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Author has written 16 stories for Hamtaro, Tokyo Mew Mew, Mario, Warriors, Legend of Zelda, Sammy Keyes, Okami, Trauma Center, and World Ends With You.


9/5/14 I watched Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Be prepared for subsequent shrieking about it as well as a lot of crossovers with TWEWY.

Also, profile is being MAJORLY revamped and it might take some time, so... bear with me until then, k?

11/5/14 So I forgot to mention but I may have gotten into the Kagerou Project fandom last month or so. Be prepared for subsequent crossovers with Madoka Magica. Especially shipping. Be ready for that.


A Guide to the Kingdom of Chaos

Section 1: About Mikey

Section 2: What Am I Into Right Now?

Section 3: A List of Really Great Characters Whom I Love (also known as the Bae Brigade but I digress)

Section 4: Alternate Universes and You

Section 5: I Like Shipping and I Cannot Lie

Section 6: Stories New and Old

Section 7: Landmarks Across the Web

Section 8: Friends... of Doom

Epilogue: Exactly What it Sounds Like

Section 1: About Mikey

I have way too many names. Usually I go by Mikey, or by my full pen name, Misery Elvira Weston. My titles include Composer of Chaos and the Chaos Queen.

Sometimes I'm called Misery Despair (mostly if I'm trying to be an antagonist in a story or something. Yes. Sometimes I am my own antagonist. It's kind of fun.) In the case of an SI, I can alternatively be called Mercelle Weston, Meseri Yuugami, or Makoto Yuugami.

Also, some people inexplicably call me Shoe.

Likes: video games, reading, writing, singing, drawing, music, fashion design, karate, candy, animals, stuffed animals, Tumblr, Harry Potter, Pokemon, Paper Mario, TWEWY, Okami, Persona 4, magical girl anime, and... well, lots of things.

Dislikes: homework, being bored, Writer's Block, grape candy (except for Nerds), white chocolate (IT BURNS US), Twilight, Justin Bieber, stress, basketball, and numerous other things.

Personality type: ENFP.

Hair color: chocolate brown, copper highlights.


Eye color: Hazel? I've had friends refer to them as rainbow eyes before.

Height: About 5 foot 4.

Sexual/Gender Identity: Cisgender female, asexual.

Food I like: spaghetti, garlic bread, macaroni and cheese, brownies, Nutella, grapes, root beer (A&W, thank you very much), pralines-and-cream ice cream, cheesecake, chicken and dumplings soup, caramel, eel sushi, chamomile tea, chicken tacos, grape soda, apple cider

Food I hate: salsa, pork, cooked fish, hot dogs

Soul Pokemon: Victini

Top five favorite movies (in no particular order): Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Legally Blonde, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Mulan, Frozen

Top three favorite songs (no order): Miss Atomic Bomb - The Killers, The Horror of Our Love - Ludo, Mr Brightside - The Killers

Top five favorite video games of all time (in no particular order): Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, The World Ends With You, Okami, Persona 4, Tales of Symphonia

Favorite music genre: rock (slow rock, punk rock, whatever I'm in the mood for)
Second favorite music genre: classical/orchestra
Third favorite music genre: metal

Section 2: What Am I Into Right Now?





Section 3: A List of Really Great Characters Whom I Love

-Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu from TWEWY (warning. favorite fictional character ever. you'll see me write stuff about him like constantly.)

-Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4

-Yosuke Hanamura from Persona 4

-Kyoko Sakura from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

-Kurow from Okamiden

-Elsa from Frozen

-Shuuya Kano from Kagerou Project

-Dipper Pines from Gravity Falls


Persona 4: The Rainbow (Spoilers for TWEWY)

A crossover AU between Persona 4 and TWEWY where, as punishment for his game with Megumi, Joshua is banished to a small town in the country for a year. Namely, Inaba. Of course, it's not like the higher ups were expecting the Velvet Room or Personas to get involved, but if the universe decides he should become the Persona 4 protagonist, hey, why not. It's all in good fun. Preferably involves Joshua annoying Yosuke a lot, along with copious amounts of sibling shenanigans with Nanako. And if you're into it (and I definitely am), you can't go wrong with JoshNao. Rise could not be more disappointed.

