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Author has written 26 stories for Harry Potter, Dragon Ball Z, Avatar: Last Airbender, Stand Still. Stay Silent, and Legend of Korra.

The lemon picture used for the image on my community is a stock image made by AliciaRFlowright on DeviantArt. I would like to take a moment to thank the people who make stock images, because I cannot draw.

About Me: I do in fact have a name, a real life, and several strong political opinions. However, I am also a very private person so anything I say on my profile will be pretty strictly limited to writing.

If you are interested in reading my stories, be warned: I like angst. So unless a story is specifically labeled as something silly that I just needed to get out of my system, odds are that at some point, at least one of the characters is going to be in a lot of pain (or, alternately, you will be in tears). You have been warned.

I am currently trying to be a more active reader. I'm absolutely horrible when it comes to leaving reviews. This is, however, something I am trying my best to change, starting with leaving regular reviews on a few of my favorite stories and working my way up to ones I should have given feedback on a long time ago.

My Fandoms

Harry Potter

The most longstanding and enduring of the fandoms to which I belong, and the one for which I first started writing fanfic. Though I'm currently taking a break from this fandom, I'll probably come back to it eventually.


I love this series, but I have yet to write anything for it and am extremely reluctant to try. The original series was just so well-done and well-thought-out, with such interesting characters and well-developed plots, that I'm not sure there's anything I can add without messing it up. If I ever do write for Gargoyles, it'll probably be something along the lines of short character studies or missing scenes.

Dragon Ball Z

Most people who are into this series remember it as something nostalgic from their childhood, but even though I'm a 90's kid I actually didn't see it for the first time until fairly recently. I was really surprised at first by how much I enjoyed writing for DBZ; the number of really good characters the series completely wasted in favor of "Moar Goku!" probably has something to do with it. I think that the main reason, however, is because so far it's one of the few fandoms for which I can write without it turning into a complete angst-fest. To this day Fulfilling the Oath remains one of the most positive and optimistic stories I've ever written, and I place a high value on that because it's such a rarity for me.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

This is a new one that kind of really grabbed me and wouldn't let go. And if you can't figure out what my favorite aspect of this series was, you're either very, very new to my writing, or blinder than Toph on an iceberg ;).

What's Going On

10/12/2015: I have put up a progress bar for my Holding Hearts series. Check it out to see where I am in the writing process.

9/7/2014: I'm now on A03, and am in the process of cross-posting select fics under the name Lazy8. My profile can be found here.

12/18/2013: I have... *blink* *blink* *blink* ...fanart? Yep, Wulfeh has done me the courtesy of making a cover image for my loopy Halloween special Everybody's Afraid of Something, which I finally got around to uploading as a cover image... weeks to months after the fact. Ah well, better late than never, right?

Holding Hearts Progress Bar


"Pending": I don't yet know any specifics for the plot.

"Inspired": I have a relatively detailed outline but have yet to start writing.

"In Prep": I'm working on the rough draft but haven't started posting.

"In Progress": The story is in the process of being posted.

"On Hiatus": I'm taking a break from posting while I work on the next part.

"Complete": Complete.

Book 1

Title: Ripples in the Water

Status: Complete

Inspiration: Dark Passion Play (Nightwish)

Book 2

Title: Set in Stone

Part I: Sand

Status: In Progress

Inspiration: The Mask and Mirror (Loreena McKennitt)

Progress: Chapter 5 (out of 10)

Part II

Status: In Prep

Inspiration: TBA

Progress: It's Complicated

Book 3

Status: Inspired

Inspiration: TBA

Book 4

Part I

Status: Inspired

Inspiration: TBA

Part II

Status: Pending

Great Websites for Fanfiction

For Readers:

The TV Tropes Wiki Fanfic Recommendations Page (all fandoms)

Tired of wading through mountains of sludge, Sues and mangled English just to find one thing that's worth reading? Well, you need look no further. 90% of everything is crap, but here lies proof that the remaining 10% is worth dying for.

