Romance, D'espairsRay, DDR music, lots of Japanese music and Saosin, plus many many more...(It would take up way to much space to list all of the bands.

Yaoi fan...don't know if I'm concedered a fan girl...I don't think so...if I am sorry xD but oh well. I try not to flip out with yaoi. Most of the time I fail...If I succeed I just twich a little and smile...alot.

anyway! on to parings!

Naruto Pairings I love

Kishimoto-sama, how about we just make it a Yaoi series already?

Neji and Gaara! Hands down favorite paring ever!

Itachi and Sasuke. I love me some Uchihacest!

Sasuke and Naruto. What can I say I'm a SasuNaru cosplayer.

Kimimaro and Ukon...do I need to explain? It's cute!

Gaara and Kankuro...I'm a sucker for sandcest.

Sasori and Deidara I prefer this pairing AU because it's even more adorible that way.

Tenten and Lee- Heh in Ultimate Ninja 3 they are practicly dating! (everything seems so yaoi related in that game. It makes me very happy XD) plus this is my favorite het pairing! For Naruto at least.

Temari and Shikamaru. yes a straight paring! call the media, a doctor, someone! but they are a very cute pair.

Orochimaru and Sasuke- Yeah it may sound gross but it was inspired by cosplayers...dirty dirty pedophiliac cosplayers... XD cough couch random kid whos name I recently learned is David

Naruto and Kisame- Because Kisame is always seme. Always.

Kankuro and Kiba...can Sakon join? but yes still cute...

Tenten and Temari dunno...its cute for Yuri plus if Temari wasn't with Shika she would totaly lust after TenTen!

Kakashi and Iruka=adorible!

Orochimaru and Itachi only if Oro-Sama is not like 50 and a total pedofile...well either that or Itachi is willing, it's not rape if he's willing. Come on everyone, Oro-Sama was adorible when he was a kid, he looked a bit like Haku actualy...

Deidara and Tobi...he's a good boy

Pein and and Minato, Ah yes they are made for each other.

Pein and Zetsu (I blame cathloc school boys and raw meat) Long story...

Kakashi and Obito, Childhood friends make cute pairings.

Zetsu and Tobi xD call me crazy (its not like I could prove you wrong)

Tobi and Itachi...It's still Uchihacest...

Hidan and Deidara

Suigetsu and Sasuke Oh so over looked.

Suigetsu and Sai- is that incest? I love Suigetsu, he reminds me of Kadaj.

Kiba and Hinata another straight pairing! the worlds going to end! but yes I love this pair.

Kiba and Shino...I happen just love this one more =D

Haku and Zabuza, Very obvious. Although Zabuza should NEVER let Gaara have his weapons...bad things happen.

Haku and Kankuro I don't know where this came from but adorible crack pair!

Sai and Kiba, They work well together.

Sai and Naruto

Haku and Sai Imagine the fun Sai would have with him XD(I meant poking fun at him. honestly, if Naruto is Dickless I could only imagne what Haku is)

and well I have many many more but will stop it here.

Naruro Pairings I HATE

Sasuke and Sakura...no offense to people who like her but this pairing kinda makes me gag, deffinately not a fan...

Ino and Sasuke...ewh.

Ino with anyone but Saukra, Choji or any other girls aside from Tenten. Tenten's way to awsome for her.

Sakura with anyone but Ino, Lee(only if she's nice to him) or other girls(Because she is oh so gay for everyone xD) but once again aside from Tenten.

Tenten and Neji...gross, I love Tenten and Neji but not together. It just strikes me as wrong.

Naruto with Girls...ewh...

I really don't like ItaNaru, it just bothers me, KyuubixItachi is cute, as long as Kyuu is in human form but I just don't dig the whole weasel fox thing.

Marysues and PWP I seriously find no point in PWP and marysues are usualy really boring.

Death Note Pairings I Love

L and Raito Kawaii hands down

Matt and Mello because it is oh so cute!

Matsuda and Teru cuteness

Namikawa and Miedo (I think I spelled that wrong)

Matsuda in general with like anyone...execpt Misa...she's gross.

Aziwa and Mogi, needs a bigger fandom!

Ide ana Aziwa sometimes

Near and Mello cute

Near and Matt

Weddie and Abier obvious but cute

Matsuda and Aziwa

Rem and Misa, oh come on Rem was SO in love with Misa.

Teru and Mello Crack but cute

Reiji (Namikawa) and Teru (I have never seen a fiction but it's a very cute pair) Why does no one love Reiji? Seriously people don't even know who he is XD I love Reiji but I don't think his name is even on the list for fanfictions!

Death Note Pairings I Hate

Misa with any man

Takada/sp?/ with anyone. period. ever. She like needs to die...oh wait.

Kingdom Hearts Pairing I like

Riku and Sora, I have a slightly rabid fangirl obsession with Riku, but only slightly...okay fine...Gah it makes me feel like I fangirl over myself seeing as hes my main cosplay as of the moment...odd...

Cloud and Leon, Its a crossover made real! XP

Axel and Roxas, I love how Axel is ALWAYS a perv.

Seifer and Hayner, Is Hayners last name Dincht?...Does that mean he's related to Zell?

Demyx and Zexion (possible future cosplay)

Sora and Roxas

Pence and Olette, I actualy really love this pairing I think it's so cute! Maybe it's because Olette is not all skanky like alot of anime girls and actualy cares about her friends, therefore I think Olette is cool.

Kingdom Hearts pairings I hate

I just don't like Kairi that much, I mean she's alright but i don't think she should be paired with anyone.

Nor do I care for Namine that much, she's better then Kairi though but I suppose it's all about how you make the characters out to be...Maybe if we put Namine and Kairi together...hmm

My OCs

I have A few OC's but I only use one in fan fictions.

Kiyoshi- He has no last name. His firts name means Pure I do beleave. Yeah his name came form a friend's I just really like that he spelled it with an i, I wouldn't have named him Kyoshi. I'll put a picture up someday but for now just read his discription on Shackles of my Mind (chapter 2).

My Storys

You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us:

I'm not as into the NaruGaa fandom as I used to be so I'm debating weather or not to continue this. I've only had 2 people tell me to continue but I think they stopped reading (aside from Naru-chan but you've already read the third chapter and well all that I have so far.) it. But I may disontinue the story if no one is reading it. On Hiatus


MattXMello one shot, pure fluff. Anyone want a sequel?

I have a few other storys I'm in the process of writing so check 'em out when I post them.

Shackles of my Mind:

AU highschool, NejiGaa of course.

I'm going to begin a new fan fiction witch will be NejiXGaara also but I think I will make it Uchihacest as opposed to SasuNaru.

I actualy have a AkuRoku story. It's not nearly finished and I'm not sure if I'm even going to post it. I need a good title, because I don't think "That Quin Story"(long story behind that, don't ask XD) is really appropriate anymore...But yeah I need to edit it more, because it used to be an orignial story with my characters...I'm going to miss William but I think I'm changing him to Sora...so if I ever get this story done Sora is going to be SUPER GHEY XD , Namine and Kairi will suck, Roxas will be confused and Axel will be sensitve and emo! XD well not really THAT emo...Okay enough of this...

Also I feel like doing a SoRiku story because I'm madly in love with that pairing right now.

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