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Hey! So... this is my profile.. not much to it yet though, but soon there will be lots. So I am a HUGE fan of the Jonas Brothers!! They're practically my life. I've been to four concerts. And more to come! I love Hannah Montana.

I dont have a favorite Jonas. They all have a certain charm to them. And i think it is quite biased to have one favorite.

Couples that I love:

Moe!!- They are the best!

Niley- I'll always be a fan!

Kashley- They are perfect for each other!

Loe- Ehh. I guess.

Loliver- Perfect for each other!

JoexOC, KevinxOC, NickxOC- As long as she isn't famous, I'm just dandy reading these, my favorite JoexOC is I'll Always Be There. Check it out!

Couples that I don't like-

Nilly- umm, no. Eww.

Jiley- excuse me while I throw up :/

Moliver- No, no, no. Not my style.

What else am i supposed to say in this?? I don't think ya'll care about the trivial facts about me.

1.) Who is your favorite Jonas?

i dont have a favorite, i love them all equally.

2.) Which CD do you like better?

i like them both!

3.) Have you ever met the Jonas Brothers?

yes! at a hotel actually.

4.) Do you have any of their merchandise?

hah yeah,..

5.) Have you ever been to one of their concerts?

4 to be exact!

6.) Do you have every one of their songs on your iPOD?


7.) Do you have a Jonas Wall?

try jonas room.

8.) What's your favorite song from It's About Time?

shes an underdog. lives next door to me.

9.) What's your favorite song from Jonas Brothers?

hollywood here we come.

10.) What's your all-time favorite song?

please be mine!

11.) Does Mandy always know?


12.) Do you hate Miley Cyrus just because of Nick?

no, i just dislike her... becuase of her.

13.) Do you hate AJ just because of Joe?

no. whats the point?

14.) Did you know It's About Time is 90 or more on Ebay?

i didn't actually, thanks for telling me.

15.) Do you watch all their YouTube videos?

haha yea.

16.) Do you buy magazines just because of one poster?

yes ;)

17.) Did you cry when you found out Nick had diabetes?

i didn't actually.

18.) Do you miss Joe's joehawk?

holy shit yea!

19.) Kevin with curly or straight hair?

it doesnt matter to me.

20.) Do you know the lyrics to Nick J Is Off The Chain?

yea, aww i miss those days!

21.) Do you know the lyrics to at least one of Joe's raps?

yeaaa haha, hes hilarious

22.) Do you kiss your Jonas posters?

not the ones in my room, but in my lokcer , yea.

23.) Did you know about them before they were on Disney Channel?

kinda not really

24.) Have you memorized every song?

who hasn't?

25.) Did you go the Hannah/JB tour?


26.) Are you going to the WYLMITE tour?

i did.

through all the laughs, tears and screams; for one hour, everything disappears. nothing else in the world matters except for the music blasting through our ears, the rhythm in our feet and the carefree smile on our faces. for one hour, we can escape to another world; we can wake up on the roof with our brothers, we get bored with games, go to the year 3000 and most of all, just take a breath. for one hour, we forget that our parents are dancing like fools three rows behind us and that the sweat on our face is ruining our make-up. for one hour, we know exactly why nick j is off the chain. for one hour, it is okay to wear sunglasses inside. for one hour, our hearts belong to those three boys. what they don’t know is that for one hour, they help us forget about our problems, the stress and just life. we dance to the songs that we scream at the top of our lungs and we enjoy the bond that 6,000 people share when they are on stage. for one hour, we are fans.

i thought that was cute. ;

I love Demi Lovato. I do not see what people have against her. Is it because she was Joe's love interest in a movie?? Don't you think that's a little low? I saw her in concert, and I loved her. She was so nice and talented. None of my friends hate her like some of the people on fanfiction. I don't care if she is "stealing" Miley's spotlight; it's time we got something new. And she was absolutety amazing in Camp Rock! And honestly, I think she and Joe are cute together. I wish they kissed!! haha.

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