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Author has written 8 stories for Final Fantasy IX, Legend of Zelda, Strike Witches, and Bleach.

Hey there. I'm Dimitri61... not much else to say there.

I need reviews for my fics, just to see what people think.

A note for followers of A Spectre is Haunting Europe*

One of our three writers that works on the story has permanently left the project, hence the long absence. Myself and the other author shall do our best to continue the piece as we are able. You may notice a slight change from time to time when it comes to the language and word choices.

My current major project is A Spectre is Haunting Europe, a Strike Witches fic.
This fic is being written in conjunction with two others, though they do not have accounts on this site.
We are also working on a soundtrack for the story, must as I do for most works I write.
The title comes from the first line of the 'Communist Manifesto' for those of you that didn't understand.
I try to incorporate many actual historical figures and elements to try and paint a more realistic picture.
For those of you keeping up with it, Erin Rommella is the counterpart for Irwin Rommel, the desert fox.
Aizen Howard is Dwight Eisenhower. Isoroku Yamamoto is himself. Chiron Anderson is very, very loosely based on the Soviet General Georgy Zhukov.
And Joseph Stalin need no explanation. :D I also used the Jack Daniel's brand, but changed the name to Janine Daniels.
Irene Sikorsky is really Igor Sikorsky, the person responsible for the first working helicopter.
Give me some feedback on the story. It would let me know if people really give a crap about it. What they thought. Yada yada.

My favorite characters from all games/manga/anime tend to be female. I always have a kind of leaderboard for my top ten. Kinda weird like that. But it tends to fluctuate at times, though the top two haven't changed in a very long time.

1. Mana Tatsumiya (Negima)

2. Ikaros (Sora no Otoshimono)

3. Tier Harribel (Bleach)

4. Shizuku Sangou (Kampfer)

5. Fuuro (Pokemon Black and White)

6. Altima (Final Fantasy Tactics)

7. Hitomi (Dead or Alive)

8. Waltrud Krupinski (Strike Witches)

9. Hikage (Senran Kagura)

10. Isane Kotetsu (Bleach)

Others receiving consideration: Makoto Nanaya and Bullet (BlazBlue), Momo Velia Deviluke (To Love-Ru), Saeko Busujima (Highschool of the Dead), Sayo Hitsugi (Triage X), Erica Hartmann and Heidimarie Schnaufer (Strike Witches), Shizuku Noihara (Omamori Himari), Ruby Toujou (RosarioVampire), Rydia (Final Fantasy 4), Kaede Nagase (Negima), and countless others. Hard to narrow it down to just ten sometimes.

One of my artwork pages is found below


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Star Crossed Lovers by DarkSwordMage reviews
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A Spectre is Haunting Europe reviews
Six months ago, the Allied Forces rewarded the 501st a.k.a. the Strike Witches for all their hard work in Gallia and Venezia with a new home, a new commanding officer, and a whole new batch of problems. We never said the AF were very bright. But the 501st will have to sort out their Orussian General's past before they can help protect their future. A/N- Yuri and Straight couples
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