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Author has written 5 stories for Phantom of the Opera, Enchanted, and Twilight.

Name: Monica

Age: 16 going on 30

Occupation: Aspiring philanthropist

Phobias: Atychiphobia, Claustrophobia, and a mild fear of self

Current Obsession: Jennifer's Body

New Year's Resolution: Fixing my typos when i type/write; finishing a whole story before I post it; try and lessen the self-deprecation

I don't know what to put in a profile. I don't really like talking about myself because i like to self-deprecate. you'll only hear odd things about me. if i DO seem a little bit interesting, add me as a friend on Facebook--just PM me so that i know you aren't a stalker. please. i've had enough of that experience. just tell me that you write on FF too and i'll love you=) oh, and i'll give you my email after you PM

But if you must know a little about me, maybe this poem i made will help you understand where i draw inspiration from and why my stories dun seem to be written by the same person.


Her blood boils as her body trembles with temerity

She sinks her teeth into her mortal defiance of authority

But her eyes are mirror-like as they shine with forbidden tears

Alas, they fall like autumn leaves and flood the coming years

Her hands now tied and bound, she finds solace in gaining knowledge

What once was learned, she learns again, in spite of her fading courage

But like the scorching sun parches the earth, this mask leaves her dry

Hiding behind books is not the way, nor is fighting against the need to cry

O mother, o father: in this perfect child have pride!

She’s yielded to your every will and pushed no storm against the tide

And even when the seasons change, your morals in her will be strong

Yet you turn around and take blind sight on her everything gone wrong

Now she sits alone in a darkened room: a spirit lost in life

Confused in choosing who to play, she succumbs to this, her soundless strife

From a girl who had the world at her feet, she’s reduced to a crumbling mess

The pain and sorrow end here—they are far too intense for kindly words to express

But little girl, little girl, let me help you open your eyes

The world has changed; regrettably, so have you; it’s time to realize

That no longer can purple ribbons decorate your hair

So now take a breath and go outside because the truth is waiting there

Fandoms: Find me in Twilight (i have a couple songfics there), Enchanted, Phantom of the Opera, and Jennifer's Body. Mind you, I dun update on time. I'm definitely a punctual person in real life but...

Specialization: I like to write a lot of tragedy. Most of my stories have motifs of angst and frustration. I don't know why I like writing it, but my readers tell me that it turns out nice anyway. Fluff is great for regular posting but I mostly focus on other things as well. SONGFICS are my favorite fics to write =)

Frustration: LEMONS and LIMES! It takes a lot of research for me to get it done and i don't really like doing it but i believe that it adds so much to the depth to the story especially if it is written very well and just written for the smut factor. i've been thinking about doing a mystery but then that would entail an actual plot and outline from beginning to end. i usually write on impulse--whenever i have the inspiration, i write right away because when i lose it, IT'S OVER. i've really been working on characterization. there's nothing like a bomb story with a very cohesive set of characters.

Music Muses: Yiruma helps me a lot in focusing, Colbie Caillat will always be my number one, but I usually like the quiet when I write.

Current: Good news! The Gods have graced their presence in my humble writer's mind and I have a story in the works! Sadly, it will not be a continuation of I Need You Frightened, rather it will be a whole new story. Totally different. AU with a twist.

I'm very much appreciative of constructive criticism though yes, flames irk me but I take them into kind consideration because what doesn't kill me only makes me stronger.

-_-.oO(Taken from Isfelvic's profile)Oo.-_-

I'm not a book - I can't be read.
I'm not the weather - I can't be predicted.
I'm not an item - I can't be bought.
I'm not a fool - I can't be sweet talked.
I'm not an outfit - I can't be changed.
I'm not a game - I can't be won.
I'm not an animal - I can't be tamed.
I'm not a doormat - I can't be walked all over.
I am what I am and that's all that I am.

So that's it.

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