The Quibbler Awards (Harry Potter fandom)

This is a collection of the best of the best, in all categories from romance to fluff to angst.

For Writers:

Bad Fanfic! No Biscuit! (all fandoms)

This is a website dedicated to telling fanfic writers what not to do, in the most humorous way possible. Look here to find lessons on everything from proper English to what a Mary Sue is and why it's bad to write one. Recommended for writers of all experience levels; it'll give you a laugh if nothing else.

GargWiki (Gargoyles fandom)

Yeah, I know that just about every popular fandom has a wiki nowadays. This one, however, is particularly notable for two reasons. One is the creator input - Greg Weisman himself edits the site, so you can get the Word of God on everything from future storylines to the fact that Lexington is gay. The other reason is the notorious unavailability of much of the source material, like the fact that Disney has (still!) not seen fit to release the rest of Season 2 to DVD. Damn it, Disney, this series was one of the best things you ever did; why do you continue to insist upon screwing it over?

Sorry about the rant there. Anyway, enjoy.

The Mary Sue Litmus Test (all fandoms and original fiction)

This provides a quick way to check whether you've written a hated author surrogate into your story without realizing it. While this test needn't be the final authority on anything - half of the canon characters from DBZ would fail miserably - it does at least provide a good starting point. A good way to calibrate it is to do it for the hero and several other of the major characters first. Your OC had better not get a higher score than any of them.

So You Want To: See the Index (all fandoms and original fiction)

The TV Tropes Wiki is a wonderful, wonderful thing for writers if you know where to look, and this index links to how-tos on many different aspects of writing.

Normally I'm not a big fan of copy/paste, but I liked this one enough to do it. Just this once.

Stop the Pairing Wars! (I'm looking at you, A:tLA fandom.)

By copying and pasting this in your profile, you vow to respect other pairings and the people that like them. You shalt not insult them, explain why they can't be together, or say that they would rather be with someone else. You shalt have your opinions but shalt not insult pairings. You shalt avoid them if you hate them. You shalt keep an open mind about stories even if you despise the pairing. You shalt paste this in your profile.

Courtesy Need Not Die

I am a believer in online courtesy. Anonymity is no excuse to behave like an ass. Whether I am posting reviews as a reader or receiving them as a writer, I will know the difference between constructive criticism meant to help writers improve and flames meant to anger or hurt. If I am a reader, I will use tact in my critiques, and if I cannot say something constructive I will say nothing at all. If I am a writer, I will understand that I cannot improve unless I am made aware of my shortcomings, and will not insult people who point out errors or disagree with my execution. I will not feed the trolls; if someone is rude to me, I will resist the urge to respond in kind.

Copy and paste in your profile if you believe in internet civility.

Fanfiction Pet Peeves (Warning for subjectivity and the occasional spoiler):

Harry Potter

Ginny is a Whore (because she dated 2 guys)

Okay, I'll admit upfront that I wasn't a huge fan of HP/GW. Though I've come across a handful of fics that really managed to sell it, I thought that in canon this pairing came off as forced and rushed, and there wasn't nearly enough time or effort taken to develop the chemistry between the two characters. As many problems as I had with this pairing, however, Ginny being a whore or only caring about Harry for his fame is not one of them. First of all, she dated a grand total of two boys (Michael Corner and Dean Thomas)—two—before entering into a relationship with the man that she married. Dating two boys prior to marriage has not made anyone a whore since the Victorian era, and there is no evidence whatsoever that she slept with either one of them—or anyone else at Hogwarts, for that matter. Oh, and another thing: I'd bet every review I have that most of the fans calling Ginny a whore will date a whole lot more than two people before they're married.

Secondly: Ginny's infatuation notwithstanding, in the end Harry was the one who pursued a relationship with her. While it's true that she'd never given up hope, neither was she shamelessly throwing herself at him—as a matter of fact, from Year 5 onward she outwardly showed no romantic interest in him whatsoever until the scene in the Common Room where he kissed her.

