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Author has written 7 stories for Naruto, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Blue Exorcist/青の祓魔師, Harry Potter, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Shaman King.

I mostly write OC stories, so readers beware.

Name: Val

Gender: female

Age: 23

Birthday: April 16

Personality: funloving, practical, lazy, adorkable

Likes: friends, loyalty, courage, anime, manga, faniction, music, sleeping, tumblr

Dislikes: impudence, egoism, nagging, responsibility, getting out of the house, insufficient sleep, haste, being hungry

Hobbies: hanging out with friends, listening to music, watching anime, movies and TV shows, reading manga and fan fiction, writing fan fiction, drawing, playing bass

Listens to: metal, alternative, rock, dubstep, dnb, anime op and ed

Dreams / plans for the future: Have a decent job and an affordable home with a functioning computer and nice sounding speakers so I can spend some leisure time trying to take up writing or maybe draw some half-assed manga for the heck of it.

Fears: to be alone, to die, to lose my friends, heights, abandonment

Occupation: I'm finally studying Japanese in university! Yay! Also, writing, drawing, reading, playing bass, making new friends, going out, watching a lot of anime, falling in love with tsundere 2D boys, etc.

Have some quotes:

"It’s really a wonder that I haven’t dropped all my ideals, because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out. Yet I keep them, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart." — Anne Frank

"Don't let the past and useless details ruin your existence."

"It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything." — Tyler Durden

"Apathy is death." — YOUR ENTIRE PARTY, Knights of the Old Republic II

"If you'd like to read a book that hasn't been written yet, write it."

"I read because one life isn't enough and in the page of a book I can be anybody." — R. Peck

Tumblr: whereismyymiind dot tumblr dot com

Story reference pictures taken from the net:

Naruto – The Nagahoshi Legacy: Nagahoshi Miyako – image

Reborn! – Halcyon Days No More: Hatsukaichi Mikami – image

Ao no Exorcist – A Thousand Sunny Days: Chiharu – image

Naruto Shizukani: Shizuka – image

Harry Potter Maverick Ventures: Christina Harpton and her mom – image

Fullmetal Alchemist The Bonds That Bind Us: Anabel Matlock – image; Ana and Christian Matlock - image

Shaman King Haunted Souls: Kaname Satsuki – image

Planned future works:

Naruto – Midorime: image

  • Sakurai Midori is an average otaku middleschooler with a hatred for exceedingly girly, useless and annoying weak heroines, so it is unfortunate when she goes to sleep one night, only to wake up the next day as 12-year-old Haruno Sakura with no clue to how and why it might have happened. While she's desperately trying to cling to the hope that it is a horrible dream and she will wake up at any moment, slowly and unconsciously Midori begins to realize that Sakura's life is not as easy as it might seem and the kunoichi might actually be more brilliant than perceived.
  • This is the spoiler part: When a day or two goes by, Midori's hopes of this predicament being a mere part of her mind begin to falter. Afraid that she might be stuck in Sakura's body forever, she starts making more drastic alterations in her life, other than her style and hair color, in hopes that bettering Sakura's life for her can help herself cope with the depression. With the new training, studying and social circle, other than Sakura's life, Midori's own disposition starts to change for the better, including her previous opinion for the pink haired kunoichi.
  • Like every "girl wakes up as an anime character" story, this is going to be filled with lots of humor, adventure and drama, as well as cynicism and views on life that I definitely do not harbor myself, it's just something that makes the character. But this fic will definitely take a different spin on the whole cliche, because Midori will definitely be making some drastic changes to the canon, not all of which will turn out good for everyone. Even so, it will cause her to grow a whole lot. Think of it as a very long lucid dream, where one lives a whole other lifetime in just a couple of minutes a night. Also, Midorime means green eyes, although only Sakura has them, Midori is just the average short dark Japanese kid in real life, but her real appearance is too irrelevant to mention in the story.
  • Ao no Exorcist – Once Upon a Century: image

  • Shiritani Chiharu develops a hatred for demons after she becomes their favorite pray and strives to become their hunter, while overcoming the certain shortcomings of her narrow-minded self with the help of our favorite half-blooded exorcist.
  • Spoiler, narrowing down the main plot: Her parents are killed by demons when she turns 16 (the day of awakening) and she finds out she is the child of prophecy, the Senka, the Holy Fruit – a human born once in a hundred years, meant to be consumed in whatever way by any demon who wishes to gain incredible power. Her blood prolongs life, her flesh gives immortality, her virginity grants tremendous power and whoever demon marries her will live long and prosper, destined to rule Gehenna. Fortunately she herself is (strategically) saved by the eccentric principal of True Cross Academy who takes it upon himself to enroll her into the "special" cram school program after she has had time to gather herself from the tragedy. With the suspiciously unconditional aid from the principal and with the new people entering her life, will she be able to become a Knight Exorcist and exact her revenge on the demons who ended the lives of her parents or will she fall into the clutches of the numerous creatures scheming to consume her? And along the way will she be able to change her narrow-minded ideals and begin to trust the notion that her demon tailed classmate may actually be better than most humans?
  • A more serious humorous adventure romance spin-off to "A Thousand Sunny Days", although this Chiharu's character has little to nothing in common with the other, not to mention the pointless plot of the oneshot. It also borrows ideas from the manga "Blackbird" and the fic "Celestial Bride", which I strongly recommend, as well as the rewrite.
  • Death Note – Yami no Sekai: image

