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Author has written 5 stories for Spyro the Dragon, and Pokémon.

My pen name is Guard of the Twilight

I am still alive everyone! 10/29/15. Out of the blue I've been bitten by the writing bug. Expect a flood of chapters. No idea how long it will last.

Went on ahead and made a twitter. Doubt I'll use it much but might be helpful to see how stories are progressing.

I am 24 and love video games.

My favorite charter in the Spyro series is Cynder hands down. The charter I hate the most is Ember.

This is a link to a cool guy on youtube that makes Spyro tributes.

Heres the link to a game a play, mechquest

Due to the number of flames I have been getting from anonymous reviews I have chose to block them. I also did so because I do like to reply to reviews but can not do so with anonymous ones. Sorry if this causes any problems for anyone.

All in all i am a pretty easy to get along with as long as you don't make me mad or bad mouth my friends.

For my story 'Power of the twilight' I have several. OCs right now as well as a new race of dragons. Also if anyone wants their OCs in my story let me know and I will see what I can do.

Facts about the Twilight dragon race:

There is two clans the solar clan and the lunar clan. Twilight dragons have the ability to change energy in their body into solid crystal to fight and build with. They can also change the ground into crystal and make building out if it or use it in attacks. Depending on the time of day and which clan they are in twilight dragons are different. During the day solar clan dragons are mostly white with black spots while lunar clan dragons are mostly black with white spots. When day turns to night their patterns switch from white to black and black to white. It is not uncommon for dragons from one clan to take a mate from the other clan.

Draco (aka Flair)

Race: Twilight dragon

Sex: Male

Clan: Solar

Age: 16-17

Other: Draco is the current holder of the title Guard of the Twilight meaning that he is the strongest of all the twilight dragons. He has the blood to be the guard of the twilight because his mother, her father, and his father were all guards of the twilight as well. Making him a forth generation guard of the twilight. Because of a accident when he was a kid his wings are much larger then normal, each close to 18 feet long. With these he is able to fly great distances is extremely short times often breaking the sound barrier in the process. Sometimes he wishes he was not the guard because when ever he goes out he is bothered by females trying to get him to date them. His skills come from the three years he spent in the Mountains after a great sorrow he was hit with at a young age. While he normally uses his crystal powers to fight he can can breath fire that is filled with shards of crystal for extra damage.

Luna (aka Aqua)

Race: Twilight dragon

Sex: Female

Clan: Lunar

Age: 16

Other: Luna is a twilight dragon in the realm of Avalar although only a few such as the elders know of her true form and name. She originally was in the realm as a twilight dragon but a problem at the temple caused here to decide to hide her true form from all but a few. Ever since they were young she has had a crush on Draco but never got the nerve to tell him. Her Avalar form as I call it is a light blue dragoness with a fin shaped tail tip named Aqua. When she enters her twilight form her tail tip changes from a fin to a Crescent moon. Luna's breath power is ice and it is super charged with crystal and is even stronger during a full moon.


Race: twilight dragon

Sex: Male

Clan: Solar

Age: 20

Other: Flail is Draco's right hand man, they have been friends since they first met. Flail may be older they Draco but that don't stop him from having fun. Flail is already paired and have a two year old son. He is in charge of the defense office in the twilight village and takes care of the twilight when ever Draco is away on business or vacation. He got his name because of how his tail is, rather then a normal tail tip he has a ball and chain like tail that he uses to great affect in battle. Flail's breath power is earth.


Race: twilight dragon

Sex: Female

Clan: Solar

Age: 16

Other: Lena was Draco's childhood sweetheart or so he though. She is the reason he left for three years. Even though they were only ten it was not rare for twilight dragons to start pairing up. While Draco though they were a pair and she acted like it too, she was cheating on him with his friend shock. When she found out Draco knew she dumped him and left with Shock's family. To this date no one knows where she is. Her breath power is water.