Puella Magi Shibuya Magica

okay this one speaks for itself and I don't actually have any headcanons for it other than outfits and wishes/powers. But just know Puer Magi are a thing. Magical boys. They're a thing. Because I like magical boys a lot.

Mahou Persona 4 (Spoilers for P4G and PMMM)

Persona 4, except it involves 4 of the Holy Quintet also as a part of the IT. Mainly, it starts as a no-Rebellion timeline where Kyoko actually gets found out living on the streets (probably she got ratted out by someone) and one thing leads to another, she doesn't have any remaining relatives, aaaand she ends up being adopted. By Yosuke's family. She and Yosuke are a ridiculous dorky platonic sibling ship called SakuHana. Uhh Marie isn't there but for some reason Sayaka is in her place. Mami is there for... some reason I haven't decided yet but she IS the only one who ends up being in the first year high school class so yeah. She's in the same class as Naoto. Homura is investigating the correlation between Soul Gems and Personas (spoiler alert: if you're in the TV World and your Shadow manifests, and you're a Puella Magi, it acts like your Soul Gem and you can only be so far from it before your body becomes inactive. When you get it as a Persona, it becomes a method of putting your Soul Gem back into your body.) ...And that's it really.

Kagerou Magica (Spoilers for PMMM and Kagepro)

A crossover AU between Kagepro and PMMM. I have a few versions of this, but my personal favorite is the (no Rebellion, Madoka's new universe) one where Sayaka and Kyoko both fell in battle to wraiths on August 15th and as a result, Sayaka was taken by the haze and Kyoko gained the Snake of Commanding Eyes (which is a fanmade snake yes.) For whatever reason, be it Mami dying or otherwise, the remaining trio of the Holy Quintet go their separate ways, and Kyoko leaves Mitakihara for the very city that Kagepro takes place in. She eventually meets up with one of the gang and ultimately goes to live with them. As you can imagine this does change the path of the routes quite a bit. ... Though, I like to think that she's only in a few timelines. (and she becomes a bit of an issue for kuroha because being a puella magi she does put up a very good fight.)

Angel's Syndrome (Spoilers for TWEWY and Trauma Team)

Involving my oneshot of the same name, an AU where the Healing Touch sometimes has the side effect of giving you the ability to interact with the dead. Naomi Kimishima is one of these cases. Joshua Cunningham is another one of these cases. On top of that, Joshua is in fact terminally ill with Wermer's Syndrome- patients rarely live past their 30s. After his parents divorce, his mother takes him to Japan to move in with her family, and it's there that he dies at only 15 in a severe relapse of symptoms. It's then that "Joshua" Cunningham- embittered by his disease and his father's abandonment, now preferring to style himself with his mother's maiden name- becomes Yoshiya Kiryu, Composer of Shibuya. AU stories typically revolve around the aftermath of these events and dealing with emotional scars dealt to parties involved. Can include the pairing of Joshua/Alyssa if you like that, with the obvious twist of Alyssa's childhood friend becoming what he is presently.

Section 5: I Like Shipping and I Cannot Lie


Mario RPGs etc etc: Timpani/Blumiere is the OTP and I'm pretty okay with Dimimi. I'm mildly entertained by Dimentio/Timpani. Shadowshellshipping (Vivian/Koops) from the infamous BOA. Also Bombette/Kooper because idk and naturally White Chaos (Dimentio/Luvbi)

Warriors: Feathertail/Crowfeather is cute, Brightheart/Cloudtail is precious, Ivypool/Hawkfrost is super fab, Shrewpaw/Squirrelflight is preferable to Brambleclaw because I honestly hate him from the second series onward, Jayfeather/Half Moon because Jayfeather is my grumpy cat bby, aaaand Hollyleaf/Fallen Leaves because you can't have enough shipping dead cats with live ones or something

TWEWY: Neku/Shiki and Uzuki/Kariya and wow that's actually it what is this

Okami/den: Pretty much whatever is canon. Also, Kuni/Nanami. and poncleprophet a little bit. or a lot of bit. and Ninetails/Yami because of those dern fanfics wow.