One last thing, for those people claiming that Ginny was a gold digger and that her entire family was involved in some sort of conspiracy to slip Harry a love potion in order to get at his money: Did you completely miss the point where Harry admitted that he'd split his entire vault with them willingly? That if the Weasleys needed money, for any reason—or even if they didn't need money—that all they'd have to do is ask, and Harry would give it to them, no questions asked? That the only reason he never did is that they would have refused? The one time he did give away money (to Fred and George) was after he'd practically thrown it at Mrs. Weasley, who insisted he keep it, and threatened to dump it down the drain if they didn't take it. Yes, there are criticisms to be made of the Harry/Ginny pairing and the individual Weasleys have plenty of character flaws, but you should be focusing on the flaws they actually have, not making up horrible traits just to make them unlikeable!

It's Lily's Fault that Snape Joined the Death Eaters (because she somehow could have stopped him)

Let's get one thing straight: Snape's actions are his responsibility. He has free will just like anyone else. He didn't go over to the Dark Side because Lily broke his heart—he was there well before their final falling-out. As for stopping him (quite aside from the fact that it was in no way Lily's obligation or responsibility to do so), judging by their conversations in "The Prince's Tale" she spent years trying to talk him out of it before she finally realized he wasn't listening and decided she'd had enough. What else was she supposed to do, Imperius him? Or maybe just hang around trying to change him until she was tortured and killed by all of his other friends?

Lily had very good reason for cutting ties with Snape, as Snape tragically found out that fateful Halloween night: you can't love a person while holding their identity in disdain, and if you join a hate group, you don't get to pick and choose which individuals the other members of that group are going to target. Yes, Snape asked Voldemort to spare her, and Voldemort's idea of fulfilling this request was to give Lily the option of standing aside and watching him murder her infant son—and what's more, Voldemort probably considered this to be the height of generosity.

There is only one person who can change Snape, and that's Snape. He eventually did change and, I believe, redeemed himself in the end. It's just too bad that Lily had to die for him to realize why he was wrong.


Angela is a Heartless Bitch for Choosing Broadway over Brooklyn (because one's own happiness should never be a factor in a relationship)

If you ship Angela/Brooklyn, far be it from me to tell you that you're wrong. But consider this: Greg Weisman himself has said that Angela canonically chose Broadway because he was the first to see her as a person rather than just another attractive female—which is an essential part of a healthy relationship. Taking her own needs and desires into account in choosing a mate does not make Angela selfish or a bitch, and martyring herself by giving up the sweet, sensitive guy who made her happy because the other one was better-looking or "needed love more" would have been a far cry from romantic, and would not have been doing any favors for anyone, least of all Brooklyn.

I'm well aware that this probably comes off as if I'm ship-bashing—I'm really not. As a matter of fact, I'm the last person who'll say you can't ship whatever you want regardless of my personal feelings on the matter. But if you're going to pair up Angela and Brooklyn, do it by showing that he's the one who'll make her happiest and vice versa—not by force-feeding the reader the tired old script that she's a selfish whore who just needed to come around.

Dragon Ball Z

Yamcha is a cheating (even though he has a phobia of women), abusive (against all evidence to the contrary) bastard from whom Vegeta (the guy who once tried to massacre the planet) had to rescue Bulma (who for some unfathomable reason still stayed friends with Yamcha afterward)

There are a lot of points made here, but really, it just boils down to this: I am getting well and truly sick of seeing people rake Yamcha over the coals for a theoretical act of adultery only to turn around and defend Vegeta for multiple counts of genocide. Yes, he did it under Frieza’s orders, but for anyone who actually watched the show, it should be glaringly obvious that he was enjoying it, that he would have done much the same thing with or without someone else telling him to, and that he never experienced any true remorse for his actions. I’m also getting sick of people pulling justifications for bashing Yamcha out of thin air—that he was sexist (because refusing to address one's love interest as anything other than “woman” isn’t sexist at all), that he was sleeping with any woman who looked at him twice (one of his defining character traits was his phobia of attractive women), or that he was acting like a jealous ex (because being upset that a known mass murderer is living under the same roof as your girlfriend is such horrible, controlling behavior).