Race: Avalar dragon

Sex: Male

Clan: None

Age: 17

Other: Shock was one of the few non-twilight dragons allowed to live in the twilight village. He was friends with Draco right up till Lena broke up with Draco. Not much is known about his past or how he and his family got into the twilight village. He currently lives in the same village as Spyro. No one knows what happened to Lena but Shock is dating a new dragon named Aurora so its safe to guess that he dumped her... or is it? His breath power is electric.

The OCs for my next story 'Chosen one of the legendary' are as followed


Species: Human

Sex: Male

Age: 17

Other: Ryan is the chosen one of the Pokemon god Arceus. He has been a Pokemon trainer for several years and likes all of the evolutions of Eevee. He was chosen at the age of fifteen to help bring down an origination known as Cronos tech. When ever he fights them he is in a suit of armor and is known as the red dragon. His main mission is to help all Pokemon in need and bring down Cronos tech. He and the legendary Pokemon Latias are currently in love.

(The Eevee forms are aged in Eevee years not human. Flygon is aged in human years.)


Species: Vaporeon

Sex: Female


Other: Aqua is the oldest in the group making her the leader other then Ryan. She was Ryan's first Pokemon. He got her when she was an Eevee. She is an accomplished healer having been trained by Ryan. She was the first in the group to have her element power modified. Because of all of Ryan's knowledge he was able to give her thunder type element powers and resistance as well as keeping her water powers.

Name: Flame

Species: Flareon

Sex: Male

Age: 29

Other: Flame is second in command of the group. Ryan found him injured by a houndoom in woods when he was still an Eevee and nursed him back to health. He is very trustworthy to Ryan for everything he did for him in the past. He also had his powers modified to include water attacks to help build a resistance to them.

Name: Jolt

Species: Jolteon

Sex: Male

Age: 21

Other: Ryan found Jolt shortly after finding Flame. At the time to was an Eevee as well. He has a little crush on Aqua but he don't want to tell her. He loves being in the forest and around the trees so he can show off. Ryan gave Jolt ground element powers to help him in fights where his electrical powers are of little help.

Name Solar

Species: Espeon

Sex: Male

Age: 18

Other: Ryan saved Solar and his mate Moonlight from a group of houndoom after they mortally wounded both both of their mothers when they were still eggs. Solar and Moonlight are in no way related to each other. He is a valued member of the group because of his psychic powers.

Name: Moonlight

Species: Umbreon

Sex: Female

Age: 18

Other: Moonlight is Solar's mate. The two of them were by Ryan as soon as they hatched. Over the course of the two years they were with them they fell in love with each other. The two of them travle with Ryan helping him fight Chonos tech.

Name: Star

Species: Flygon

Sex: Female

Age: 22

Other: Star is the only one in the group they Ryan saved when she was fully evolved. She enjoyes travleing with Ryan and the others and has a very small crush on Ryan. She is very powerful and is a valuable asset to the group because of her ability to fly high up and do recon on the surounding area.

Other races


The valorians are a race of ancient brings known as life bringers. They are the latest in a long line, each born at the start of a new cycle. Their purpose is to protect all life within their domains, record the history of the species and spread life across the universe. Valorians that chose to leave their homeworld will travel great distances to find dead solar systems and using their powers bring life. Once a world is chosen a tree is planted. This tree if a blend of the Valorians's own soul and lifeforce, a crystal heart at the core. From this moment on the the Valorians' life is bound to it's tree's. By their very nature Valorians are both infinity powerful and nearly unkillable by any means. They draw their power from the lifeforce of the universe itself. The more life there is the greater their powers. Valorians are able to travel any distance in moments by using the plant life and all Valorians life trees are linked allowing instant transportation to neatly anywhere. Very little is known about the Valorian homeworld as to date only a handful have ever found it or even knows of the Valorian's existence. Valorians rarely reveal themselves to mortals, normally only the gods and goddess's of the planet they reside on.

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