Kagerou Project: Kidomomo, Harutaka, Shinaya, Setomarry is fine sometimes too

Puella Magi Madoka Magica: I actually ship Homura/Hitomi I know it's odd but blame the PSP game. I'm also pretty cool with Madosaya, Kyousaya and Kyouhomu (if you're wondering why I don't have any Mami ships it's because I headcanon her as ace/aro)


TYPICAL FANDOM NOTPS (because apparently people like to know this):

Mario RPGS etc etc: Doopliss/Mimi sort of bothers me because I feel like people only ship it because they're both shapeshifters like I can see them as awesome friends but.

Warriors: I only have a few ships that I really strongly object to in Warriors. One is Squirrelflight/Brambleclawand it's mostly because I really hate Brambles from the second series onward. But not even that can stand up to my hatred for Dovewing/Tigerheart because LOOK YOU IDIOTS WE'VE BEEN THROUGH THIS BEFORE OKAY STOP IT. (That's not to say I really ship Dovewing/Bumblestripe but idk.)

Okami/den: I have a certain distaste for Kuni/Kagu and Kurow/Kagu, but honestly, I don't even really hate either of those. (okay but I really do not like Kurow/scholar lady alright there I said it)

Kagerou Project: okay rule of thumb- if it involves Kano I probably don't like it. ESPECIALLY Kanokido. (I know I'm gonna get kicked out of the fandom for that oops)

Gravity Falls: it's funny that I dislike Mabill so much because I like Billdip a lot but oh well. I don't dislike it as much as I dislike Dipper/Pacifica though


Joshua (TWEWY) x Naoto (P4) [NaoJosh]- ...okay so. I have two AUs for this ship: Persona 4 The Rainbow (AU where Joshua is the protagonist of Persona 4 one year after TWEWY takes place) and The World Ends With Fortune (AU where Naoto is the protagonist of TWEWY instead of Neku). I like P4R better, but. I digress. I like the way these two bounce off of each other; they're both highly intelligent and also very lonely, and each has developed their own way of dealing with people amidst their loneliness. Naoto's easily flustered, Joshua likes to poke fun at people. Their relationship can be complicated at times, but no relationship is without its complications, and I think they'd improve each others' outlooks on life. ...But, yeah. These two are adorable. Write things for them. Do it. You know you want to.

Joshua (TWEWY) x Alyssa (Trauma Team) [Featherblast]- TONIGHT ON "I SHIP JOSHUA WITH TOO MANY PEOPLE" I GIVE YOU FEATHERBLAAAAAAASTTTTT okay but for real you see that oneshot in my stories. Angel's Syndrome. Yes. Same universe. You understand. Please don't make me explain why it's called Featherblast.

Kyoko (PMMM) x Kano (Kagepro) [Kyokano]- Takes place within my Kagerou Magica AU. I feel like they have an interesting dynamic- Kano probably poking fun at her on a regular basis and Kyoko being mostly uncaring, but then occasionally he finds a weak spot and she gets flustered and it's EXCITING and then on the flip side when that happens Kyoko looks for ways to one up him and yeah it's a great dynamic. Also Kano has unresolved issues that I feel like Kyoko might be able to handle. Not too gently, probably, but I think she might be able to say something to knock some sense into him.


Legend of Zelda

The Parent Trap: Four Faces

As far as Green and Vio Clark know, they’re your average identical twins living in the modern day, crowded capital of Hyrule, training to become a part of the castle guard like their father. As far as Red and Blue Turner know, they’re average identical twins too, living across the country on the coast with their famous author mother. However, all of this is about to change. Green and Vio’s father decides the pair of them need some time away from training and getting in over their heads stopping crime, and Red and Blue’s mother wants the pair of them to see more of the world than their comfortable home by the beach. The two parents send their children to a landlocked co-ed summer camp for eight weeks, expecting them to come home full of stories, but no different than their normal selves. This would be so, except for one problem: the four boys share the same exact face. Well, it wasn’t like four boys with the same face could be kept apart forever. Four Swords manga, modern AU. Drama/Friendship. Rated K plus for mild language.


The Angel's Tiara

Part 1 of the Celestial Storm cycle. Kamui was in just as much danger as the rest of Nippon when evil overtook it nine months after Yami’s defeat. However, if Chibiterasu was not the one who banished evil from the region, who did? The answer comes in the form of one known as the child of the angels-- a foul mouthed thirteen year old girl as short as her temper. She, along with a forgotten Celestial Envoy and a little half-blind Oina child, must find a way to save Kamui without the power of the Celestial Brush, and maybe, just maybe, find Chibiterasu in time to aid him on the rest of his journey. First half original content, second half Okamiden OCI. Friendship/Adventure. Rated T for blood content, violence, character death, and strong language. Pairings pending.


