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Author has written 12 stories for Shakespeare, Gundam Wing/Sailor Moon, Misc. Books, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Big Bang Theory, and Lost Girl.

So I'm starting to notice a trend in my updating...I'm more reliable about updating my profile than I am my stories...oops. And all I really change is my age. =@

I am 26, and rarely have time to write at all. I still love writing, and essays are still my favorite. I have a career that I plan to stick with for many years, and spend most of my time working on that in some manner. And by most, I mean ALL.

It's been a long time since I've written, but thanks greatly to The Big Bang Theory (Shenny), Lost Girl (Russian Wolf), Sherlock (Sherlolly), Avengers (Hulk!), and Thor (Darcy!) [Hulk and Darcy

My complete stories are:

Romeo and Juliet, a Rose Renewed: I wrote this for a 9th grade English project when I was 14. I'm very well aware that it sucks, but it was my first fanfiction. Ever. And believe it or not, my spelling and grammar could be worse. Trust me. I teach high school English now, and have taught R&J many times. I know that this fic is terrible, but...I'm sentimental...

Finally Home: I wrote this between my 9th grade year and my senior year in school. It was my first novel length story and the only one I've ever completed. I promised myself that after that, I'd never write an epic again. Not even to fix this one.

The Trial of Hester Prynn: Junior English project for extra credit. I HATE the Scarlet Letter, btw. My first one-shot, technically.

The Routine: I consider this my first real one-shot, simply because it wasn't for a grade. I enjoyed writing it. It was also the first fic I wrote for a challange.

The Pearl: My second attempt at a one-shot, though I seriously had an amazing plan to turn it into a full-length story. That didn't happen, but I remember the idea. It's still a good one, so we'll see.

Riding on a Train With Witnesses: My first shot at nothing with a plot. It was my first try at a crack-fic and pwp. I didn't do half bad, but probably not something I'll try again.

The Talent Showcase: A plot bunny bit me on this one, and in a day, I had it all written. I'm a serious Shenny fan, but I find Penny's character on the show a little stagnant. It drives me crazy how she's just there to look pretty and counter Sheldon with one-liners (no matter how great they are). She's not at her full potential, and I was trying to get her there with this one.

The Psychic Vortex Continuum: Again, Leonard/Penny really bother me, especially the way he reacted to her beliefs. Your beliefs are who you are, and he doesn't get that. See previous story for my rant. With this one, I really wanted to get into Penny's background and see her family and showcase her personality.

lLost Girl fics: Kenzi/Dyson because they are my favorite. I really wanted to explore a possiblity with Kenzi and Dyson that I think is missing in some of the fics (as great as they are) that I've read. I just feel like Dyson and Kenzi are such deep characters whose interactions need to be explored in-depth. I don't want to pigeon-hole them or stagnate them. I want to draw something out of them--especially Kenzi. She is above and beyond my favorite character.

Lots of future fictions rattling inside my head, but not any real time to dedicate to them. Honestly, I'm totally about to turn into a fiction pimp (or is it whore?) and give out my ideas so that they will at least be written.

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Patrimony by Theolyn reviews
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Tag Team reviews
Forced to spend three days in the woods together for a "team building exercise", Dyson learns just how awesome The Kenzi really is while Kenzi learns that she can hang with the big dogs.
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I know I said it was a 1shot, but I couldn't stop myself. Harry and Draco enjoy a lover's tryst on the train to hogwarts while Hermione and Ginny spy on them like any good friends would. Kinda fluffy, kinda funny. Has some HGSS, GWBZ, and mentions ADMM. T
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A woman contemplates a man, but there's a twist involved. Oneshot, but am thinking about expanding, depends on the reviews and what you all think about it.
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Finally Home reviews
COMPLETE!Serena has a secret, and when Darien betrays her, she lets it out to the scouts. Together, they go to Serena's home in search of her brother, only to find that all of them have a connection to some people
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