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I'm a Chlarker.

Season 8 will be Clark and Clark's year. Spoilers look textbook to how I would write it.

Jan. 3, 2009: update to profile

I still feel Chlark will be addressed and Chlarkers will have their end. I would not write Clark or Chloe the way I've seen for 2008. That said, I want to point out the following hope-isms.

1. Odyssey. Clark's heart is pierced by bow and arrow. (Cupid Oliver?) Chloe's there. They are both willing to die for the other. Chloe literally touches Clark's heart.

2. Plastique. Davis tells Clark, "She's Chloe a great romantic catch." Clark pretty much goes out and catches her within the next three minutes. He also hands Chloe an engagement ring that's a callback to the Labyrinth ring from Clark's delusion the phantom gave him.

3. Toxic. Lois reaffirms that she can't be with a hero. Clark's worry for Chloe and the appearance of her super-Brainiac influence boardlines on frightening.

4. Instinct. Clark confronts Chloe again about the Brainiac influence. Paraphrasing, Chloe tells Clark that he can't just waive his Kryptonian wand and it will go away. Chloe reference to a "Kryptonian wand" is clearly phallic imagery. He wants to use his Kryptonian wand for Chloe. Also, sends his "soulmate" back to where-ever she came from and Lois's claim that you know your soul mate when you see them doesn't fit this Clois. (Lois saw a naked dude with amnesia, Clark/Kal-el asked, "Who are you?")

5. Committed. "No one's gonig to believe it," Clark says when Lois suggest they pretend they're engaged. I sure as heck didn't. Imagine how much different the reaction would have been if it were Chloe and Clark looking for Lois and Chlark had to pretend they were engaged. If this is a season of double identities, Lois's second identity is Chloe. Clark is being tested to see if he knows the difference. He reluctantly put a ring on Lois's finger, he will willing marry Chloe. --he caught her in Plastique--

6. Prey. What engaged woman still makes date nights with other men? Chloe and Clark argue. They are people that fight, a hallmark for a relationship that grows.

7. Identity. Jimmy sorts out who the Red Blue Blur is. Chloe suggests that Clark take on a pen name. Chlois theory anyone?

8. Bloodline. Faora reads Chloe Sullivan's articles to figure things out about Clark Kent. It's Chloe's relationship to Clark that remains pivotal, the central point of all plot lines.

9. Abyss. (1) "As the man about to marry Chloe..." Jimmy says to Clark Kent. Those lines are probably the worse lines ever written, but where Jimmy does mean himself as the bridegroom, he sounds to me like a clue that it's Clark. It's another wedding hint for Chlark. (2) Have you watched the Chlark memories in slow motion? If not, you should. Please note that Chlark is show kissing with the superman shield, in one or two frame 1/30th of a second portions. The amount of editing and the cost of the licensing fee paid for the sheild tells me that this episode was not a Chlarker's bone. There are cheaper and other ways to give us bones.

10. Bride. What fourteen year old boy saves a boutonnière from for 8 years? Chloe put that flower in the center of her bouquet, the heart of it. Also, we do not see Jimmy or Chloe say their vows, but Clark reads Jimmy's. Those words were written for Chloe, and fit how they met too, per Abyss.

Chlarkers, we have a lot of love between these two. I understand those that are nay-sayers, but I can't help but remain optimistic.

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