Heartbeat, Heartbreak

A compilation of possible AU oneshots for the Paper Mario series, mostly surrounding Super Paper Mario. (Feel free to use any of these AUs for a story!) Drama/Adventure. Rated T for safety. Pairings pending.


Dreadnought Dreams (Gravity Falls/PMMM)

In a world where Dipper Pines goes falling to his death in his attempt to save Mabel from Gideon's enormous robot, in his last moments before impact, an angel appears to him- and a deal is struck, sending him back in time to the beginning of the summer to prevent his and his sister's doomed futures from happening. The Law of the Cycle then appears to a currently 12 year old Homura Akemi, still with all her memories of time traveling intact, and gives her a mission: go to Gravity Falls, help Dipper Pines survive his new timeline, and prevent an infinite time loop like the one she went through herself. In the summer days they spend in Gravity Falls, an unlikely friendship between a new time traveler and a veteran time traveler is born. Drama/Adventure. Rated T for violence, blood content, stressful scenes, and mild language.

Current Works Status:

Super Paper Maria (Mario) (Rated T for fight scenes, character death, blood content, angst, mild language) (Friendship/Adventure [Darkfic]. Sub-genres: tragedy, romance, hurt/comfort): IN-PROGRESS
Maria Mario, 13 year old cousin of the famed Mario Brothers, is completely bored and fed up with her life. A tragic accident in her past has forced her into hiding as Maria Mason, but in her opinion, there is no reason for her to go into hiding but to help the Bros. save face. When the Mario Bros. go on vacation and the princess is kidnapped by a monocled fiend trying to destroy all worlds, Maria finds that it is time for her to go on her second adventure... but what she doesn't know is that this one will end as tragically as the last.
Chapter 1 available. Chapter 2 in progress.

Black Apples (Mario) (Rated T for fight scenes, angst, romance, character death, blood content, mild language) (Romance/Angst. Sub-genres: tragedy, horror, hurt/comfort, family. DimentioxLuvbi, TimpanixBlumiere): INDEFINITE HIATUS
Princess Luvbi of the Underwhere knows full well that she will find her prince one day. It's destiny, of course. But she's growing impatient and doesn't want to wait- and doesn't recognize the signs of a deceiver when he appears. Dimentio, meanwhile, stumbles upon Luvbi by accident, and formulates a crafty plan surrounding her desire for a prince... But for the both of them, fate has much different plans. Luvbi will soon find herself caught in a snare she cannot escape, and Dimentio will find he must make a decision: what does he really want, and what is he willing to risk to get it?
Chapters 1-4 available.

Completed Works (if you review these saying "Can't wait for an update!" I'm going to have to judge you):

Witch Hazel
(Tokyo Mew Mew) (Drama/Hurt/Comfort) 5/25/10 - 10/26/10 (179 days) 11 chapters, 13 reviews, 21919 words

(Legend of Zelda) (Suspense/Humor) 12/10/2012 oneshot, 704 words

(Legend of Zelda) (Horror/Angst) 5/15/2013 oneshot, 3532 words

The Cereal Killer and Other Bad Puns
(Mario) (Parody/Humor) 2/18/2013 oneshot, 1796 words

We Lost
(Sammy Keyes) (Tragedy/Angst) 11/18/2011 oneshot, 1772 words

Insert Epic Title Here
(Legend of Zelda) (Humor/Parody) 6/13/2011 oneshot, 2933 words, collaboration

It's About Time
(Mario) (Humor/Parody) 1/4/2011 oneshot, 1556 words

Angel's Syndrome
(Crossover- Trauma Center/TWEWY) 4/7/2014 oneshot, 2254 words


Trying to create a female humanoid OC? This is a pretty good character generator. I know there's one that works for boys and girls, but I don't remember how to get there. Oh well.

And if you think you've got a Mary-Sue on your hands? Worry not. The Original Fiction Mary-Sue Litmus Test is here to help. It's nearly foolproof when trying to test out your characters, whether it's an original story or a fanfic. Enjoy!