Look, I know that Yamcha isn’t perfect either, and that Vegeta must have had something that made Bulma want to stay with him. All I want to know is why so many people seem to have this all-or-nothing attitude when it comes to shipping, especially given that Yamcha was never even a threat to the relationship. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible for two adults to realize their relationship isn’t working and break up in a mature, respectful manner, and it can happen for any number of reasons that don’t involve one of them being a horrible person. Also, whatever might have happened between them offscreen, the fact that Bulma and Yamcha managed to stay friends after their breakup, with no hard feelings apparent on either side, says a lot—while there might have been some degree of awkwardness between them after Bulma’s relationship with Vegeta came to the surface, they do still care for one another, and handled the situation with a great deal more maturity than many of the fans.

Avatar: the Last Airbender


You like Kataang? Good for you. You ship Zutara? Sure, why not? And hey, if you’d rather see Zuko and Aang hook up with each other, I won’t judge you for that either. What I will judge you for is bashing other people for having the nerve to like something that you don’t like, or demanding that people write something in which they have no interest just to please you. Whichever ship you consider your OTP, I guarantee you there are plenty of people out there writing it, and as for the ones you can’t stand? Nobody is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to read it. Seriously, just live and let live already.

Iroh is Zuko’s biological father (because no parent could possibly love an adopted child as much as his "real" offspring)

Now don’t get me wrong; what bothers me about this isn’t the notion that Ursa cheated. (With Ozai for a spouse I honestly wouldn’t blame her.) No, the reason this one gets under my skin is that Iroh already is Zuko’s father in every way that actually matters, and the implication that that somehow means less without a direct line of descent just leaves a really bad taste in my mouth.

Katara refusing to heal Zuko out of spite (because it's not like Aang needs a firebending teacher or anything)

Just to be clear, when I say "refusing to heal," I don't mean as in "It's one little scratch, he can deal with it himself." I mean as in "I'm not going to lift a finger to help him even though he's literally bleeding to death in front of me."

Sorry, but if Zuko were ever hurt badly enough for his life to be in danger, Katara would heal him. She might make a few snide remarks and personal jabs, she might even be unnecessarily rough, but she'd still do it. First of all, it's an established part of her character that she has a deeply ingrained sense of ethics, both as a healer and as a person, that won't let her turn her back on anyone who needs help, and she certainly wouldn't allow someone to die through her own inaction. Secondly, as much as she hates Zuko on a personal level at this point, believe it or not, Katara is rational enough to understand that in order for Aang to learn firebending (which he desperately needs to learn), it's necessary for his teacher to be alive and healthy, and at this point Zuko is the only person on the planet who's both able and willing to teach him. Yes, I know she literally threatened to kill him—if he started backsliding again. In other words, if he forced her to choose between his life and the lives of her love interest, her brother, and her friends, she was going to put her loved ones first, and she would have been perfectly justified in doing so. There's a difference between killing in legitimate self-defense and allowing a useful teammate to die over a personal grudge, and it's a line Katara is not going to cross. (And yes, canon does back me up on this. If you pay close attention at the beginning of "Southern Raiders," you'll see that when Zuko was in free fall after getting knocked off of Azula's airship, Katara was the one to reach out and pull him into the saddle. It does matter to her whether he lives or dies.)

What I really hate about this one, though, is that Katara's nasty behavior towards Zuko is often always exaggerated and taken to this extreme solely as an excuse for bashing her for being so mean to him. Look, before Zuko switched sides, he attacked her village, betrayed her trust, nearly got Aang killed, endangered everyone else in the group on multiple occasions, and treated her like dirt. Katara has every right to be angry with him. And no, I don't hate Zuko either; as a matter of fact I'm rather fond of the character—and one of the things I loved most about his redemption arc was that, unlike some other reformed villains I could mention (*cough* *cough* Vegeta *cough* *cough*), he didn't get arbitrarily let off the hook for all of the bad things he did. He actually had to work off his bad karma and earn his place on the team, making up his past wrongs to each of its members in turn. He even asked what he could do to earn her forgiveness. So seriously, lay off Katara. What happened here was between her and Zuko, and they worked it out on their own in the end.

