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Woah. Okay, three weeks of no serious fanficcing (YES i made up that word) seriously SUCKS.

Raise your hand if you hate:

1. AP testing- jolie, izzie, tommy, angel

2. Prom commitee- IZZIE, jolie (totally got roped into doing it by IZZIE)

3. Broken laptop chargers...- Jolie- don't you just hate siblings?!

4. Prom- Andrew, Lee (aww... ala jo said no...jk! :)

5. Research papers- WELL DUH! ALL OF US!!

5 1/2- Poetry projects- Lee (hates English projects in general) Tommy (is NOT creative HAHA. i beat him at SOMETHING!)

6- Art opening- Angel

7. New computer teacher for next year- ALL OF US- he totally SUCKS.

8. New computer teachers blocking JOLIE- it took me&tommy THREE DAYS to break his firewall!!

8 1/2- Libraries that kick you out for laughing to loud- Jolie & Izzie >: how RUDE

9. Little sisters (and/or brother's) 1st communion- Jolie, Angel, Andrew

10. Feeling bad for not reveiwing...- Jolie :(



OK. THATS IT. Tommy said to stop writing in all caps. Apparently its annoying. :p

other note: please pray (or if not religious, do whatever suits you) for the poor people in Burma (Myanmar) and China! Our friend Emily win's dad is still in Burma, looking for his great aunt! And he's not the only one!

I'm not saying send money (tho that would TOTALLY ROCK) but anything we do can help, because right now (3/14/08) the Burmese are receiving little food until we can get clearance, and are resorting to eating spoiled rice. Which is bad. :( And the Chinese REEEEEAAALLLLYYY don't need this right now, ESPECIALLY with the Olympics coming... so yeah. :) thats our note. :)


This shows how bored we are in SAT-prep class.

Well, to start off, who we are.

We are a group of five juniors at a small Catholic high school in Texas.

We take a college prep class, but since its almost the end of the year, most of our assignments are done, and our supervisor spends most of his time in the faculty work-room.

Jolie (thats me-the one typing) is always on, and shes fairly obsessed, so we decided to make an account, one that hopefully reminds people to update.

Yeah... so a quick bio as us as individuals.


age: 16 (youngest junior in class...awww)

sex: girl (i thought the name gave it away but...)

intrests: basketball (1st team all-district baby), musical theater, yearbook, music (is my life) harry potter (yes, i am a closet obsessed fan) forensics (not dead bodies, duet, prose, poetry, debate...) track (hurdles, long jump, 100 meter) swim, soccer (wish i was better) football (played till all those boys had their stupid growth spurts. and getting asked out by the enemy was NOT cool) softball, i thought i was more interesting than that.

height: 5"10 (and 1/2)

ethinicty (??)- Nigerian-American (1st generation...whats up?)


age- 16 (almost 17...yeah!)

sex- girl. (again...purdy obvious)

interests: dance, softball, tennis, volleyball, did i already say DANCE? newspaper, LD Debate, DANCE talking, DANCE, DANCE, DANCE. yeah, angel is one of those girls who misses school at least once a month for competions. She does jazz and hiphop primarily, started tap four years ago, and does ballet experimentally. She also teaches 7-9 year olds jazz.

height- 5"5 3/4

ethinicity- filipino/chinese-american


age- 16

sex- guy

intrests- andrew is a soccer god. (or so he says). MVP of team, blah blah blah. By the way, our soccer team made it to first in district and third in state this year (07-08) we got beat by Pan-Am. Aww... Andrew made 1 goal out of three. Yay. Um...he was my duet partner for a while forensics hm... he's into football a little, but really, we're more of a soccer school, um... sports co-editor of newspaper (with janie) uh... baseball, track (200, relay...) yeah. oh, and he likes to cook. Yum.

height- 6'1 (wow. I remember in 9th grade i was SO much taller than him...yeah)

ethnicity- Andrew is the "Ragin' Cajun" (i dont call him that tho.) Yeah, he came over here because of Katrina. :((


age- 17 (last week! 2-11-91!)

sex- do you really need to askif you do, girl

intrests- Isabelle is our other basketball girl. (2nd team all- district...) :D, In-depth editor for yearbook, golf, music, wants to be party planner when she graduates (her quicenyera was ah-mazing...) likes shoes? I dunno what else to say... maybe I'll add stuff later?

height- aw... shes a shorty. 5"1

ethnicity- Mexican-American

Thomas (Tommy...hehe)

age- 16

sex- dude

intrests- Forensics. Wow, this guy IS forenics. He's got almost all his NFL (National Forensics league) degrees, which, as most people don't know, is pretty hard. He's golf too, pretty good (i guess... ;)) um...he's really into debate, we were LD partners once, he's pretty good at student congress, um... he sometimes does editorials for the Newspaper...yeah. He's really into quiz bowl, this thing at our school where we compete against other schools in like this academic game show. There's buzzers and everything! It even goes on tv! I'm an alternate (ha...) he's treasurer in student council...hmmm...thats it i guess?

height- 5"7

ethnicity- Irish-German-Black- American?

Chang Soo Lee-

age- 16

sex- guy

interests- Lee is another soccer player (, he doesn't really do much else except skip with Duk Ho, Minji, Ala Jo, Su Hi, and Moo.) Yeah...he skips. But he always gets his work from Andrew ( sweet...haha.) He's pretty good at chemistry...helps me with stoichiometry (which i HATE. I'm SO much more an English person) yeah...thats it.

height- he wouldn't tell me, but I'm guessing 5"8- 5"10

ethnicity- Korean... there are a lot of Koreans at our school. I know how to say my name, I love you, STOP, hello, shit, I don't know, and goodbye. Wow, i should move to Korea!

so thats all of us. Mainly me (Jolie,) Izzie, and Andrew. Angel's not here sometimes (she takes art on Tues. and Thurs.), Thomas uses this time for his debate cases, and Lee skips.


oh, and if you wanna chat, i have a yahoo messenger... hiphopartiz...

ok then.


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