I can be found on both deviantArt and on Tumblr as TheGreatMikeyWeston. I'm doing commissions and adoptables on my dA now!

Also, I'm starting a Let's Play series on YouTube with my brother soon- the channel is either going to be BroandSisPlay or BroandSisPlayStuff. Our first LP is going to be Paper Mario TTYD!


Name: Kassidy Ariana Cooper

Hobbies: Making money, shopping

Birthday: October 24

Sign: Scorpio

From: Hamtaro

Appearance: Tall, has short, wavy, sandy blonde hair, fairly tan skin, brown eyes. USUAL OUTFIT: Her worker's outfit, never seen in anything else during the story she's in but her pajamas (periwinkle with her initials, KC, written in silver on a pocket above her heart.) Forest green knee-high skirt, spring green headband with pink butterflies on it, white T-shirt with an albino hamster face and the name of the center (Wild Mercy Adoption Center) below the face; gold hoop earrings, a ruby ring set in gold on her left index finger, gold necklace with a heart-shaped locket, brown leggings, white sandals (fingernails are painted blue, toenails are painted bright pink.)

Race: Human

Current Age: 20

Appearances: 0

Cameo appearances: 1 (Daycare Days, by sandyandmaxwellfanatic)

Name: Hazel *spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers* Ichigo Midorikawa *end spoilers*

Hobbies: Dancing, card games, chess

Birthday: December 2

Sign: Sagittarius

From: Tokyo Mew Mew

Appearance: Long dull brown hair, bright yellow-green eyes. She's not too tall, but she's not short, either. A bit more curvy than the average 12 year old, she has a small nick under and to the right of her chin, along with a long, thin scar on her face, in the middle of the distance between her nose and her left ear. She is slightly suntanned, but has fair skin otherwise. USUAL OUTFIT: An overlarge navy blue T-shirt with multiple stains from dirt, soot and dust, a pair of worn blue jeans that look even more filthy than the shirt, and grubby sneakers that were once white. A spotless pink pearl necklace is seen around her neck all the time, and sometimes she wears a red baseball cap with her hair in a ponytail.

Race: Human

Current age: 13

Appearances: 1 (Witch Hazel)

Name: Celeste "Abigail" Pike

Hobbies: adventuring, making friends, sewing

Birthday: November 11

Sign: Scorpio

From: (general OC- not created for any particular fandom)

Appearance: Round, friendly face with a pinkish complexion, warm chocolate brown eyes. Medium frame, about 5 foot 6, with long, slightly wavy, chocolate brown hair that falls three quarters down her back (usually in a braid). Overlong bangs that hide most of her face (usually pinned back). Mildly curvy. USUAL OUTFIT: dark brown, thick-fabric, knee-length Lolita-style dress with pockets and puffy sleeves. Fishnets of the same color on her arms and legs. Very dark brown, almost black, durable ankle boots. Carries a denim backpack with butterflies embroidered on it.

Race: Shapeshifter (true form: human)

Current age: 15

Appearances: 1 (Okami: Abridged)

Quirks: Hates the name Celeste and prefers to be called Abigail. Will only permit people who meet certain requirements to shorten the name to Abby. Likes to use Japanese honorifics, but doesn't speak fangirl Japanese or Japanese itself at all. Quite unlucky and has virtually no idea how to fight (updated: in Okami Abridged she learns self defense from Onigiri Sensei and wields a flute she stole from an imp. However, Waka broke that flute, so she is currently weaponless.)

Personality: Due to her child-like naivete, blunt honesty, optimism, and open friendliness, Abigail can often be mistaken as stupid, but in reality, she is definitely anything but. Abigail may be childish for a 15 year old, but she is also thoughtful and insightful, and can offer uplifting advice to her friends when needed. She is playful and peppy, though her feelings are easily hurt. She will only get genuinely angry when something is threatening her friends or her friends are fighting.

Past: Abigail was sent out by the shapeshifter kingdom of Halley (namely its king) at age 8 to travel the universe, dimension by dimension. She has to explore and write notes on at least 50 dimensions by the time she is 18, at which time she will return to Halley and report to the king. Her fate afterwards is unknown, so just in case she can't teleport out of the kingdom anymore, she tries to enjoy as many dimensions as she can. Even though her quota is 50, Abigail has explored over 200 different dimensions. Abigail has never known her parents and lives with her kindly, but very strict, grandparents in the capital of Halley, which shares its name with the kingdom itself (which is named after Halley's Comet, as the comet was where the first queen of Halley was born).


