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Author has written 11 stories for CSI, Twilight, and Harry Potter.

My name's Fernanda and I'm a 26-year-old English as a second language teacher. My penname is a mix of two of my favorite TV shows. CSI - Sara Sidle was/is one of my favorite characters - I especially loved GSR! - and Charmed, with the Halliwell sisters. It is and will always be my favorite TV show. It taught me a lot and brought me the best friends a girl could ask.

I'm a huge bookworm, and I love music.

I often base chapters off songs I'm listening to, usually the mood. Upbeat song means a more upbeat chapter and such. Books and things that happen around me help with inspiration as well. Being a teacher is quite a good thing for the mind haha.

My stories will usually be mostly fluffy, light with some drama. I'm not good at writing angst as I think there's already too much of it around me, and I want to let go of it. I love reading angsty stories sometimes, but it starts getting to me too easily. So yes, sometimes my stories are pointless, aww-worthy (or cringe haha) instead of anything else I could write. It's just how I am.

I love reading books. The last one I read was Pride & Prejudice and Zombies, and it was one of the best I've ever read. I laughed so much. I finally got around to The Hunger Games trilogy and was amazed by it. Just started on The Game of Thrones, and it's been awesome so far!

My favorite books are the Harry Potter series, and some classics such as Dracula, The Turn of the Screw, and even the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I like Twilight okay, but some fanfics here are better written than them. I read them during a time where I needed a distraction (I was writing my college thesis) so that's probably why it stuck, but it could do with some improvement.

Harry Potter is my favorite book series. Ever. It has a very special place in my heart. Seeing HP and Twi fans 'fight' over which's best is just ridiculous as they are two completely different things, and shouldn't be compared to each other. J.K. Rowling has a better way with words and she surely can write a lot better than S. Meyer. Meyer just seems to want to please everyone and it just doesn't work. Rowling just wasn't afraid to kill off characters, especially the ones we all loved.

Twilight is my favorite for fanfics! I like Bella and Edward and I really like Renesmee too, I don't get why people didn't like her... she's adorable! Jacob Black annoys me though. Especially the whole imprinting thing. That storyline was really creepy, and I hated how Meyer wanted to give everyone a happy ending, so Jacob got to fall in love with Bella's daughter. It just doesn't sit right with me. He claims a baby before her own mother had the chance to meet her.

I'm team Edward all the way, and in all my stories, Jacob is either non-existent or the bad guy. I have a problem with the wolf pack... They have their beliefs and I respect that, but I can't stand the way they judge others. They are filled with prejudice and seem incapable of changing their minds. Seth is the only one that can actually think in that pack. That's why mostly I don't include them in my stories.

BTW, if anyone else comes to me saying Jacob would never hurt Renesmee because he imprinted on her and blah blah blah... how did Emily get her scars again? Yeah, thought so. If you like Jacob, good for you; I don't. Jacob for me is an annoying teenager that thinks he's all that, a manipulator, verbally and emotionally abusive and just plain disturbing. He preyed on a girl when she was at her worst, made her believe he'd kill himself if she didn't give what he wanted, and tried to break up a couple because he didn't like it. Edward could be controlling at times, and a bit too protective, but knowing he could hear whatever Jacob was thinking, I think he had some rights to protect what was his. (doesn't justify trying to control who Bella could see, simple communication goes a long way).

And I hate the whole 'imprint' concept. For me, it's just a way to take someone's will away, deny them their freedom. And also, just because he imprinted does not mean she would love him back.

I would really appreciate if my opinions were respected. I get one too many reviews about Jacob, and that's with the warning that stories are not for Jacob lovers. Tired of it.

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My stories translated:

Nessie's First Halloween, Momma? and Happy Mommie's Day were translated by carliitha-cullen to Spanish. Go check it out!

Brothers & Sisters is being translated to French by an angel's whisper. She does have my permission to keep translating it.

-- X --

I absolutely love it when people review stories complaining about the 'grammer' that is too bad! I like helping people with their stories, but sometimes it gets to be too much. I just can't help but laugh. I don't know which one is worse though, the writer that doesn't even bother getting their chapters spell checked before posting, or the reviewers that complain in such poor spelling as well. Oh, and if you can't even spell correctly on you summary, I just don't even bother clicking on your story.

What does 'infuscate' means? Apparently the writer was trying to say 'investigate'. Yeah... beats me too.

Defiantly is not the same thing as Definitely.

Collage and College are two completely different things.

Threw and Through do not have the same meaning!

I must be always capitalized, and so must every first word of a sentence. And city names, and people names and nicknames...

Commas and Periods exist, so just use them. If you're asking a question, use the Question mark.

If you're using a contraction, there should be an apostrophe. Can't, won't, shouldn't. If you're saying it belongs to someone, there should also have an apostrophe. It's Bella's. And not, Its Bellas. These sentences have completely different meanings.

If you didn't get it yet, I'm a nerd. I have a problem with poor spelling. There are many spell checkers for free around the internet, just use them.

Oct 24th: I just enabled Anonymous reviews... let's see if I won't regret it ;)

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From my stories:

T-shirt & Tank Top mentioned in A New Beginning

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Freedom of Choice:


Edward's Chevrolet Volt

Bella's Porsche

Nessie's Ferrari

Carlisle Honda Accord

Prom Dresses:


Nessie - front - back

Sara - front - back

Sara's ring

Sara's wedding:

Sara's dress

Nessie's dress

Sara's tiara

Nessie's Wedding:

Nessie's ring

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Brothers & Sisters:






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We Are Broken:

Bella's ring


Alice's and Rosalie's



Bella's front

Bella's back

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