  • "Where there is no Light, there's Darkness." Some time after the tragic death of the self proclaimed god of the new world, another notebook falls into the small hands of bullied honor student Kurayami Hikari and a rather eccentric newly created shinigami enters her life as he pushes her in a completely different direction to become the new hand of justice, Kira's Darkness incarnate.
  • A bit of a spoiler, vaguely containing the main plot points: With the police and a world-renowned detective on her tracks, can the daughter of a judge of the Japanese Supreme Court manage to become a lawyer or will she hold on to the crusade of exacting her own form of justice, while she stumbles across clues about the the true identity of the original Kira and what happened to him? And how much will she stray from her true path when the love of her life tries to monopolize her notebook for himself under the spiteful eye of the selfish shinigami haunting her? And just how is she supposed to retain her sanity after going trough so much emotional stress?
  • Basically another story of how the reappearance of the black notebook destroys another perfectly capable and talented Japanese youth. Lots of OCs, most of which die or are created solely for the purpose of dying. It will carry a more serious undertone than any of my other works, as well as dark and twisted themes with characters and dark role-models, the examples of which should in no way be followed. Especially the main character, that short prat, I've never written anything like her before.
  • Young Justice – Glitch in the System: image

  • Just before switching occupations Robin confronts a technopath introducing herself as the Glitch, anonymously sent to steal data from the computer mainframe of Wayne Enterprises. This happens again years later to Nightwing, although under different circumstances with a surprising outcome. Both times they end up unconsciously adopting a bit of the other's views on life.
  • The spoilerish version: Technopath Grace Hallow, or otherwise the Glitch, fed up with how the world works, uses her abilities however she wants, regardless the rules of the law, even managing to "disappear from existence" when she erases all virtual traces of her ever being born and abandons her old lifestyle to live as a renegade. When she becomes a certain philanthropist's pet/agent in her naive early years, she has to steal delicate information from the computer mainframe in Wayne Enterprises and even though our favorite cowl-sporting hero is all the way on the other side of Gotham, his trusted feathery partner is right there to secure the parameter. Will he become her undoing, or will she manage to escape him, either way the two teens are fated to meet again in the future after they have abandoned their former mentors, as almost the exact same situation occurs, their views clash and they exchange life experience, realizing that they may have unexpectedly slightly influenced eachother for the better back when they first met.
  • I'm still debating what should really happen between Grayson and Hallow, but it is certain that while his true love will forever be good ol' Babs, Grace should totally become another member of the diverse no-attachments friends with benefits harem he has gathered along the years. It's just his charm, there may virtually be no girl his age that hadn't swooned over his tight leotard ass (I think).
  • Harry Potter - Maverick Ventures image

  • Chris Harpton was not expected to turn out a witch, especially not by her remarried mother who is finally forced to reveal her little well-kept secret, affecting the normally perfectly happy family. While things are spiraling downwards at home, Chris is unlucky enough to bump into the wrong people first thing on the train. Or is that the right people? Either way, she would never guess that they would be the ones to shape her future life in Hogwarts. And maybe even beyond. (Next gen fic)
  • The spoiling details: Christina "Chris" Harpton finds out she's the daughter of wizards, a secret kept by her mother years before she got remarried to a muggle and had a second daughter, because after becoming unmagical and starting a different life, she never believed Chris would ever receive the fated letter. But her mother still hides more secrets, like how she lost her magical abilities and why it is so hard to talk about her previous husband, Chris' father, her first love. So has it, Chris chances upon her own first love, James Potter, just after she sets foot on the Hogwarts Express for the first time, although it would take years for her to realize it, so instead she wants nothing else but to get away from him and his friends who seem bent on recruiting her in some sort of dodgy gang, only to end up in the same compartment as his younger brother Albus, his cousin Rose and a silent first year. Still, James never really backs up from the challenge of getting Chris to join, making it his top goal until end year, much to her annoyance and the genuine amusement of his mates. That kick-starts their strange friendship and partial rivalry and Chris is swept up, meeting fascinating people from his family, from other school houses, even a not-sure-if-legal wrock band, riding a broom, visiting Romania and the Quidditch Cup, experiencing a wizarding Christmas, sneaking at night to unravel the secrets of the grounds and castle, but also learning things that should have been kept in the dark. Their group of hooded mavericks get themselves in all sorts of troubles and adventures, including a search for her mystery father, followed by an escape from said father. And all that would somehow lead her to take a second look at the boy who had cornered her with his friends all that time ago on her first trip to Hogwarts and see the one who took her quickly changing world and made it spin even faster, turning it into something wonderful without her having a say on the matter.
  • This is probably the most I've worked on expanding an already vast enough fictional universe. I've got names, faces, backgrounds, relationships, places, idea drafts, student groups and whole scenarios written down, but it has come to my attention that my British is rubbish because I can hardly make the difference between writing in British English and writing in American. Mainly the expressions though, the slang is noticeable enough. Well, not that I don't have any clue but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna screw this story up if I write it now, instead of after going through the books several times all over again, as well as reading some more hp fics.

  • Due to personal reasons I won't be able to update frequently. Thank you. Translation: I'm a lazy git who tends to procrastinate.

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    Shaman King - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 11,995 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 4 - Published: 9/2/2015 - [OC, Ren T.] Yoh A., Horohoro U.
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