THIRTEEN RANDOM MOMENTS THE FOURTH. PHEAR ME. (Hosted by Mikey and happened in real life with Mikey, Witchy (previously R-1993), l33t.of.gaming, Coraline, Miff, and Kaareth!)

Kaareth: Zelda x Wall Master
Mikey: That doesn't even work.
Kaareth: Sure it does.
Mikey: ...I've seen enough hentai against my will to know where this is going.
Kaareth: ;)
Mikey: *smack*

Mikey: *cosplaying Felicia/fem!Feliciano/fem!North Italy* I don't remember why we're doing this.
Witchy: *cosplaying Lovina/fem!Lovino/fem!South Italy* Because I told you to, idiota.
Mikey: Yeah, well- I-I mean... ve, pasta...?
Witchy: Very good.
Mikey: I hate this.

Mikey: *at Supercon, still cosplaying* Hey, it's Ash!
Witchy: Hi, Ash!
Some random Ash cosplayer: ...You have to battle me now!
Mikey: ...Go, Heartless! *holds out recently bought Heartless plushie*
Random Ash cosplayer: Go, uh... *holds out Pokeball* Whatever's in here!

Witchy: *still at Supercon* Look! Spiderman!
Mikey: OMG Spiderman.
Spiderman cosplayer: Brofist me, guys.
Witchy and Mikey: *brofist Spiderman*
Spiderman cosplayer: *brofist, Spiderman webshooter pose* See ya. *walks off*
Mikey: ...I am doing that to people from now on.

Mikey: *playing Four Swords Adventures with Witchy* Ha ha, I've still got Vio! *playing as Green with Vio following*
Witchy: *playing as Red with Blue following* GIMME. GIVE ME MY WIFE OR I WILL THROW MY BROTHER DOWN A CLIFF.
Mikey: ...So Vio is your wife, and Blue is your brother?
Witchy: Yes.
Mikey: Too bad, Vio's my wife now.
Mikey: *evil laughter*

Coraline: By the way, Vio says he's offended that you called him your wife.
Mikey: ...But- I just- but she- but they- ...WITCHY CAME UP WITH IT, OKAY? NOT ME.
Coraline: *shrug* ...By the way, he's still mine.
Mikey: Mine, foo.
Coraline: Mine.
Mikey: Mine.

Witchy: If you're apping Josh, I wonder how he'd interact with Lovi...
Mikey: *imagines Joshua and Lovino fighting* Oh holy crap. I can imagine the chaos already.
Witchy: Lovi would probably beat him up.
Mikey: You seem to forget Joshua is sort of... godly.

Mikey: By the way, Vio says he's offended you called him your wife.
Witchy: PFT. Fine, he's my husband now.
Mikey: That sounds too desperate. I called him my "significant other" and Coraline used "boyfriend", which I think sounds a little desperate too, but not as desperate as husband.
Witchy: ..."significant other" are you serious. That's the most desperate of all three of those.
Mikey: STFU.

Mikey: *cries* I KNOW, I KNOW. But seriously, it's not that easy. This chapter's like twice as long as the rest.
Coraline: ... *facepalm* just finish it.
Mikey: ...Well okay. *scurries off*

Witchy: Hey. Hey Mikey.
Mikey: What?
Witchy: Jazz Magnet.
Mikey: Thought so.

Mikey: Betcha can't guess who I'm gonna be for Halloween.
Miff: Nope, probably not.
Mikey: Heh... SONIC.
Miff: ...shut up. No you're not.
Mikey: YES I AM.
Miff: No you're not.
Mikey: Yes I am, all I need are some red Converse.
Miff: What the heck.

Mikey: ...hey, Witchy.
Witchy: What?
Mikey: How'd I start at Magnet... and get to Paparazzi in a half hour from YouTube surfing ONLY by clicking related videos?
Witchy: ...I have no idea.

Witchy: Mika has been a slow poster lately.
Mikey: She used to complain about me being a slow poster, too.
Witchy: You know how there are transition thingies for shows? If the roleplay continuity had an anime, the transition would be "Mika post".
Mikey: True that.