Azula Apologists (and people who blame Ursa/Iroh/Mai and Ty Lee/anyone other than Ozai for the way Azula turned out)

Because not giving Azula free license to treat other people however she wished made Ursa a horrible mother, getting one toy she doesn't like will inevitably turn a child into a murderous psychopath (Take note, anyone who's planning to buy presents for your young relatives!), and it's the sacred duty of any abuse victim to remain in an abusive relationship, because the very real possibility of being murdered is completely trivial in comparison to - *gasp* - making the abuser feel bad.

I could rant about this myself, but it's already been said far better by someone else. So I'll just leave you with this link instead:


Character Bashing (especially people who hate awesome female characters for really stupid reasons)

Sometimes, a character just rubs you the wrong way, and I can understand that - I really can. I personally cannot stand Pinkie Pie from MLP:FiM, because I think she's really insensitive and inconsiderate and because her extreme extroversion clashes with my introversion. I think that DBZ's Goku is a horrible husband and an even worse father, and that many of his "acts of heroism" were in fact selfish stunts that needlessly put other people in danger. When I say "really stupid reasons," I mean things like "OMG she's in the way of my OTP," or, even worse, "OMG she has the hot guy that I want and she totally doesn't deserve him!" Characters should be judged based on their actions, not on your jealousy.

Romanticizing Stalking/Abuse/Rape (or Why I Hate Romance 101)

If Character A is following Character B through every minute of the day, keeping tabs on B's minute schedule, spying on B in B's own home, constantly pestering B for attention and refusing to take "no" for an answer, that is not romantic. That is stalking.

If A gets violently jealous if B spends time with or even talks with another character, destroys B's mementos of previous relationships, or takes control of B's finances without being asked, that is not romantic. Those are major red flags that the relationship will turn abusive.

If A keeps going even though B has said "no," that is not romantic or sexy. That is rape. No, it doesn't matter what their relationship status is or what they've done before. No, "But B wanted it anyway!" is not a valid excuse. And if B only said "yes" due to being too intimidated, drugged, or brainwashed to say "no," it is still rape.

I know these are treated as normal even in a lot of mainstream media, but really, they're about as far from a healthy relationship as you can get. So please, do everyone a favor and don't include these in your stories—or if you do, treat them as the disturbing shit that they are and not as True Love.

My thoughts on shipping:

I have only a couple of OTPs: Elisa/Goliath of Gargoyles, SB/RL from Harry Potter... and, as much as I swore up and down that I would stay out of this mess, I am now officially shipping Korrasami from Legend of Korra. Other than that, however, I have no particularly strong pairing loyalties. Though there are certain general things I tend to avoid at all costs (erotic rape, incest, teacher/student, and intergenerational pairings chief among them), for the most part I'm fairly laid-back when it comes to pairings, and my like or dislike of any given pairing depends primarily on how it's handled. I've seen a few fanfics that made me like really weird, off-the-wall pairings because they were incredibly well-done; I've read others that made me completely hate canon pairings I had no problems with in the source material, either through character bashing, romanticization of unhealthy or abusive relationships, or because they used every cliche in the book.

To tell you the truth, though, I'm not a big fan of romance in general. If I want to write love, I go platonic.

Non-romantic relationships I love:

The odd couple: Friendships between people you wouldn't normally expect to hit it off, whether it's because they're different ages, from different social classes, or hold opposing worldviews.

Male/female platonic friendship: I think it's a shame that so many people think straight men and women can't be "just" friends, that if two people of the opposite sex are close that it automatically means that something has to be going on between them.

