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Eh. I'm slowly working on setting up a profile for my eventual first fic which should come out

sometime between 2009 and 2014, whenever I can workup the courage to start.

Age: 20

sex: depends on who you are. (Yes I know it's an old joke. Still somewhat funny.)

Place of residence: USA

Favorite anime\mangas: Ranma 1\2, Naruto , Slayers, and One Piece.

Things I like: harem pairing, long fics, non-dead fics, and authors who have at least some semblance of correct grammar and spelling.

Things I dislike: Yaio. I absolutely hate yaio. No, not the two people of the male gender loving each other, usually in frightfully detailed scenes, part of yaio.

Got no problem with that. What I do have a problem with is the fact that the moronic people who write

these stories do it only have two men getting it on. My point is proven in the Naruto and Harry Potter sections of Hundreds of thousands

of yaio fics, few of them with a plot worth reading, or having a grammar\spelling\writing style that you can read without being a cryptographer.

At the very least use a spellchecker.

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