13 Random Moments... III! (Hosted by Mikey and happened in real life with Mikey, R-1993, Miff, Mimi, l33t.of.gaming, and Paris!)

Mikey: -gasps-
Miff: What?
Mikey: I messed up! I should've been player 4 all those years of playing Four Swords!
Miff: ...why?
Mikey: CAUSE PLAYER FOUR IS V-- I mean, PURPLE! o-o;

Mikey: I'm hungry...
Paris: I could show you how to make an egg.
Mikey: Not THAT hungry...

Mikey: HEY, where'd all the brownies go?
Miff: Nothing lasts the night in this house...

Mikey: Waffles...
Miff: Waffles?
Mikey: WAFFLES...
Miff: ...Waffles?
Mikey: WAFFLEY...
Miff: As opposed to 'pancakey'?
Mikey: ...shut up...


Mikey: Why are we countries...?
Paris: I'm Switzerland!
Mikey: ...Why?
Paris: I like cheese and chocolate.
Mikey: stereotypical...
Miff: I'm the U.S.! This is my mascot!
Dog: Bark!
Mikey: ...What am I?
Mikey: -slap-

Miff: A fig?
Mikey: A FIG.
Miff: Fig NEWTON?
Mikey: Fig NEWTON!
Miff: You do that.


Mikey: Down by the bay!
Mikey: Where the watermelons grow!
Mikey: Back to my home!
Mikey: I dare not go!
Miff: FOR IF I DO!
Mikey: For if I do!
Mikey: My mother will say... DID YOU EVER SEE A BEAR WITH A BITING PEAR?

Miff: -takes out game from l33t's DS- Hey, Pokemon!
l33t.of.gaming: -takes out game from Miff's DS- Heh, DragonQuest!
Miff: o.o
Mikey: ...Um... that DS was still on...
Mimi: Crud...

Mimi: What were you saying before about iCarly pairings?
Mikey: Oh yeah. Somehow, they're just... no... just no...
Mimi: Something's not right about them?
Mikey: I just can't write for sitcoms... Fail...

R-1993: So who are you going to cosplay?
Mikey: Depends, how's my Curly impression?
R-1993: Do it.
R-1993: ...You must be Curly... YOU MUST...

Mikey: I haven't decided who I'm going to cosplay.
Miff: Oh, haven't you?
Mikey: Nooo... -picturing cosplays in her head-

Hey, look, everybody! It's 13 RANDOM MOMENTS #2!! (Hosted by Mikey and happened in real life with Mikey, Miff, R-1993, Mimi, l33t.of.gaming, and Paris!)

Mikey: I'm telling you, the Hamutaro opening is better than the Hamtaro one!
Miff: No it's not! Show me the Hamutaro one, then!
Mikey: FINE! -plays it on high volume-

Mikey: -on the phone with R-1993- I'm not sure how to put this...
R-1993: What? -impatiently- TELL ME, WOMAN!
Mikey: Uh...I accidentally--
Miff: -loudly from the other room, watching the news- MICHAEL JACKSON IS DEAD!!
Mikey: WHAT?! HOLY CRUD, I GOTTA SEE THIS!! -hangs up-
R-1993: SON OF A--!!

Mikey: Uh, the game says you gave me Ussuri, your town, as thanks...

Paris: Hey, does anyone know where Cocoa (our cat) is?
Mikey: If this isn't her, drooling on my shirt, I dunno what the heck this thing is.

Mikey: DO YOU LIKE PI? I LOVE PI! 3.14159265358979! TASTY!

Mikey: -after school- Hey R-1993, let's go stand in the rain.
R-1993: But it's POURING!
Mikey: I know. But if we stand in the rain it'll make us look all cool and mysterious and stuff.
R-1993: ...good point. -goes to stand in the pouring rain with Mikey-

Miff: Your FACE is weird!
Mikey: Oooookay, I think I'll go listen to the Mario and Luigi 3 final boss music...
Miff: -hasn't listened to it because he's been waiting for the game- WTL (What the Limburger, a catchphrase by yours truly)?! YOU SICK, SICK WOMAN!!
Mikey: -hums something fake that's meant to sound like the final boss music but is really nothing like it-
Miff: NOOOOO!! IT BURNS!! -covers ears with pillows-

Mikey: Hey, try shooting this apple off my head with a Nerf gun!
Miff: Sure. Okay, here goes. I'm gonna do it...
Mikey: -gulps-
Miff: -turns Nerf gun to the side- GANGSTAH STYLE!! -shoots, and misses badly-

Mikey: You know, in Hamutaro, he's got like 4 girls competing for him...
Miff: Are you serious?!, Hamtaro's a pimp.
Mikey: ...why? o.o
Miff: He's a lady's man and he has no idea.

