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Author has written 5 stories for Harry Potter, Twilight, and Phantom of the Opera.

Me: Welcome to my humble Profile! I'm Natalie ( aka, A Dash Of Yellow)

Tom: I'm Tom Riddle From Harry Potter.

Erik: I'm the Phantom from The Phantom of the Opera.

Me: Those would be my smart ass muses.

Tom and Erik: Hey!

Me: Anyway, welcome to my profile, feel free to look at my Masterpieces!

Tom: (snorts)

Me: hey!

Tom: (looks away)

Me: Now I will answer some common Questions that you, my faithful readers, ask me.

Tom: (Pulls out a piece of paper) Question One: When's you Birthday?

Me: May Third, I wanted it to be in October though. (looks sad)

Erik: Question Two:Why do you write so many stories with Tom Riddle in it?

Me: Because I love to mess with him. (Hugs Tom)

Tom: (Pushes her off of him) Question Three: Why is your penname A Dash Of Yellow?

Me: Well thats a new one. (Thinks it over, then says slowly)The reason my penname is A Dash of Yellow is because it sounded cheerful.

Tom: (stares at her)

Erik: (Stares at her)

Me: What?

Erik: It sounded cheerful?

Me: Yep, for some reason it reminded me of a window with glass bottles on the sill and sunshine going through them.

Tom: How the hell do you A Dash Of Yellow out of that?

Me: Tom you should know better by now that I have a wacked up train of thought.

Tom: Okay... Next Question How woud you be labled in school.

Me: Ah this is a good one, Okay let's see. I only own two black shirts, I shop at all the 'prep' stores. I own too many Hollister shirts to count. In fact I have never shopped at Hot Topic in my life, some times my friends drag me in there to, but i don't buy anything. BUT i have very depressing thoughts that i find funny due to my twisted sense of humor. My muses talk to me on a daily bases, I mean they never shut up! I really don't know how I would be labled. All I know is that I'm the girl you would never suspect to be reading and writing FanFiction. Just a strange girl, whose just 'There'.

Tom: That was long.

Me: Shut it. (punches his arm, Tom is about to curse her when Erik cuts him off).

Erik: One more Question, Do you think Giant Purple Ducks will really take over the world one day?

Tom: What kind of gay Question is that?

Me: A good one, everyone has to know what their planning. Those ducks, plotting while they paddle around. They will enslave us all with their mind powers. First they ask for a piece of bread, then a cracker, next thing you know you’re giving it everything you have, your house, car, job, YOUR CHILDREN! THEY ARE EVIL I TELL YOU EVIL. Of course another reader brought my attention to another problem. While the ducks are a growing problem, squirrels are also a dangerous gang. They FLY. So they have the aerial advantage. Plus they are everywhere! In the trees, in the attic, in the basement, in the bird house (Which I built for the Blue birds Damnit!). They will murder you so they can gain control of each country, one by one. We will all be made as slaves and have to bring them acorns every day. I suggest staying far away from all of them and their evil ways. God help us if they ever join together. Then there will be no hope for the human kind. (Hangs head)

Tom: (blinks) W...T...F?

Erik: Okay... (shakes head) now that the Questions are done it's time for you basic updates, Natalie will be taking a break from beating, thank God.

Me: Shut up Erik, no one loves you.

Erik: (bursts into tears) WHY ARE YOU SO CRUEL?

Tom: You always make him cry.

Me: Yeah I have a bad habit of doing that to people.

Me: (sigh) I'm sorry Erik.

Erik: (sniffles) S'okay

Me: Hey you want some ice cream?

Erik:(Nods head)

Me: Okay let's go get ice cream. (calls over shoulder) Tom, You take care of the rest of the announcements, then you can catch up.

Tom: 'Kay. Natalie is sad to say that Slip Up will most likely be deleted due to Writer's Block and the fact that it isn't as orginal as a story as she hoped. I'll see You and In the Land Of Fangirls shall be updated more often 'cause she will be getting out a school very soon. Nataile would also like to take this time to tell you that In The Land Of Fangirls will most likely be her last Harry Potter fanfic. A Dash of Yellow would like to say thank you for reading her profile and have a nice day! (Bows formally, then turns around) HEY WAIT UP GUYS!! I WANT COOKIE DOUGH!!

The bunny below is here for entertainment.


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