Heterosexual life partners: Same-sex platonic friends who are as close as a married couple, even though they're straight.

Mentor/student relationships: I especially love the ones in which the mentor is raising as well as training the apprentice.

Adoptive family: Though I have a rather large soft spot for these types of relationships in general, I'm a real sucker for adoptive father-son relationships in particular, with an emphasis on the adoptive part. Really, is it any wonder I love A:tLA so much?

My Stories

Stories from Harry Potter Fandom:

Escape from Azkaban: Oneshot, first fanfic. The subject matter is fairly obvious. Inspired by Ministry of Magic's song of the same name, but not a songfic.

Unforgiveable: Drabble. This one popped into my head completely at random during a bout of insomnia. Given that it's only possible to cast an Unforgiveable Curse if one truly means it, how did Snape bring himself to do what needed to be done?

The Divergence arc (Discontinued)

Divergence: Epic-length story, Book 1 (Years 3-5) now complete. The rest is officially dead. A "for want of a nail" fic that asks what would have happened if Pettigrew had been caught at the end of PoA. Harry & Sirius adoptive family; will parallel the original story through the end of 7th year at least. On hiatus until I feel like writing again, at which point I will start Book 2.

There's a chance that this story will have some non-canon pairings, but nothing too out there. In other words, any pairings that do happen will be between unrelated canon characters of the same age group, same species, and same side of the war, and will be compliant with characters' canon sexual orientations. For the record, however, I intend to keep this story as ship-neutral as possible, because I honestly think unnecessary romance would detract from the central theme of this story, and I don't feel particularly confident in my ability to write it anyway.

Divergence Drabbles: A series of bonus material that is part of the Divergence arc, but doesn't really fit into the main story. This cannot stand alone, and I have included a note at the beginning of each chapter that says how far into Divergence you need to have read in order to understand the chapter. Currently on indefinite hiatus.

Stories from Dragon Ball Z Fandom:

A Child's Love: Oneshot. My theory of why Piccolo and Gohan drifted apart after the Cell Games. Originally envisioned as a flashback in Fulfilling the Oath, but can stand on its own.

Always: 18 chapters, in-progress. An Orphean Rescue featuring Piccolo and Gohan. Inspiration: "Eurydice" by Sleepthief.

Everybody's Afraid of Something: A silly little Halloween-themed oneshot inspired by Thriller.

The Promise Me 'verse

Promise Me: Oneshot. Many years after the end of the series, Gohan is dying of old age but Piccolo is still in the prime of his youth. Gohan and Piccolo's final goodbye.

Fulfilling the Oath: Sequel to Promise Me. Mid-length story, now completed. When the Earth is threatened again after Gohan's death, Piccolo and Pan must work together to defend it. Even if you hate Pan, I ask that you give it a chance; I don't acknowledge GT, so I've really made her my own.

Warrior's Way: Two-parter, complete. Never thought I'd get this many people begging me to kill off a character they like. Piccolo's death and the long-awaited reunion with Gohan.

Stories from A:tLA Fandom:

Looking Away: Oneshot. All too often, people look away from child abuse. Iroh's thoughts in the immediate aftermath of Zuko's first Agni Kai.

A Reunion in Capital City: Oneshot. How I think Zuko and Iroh's reunion might have gone after all the battles were finished. Mostly Warm and Fuzzy, by my standards at least.

The Prodigal Son: Oneshot. I wrote this in my head over the course of a workday, and spent roughly an hour actually typing it out. A tribute to my favorite scene of all time: Zuko and Iroh's reunion in the Grand Finale. This is what I think was going through Zuko's head while he waited for Iroh to wake up.

Of Love and Loss: Ongoing, collection of shorts. A series of vignettes focusing on various characters and the people that they (or their loved ones) have lost.

Always a Place: Oneshot. Something must have happened between Zuko waking up and Aang coming back into the Jasmine Dragon. Missing scene from The Promise.