Mikey: DO YOU LIKE FRENCH--wait, let's not start this...

Miff: Hey, remember the Leeroy Jenkins moment?
Mikey: Oh yeah, I remember that! How did that go again?
Miff: ...Something about Leeroy Jenkins screaming his name. I forget.
Mikey: Oh well. At least I have chicken.

Mikey: You're a GUY and you're singing THAT?! HOLY CRUD, WHERE DID MY LIFE GO WRONG?!

Mikey: Hey Miff, I need help with my 13 Random Moments 2 section of my profile on FFN.
Miff: Do you now?
Mikey: Yeah.
Miff: Well then. -throws sock at Mikey-

13 RANDOM MOMENTS #1 (Hosted by Michaiah and happened in real life with Michaiah, R-1993, Chococat, Mimi, and Tania)

R-1993: Theregoesadeadbird!
Chococat: -turns-
R-1993: Made you look!
All: -.-'

Michaiah: SPATULAH!
R-1993: -bursts out laughing-

Mimi: -laughs randomly-
All: ??
Mimi: You were all staring at me!

Tania: She called me a grudge.
Michaiah: I did not!
Counselor: Did you?
Michaiah: I didn't!
R-1993: Yeah! How the -beep- can you call someone a grudge?

Michaiah: What?
R-1993: What what?
Michaiah: What what what?
R-1993: What what what what?

R-1993: Poke.
Michaiah: Poke.
Both: -blink-
Michaiah: ...

Michaiah: -sings weird song-
R-1993: -joins in with enthusiasm-
Michaiah: -stops and stares-

Michaiah: Please?
R-1993: No.
Michaiah: PLEASE?
R-1993: No!
R-1993: -is being tickled- AUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!! FINE!!

Michaiah: Please?
R-1993: No.
Michaiah: ...Por favor?
R-1993: NO.
Michaiah: ...Por favor?
R-1993: NO!
Michaiah: ...Por favor?
R-1993: -glares- ...All right.

Michaiah: Pink.
Michaiah: -scrubs tongue with soap and water- It was worth it.

R-1993: (blah, blah, blah)...and then I get the brownie.
Michaiah: -holds out a stick with a pointing hand at the top- OBJECTION!

Michaiah: Pokey! -pokes R-1993-
R-1993: Smokey! -waves a hand in front of her face-
Michaiah: -pretends to choke R-1993- CHOKEY!


FFN FRIENDS! (Sorry, sandyandmaxwellfanatic, I stole your idea... bolded is people I've met over the Internet, italics is the people I know in real life.)

RavenInTheNight, l33t.of.gaming, TiggerPup91, MysticDragon21, Pinkdesi101, Senom299 (of TheCrazyAuthors), TheManWithBacon


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Mario - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 6 - Words: 8,355 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 14 - Follows: 16 - Updated: 3/15 - Published: 3/13/2014 - [Dimentio, OC] Count Bleck/Blumiere, Mimi
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Four heroes, all alike in prophecy / In fair Flipside, where we lay our scene / With ancient pow'r rise to fight tragedy / As chaos love makes pure hearts unclean./ Maria knows she can handle an adventure. Her cousins Mario and Luigi don't seem to think so. But as the star of a prophecy, she'll have to fight to save all worlds- and maybe fight some darkness inside of her. REBOOTED.
Mario - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Tragedy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,618 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 2 - Published: 5/31/2014 - Peach, Bowser, Count Bleck/Blumiere, OC
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Wermer's Syndrome patients are lucky if they live to the age of 30, and even if they do, they suffer a whole slew of complications- reduced bone density, loss of pigment in skin and hair. So you'd be right to expect that Gabriel's son would be alive, but ill, when he visits him at seventeen years old. You'd be right to expect it. But you'd still be very wrong. AU, mild spoilers.
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