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"Now you could study Shakespeare and be quite elite / And you can charm the critics and have nothin' to eat / But slip on a banana peel, the world's at your feet / Make 'em laugh, make 'em laugh, make 'em laugh!" -from Singin' in the Rain

Hey! I'm the Geek Princess and I'll be your writer for today! I'm somewhat new here. Okay, very new here. But I've been lurking for about six years, and I've been writing practically all my life! And now, I've conquered my shyness and am posting finally!

And now for some random stuff about me!

Name: A mystery. Those who know it call me it in real life. Those who don't will find out should I see fit.

Call Me: Geek Princess (my handle, and what I tend to call myself), Octopus Slayer (another self-proclaimed title and sometimes-handle), Shippo (old nickname from freshman year of high school when I was small and cute, that stuck even after I became not-small and cute), Li'l Miss A (my secret superhero identity; I'm like Robin to the Marvel Universe Miss America's Batman)

Age: 19

Grade: College Freshman

Major: Creative writing. It's the only thing I'm happy doing, to be honest.

Stuff I Do Not In School: Write (obviously), read, play video games, watch old cartoons, collect comic books, listen to music, hang out with friends, go to the movies, participate in D&D campaigns when I have time and can find them.

Fan Of: Fire Emblem, Mother (EarthBound), Spider-Man, X-Men, Marvel Comics in general, Project A-Ko, Chrono Trigger, Slayers, Sailor Moon, Code Lyoko, Space Ghost, The Legend of Zelda, Kirby, anything Hayao Miyazaki's been involved in, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Phantasy Star (the first four), other stuff

Superpowers: I can write well if I'm only given a topic and five-to-ten minutes, and am a master of useless trivia.

Generally, I'm a very nice person. I just try to get by in life and not to make waves, unless a point is made that pisses me off. Then I become argumentative to the point of beating dead horses. My shyness is often mistaken for standoffishness. I try not to be. I just feel really awkward outside of my element (comic book stores, fantasy/sci-fi club meetings, anime conventions, etc.). In my element and around people I know, however, I become the loud, social girl who loves to make people laugh. I'm also disorganized by nature and a procrastinator to the nth degree. I'm a very loyal, honest friend, or at least I try to be. I can't say I'm the wrong person to have as an enemy, and I won't warn you to not cross me. The most I'll do is make some scathing remark, and I won't always have the guts to say it to your face. That's my mild-manneredness being my dominating personality trait.

Stories You Can Expect To See

Ike and Red's Excellent Adventure is an epic fanfic maneuver I've had in my head ever since it was revealed that Brawl would have MOAR Fire Emblem. In this story, Ike and Generic Pokémon Trainer ("Red" for short) as they travel through the land of Tellowheranto to stop the evil Lucas and his father Fred Waesasasasasasa III. (On indefinite hiatus; will go under major re-tool due to Lucas's loss of cultural significance to normal Western gamers)

The Gaiden Project answers the average Fire Emblem Fan's plea for more plot in Fire Emblem Gaiden. Because I'm a nerd and actually started filling in gaps in my head as I played. Expect 20 percent more story, 5 percent less Engrish, and super characterizing action! (will most likely take me all summer, since I'll have to play the first AND second game in order to explain away the whole deal at the end of Gaiden)

Hello, My Super Gal is probably not the name for the story I intend to write centered around my favorite comic book hero, Madeline Joyce, and that cheeseheaded jerk she's forced to call a teammate. When she's called to aid the lone Invader Bucky in rescuing his comrades from the control of the Red Skull, Maddie has to contend with not only the normal slew of Nazis and super-baddies, but also her overwhelming urge to punch teammate Whizzer in the face, and the desire to prove that she's more than just some spoiled rich girl that got a lucky strike of lightning.

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