The Bender Challenge: Collection of oneshots written for a challenge; 50 in total, now complete. A series of prompts centered around the theme of fire.

Five Generations of Facepalms: Oneshot; gift for attackfishscales. When Iroh was a child, he drove his mother crazy. He gets his karmic comeuppance - as do the next few generations after him.

Forging Connections: Collection of shorts written for a challenge; 15 in total, in progress. Every Gaang member paired up with every other Gaang member. My first and most likely only attempt at writing romance.

The Changing of the Guard: A look at how power was handed down in the Southern Water Tribe between A:tLA and LoK.

The Two Sides duo

Hope in the Dark: 4 chapters; complete with possible epilogue sequel pending posted. Zuko's fight to survive in the aftermath of an assassination attempt, with all the help his friends and family can give him.

Do No Harm: 4 chapters; complete. Katara attempts to help Zuko recover... while also healing herself.

The Holding Hearts series

Ripples in the Water: 13 chapters, complete. Ozai won the final battle, and Aang didn't survive. Having lost someone they both care about deeply and separated from the rest of their friends, Zuko and Katara are forced to flee for their lives, and have no one to rely on but each other to survive... and to find and train the next Avatar.

Set in Stone: ~20 chapters, in progress. Zuko and Katara try to survive and keep their makeshift family together, all while searching for teachers so the next Avatar can learn the elements. In the meantime, Katara tries to deal with some unique problems of her own.

Sane Fangirl/Fanboy Vows (feel free to copy and paste)

1. There is a difference between fictional characters and the actors/actresses who play them.

2. I will keep in mind that my favorite ship may not necessarily have the same appeal to other members of the fandom. (I'm looking at you, A:tLA fandom.)

3. Disagreeing with me does not make anyone a less worthy fan than I am.

4. Not everyone shares my opinions regarding slash.

5. If I write fanfic, I will use a beta.

6. If I write fanfic, I will know what a Mary Sue is and how not to write one.

7. If I write fanfic, I will study the characters and make an effort to keep them in character.

8. If I write fanfic, I will study the rules of the universe and avoid breaking them without a reasonable explanation.

9. My personal dislike for a character does not make that character the epitome of evil.

10. If I dislike a character, I will do so for a better reason than because I have the hots for said character's love interest.

11. Real people have real lives; fictional characters do not. I will know the difference between the two and will treat the former with the respect they deserve.

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(Officially discontinued.) What if Pettigrew hadn't escaped at the end of PoA? How the series might have gone if Harry and Sirius had gotten the chance to be a family. Rating is for violence, including torture, and sexual trauma. Hints of RW/HG, but otherwise no pairings.
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When Iroh and Zuko reunited before Sozin's Comet, they didn't have a lot of time to talk. After the final battle, time is something they have in more abundance. Father/son bonding post-finale, pre-epilogue.
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Sometimes people let relationships fall by the wayside not because they don't care, but because they do. My take on why Piccolo and Gohan drifted apart after the Cell Games.
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Having outlived nearly everyone he has known, Piccolo is finally nearing the end of his own life and his long-awaited reunion with Gohan. Follows "Promise Me" and "Fulfilling the Oath."
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Sequel to "Promise Me." After the death of its strongest defender, the Earth is threatened again. Can two grieving allies work together to save it? Rating for mild language and action-type violence.
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Saiyans may age more slowly than humans, but Namekians are long-lived in the extreme. When Gohan's time comes, how will he and Piccolo say their goodbyes? Warning: character death.
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A series of drabbles that are part of the Divergence arc, but don't really fit into the main story. I'm updating it to celebrate landmark points in the story; it will eventually include humorous interludes, character development etc. Cannot stand alone.
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 3 - Words: 2,683 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 13 - Updated: 6/5/2011 - Published: 9/6/2010 - Harry P., Sirius B.
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Sirius told Harry how he escaped from Azkaban. But what was that experience really like? Oneshot.
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Drama/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,075 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 1 - Published: 5/8/2010 - Sirius B. - Complete
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