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Important! Please Read! Hey everyone! I know I haven't posted anything new or updated in a while but I am hoping to soon. My old computer got wiped out of all my saved files so all my fanfics are lost :( SO, I am currently trying to retype everything I had planned out for my fics and once I do I am hoping to get some new chapters up soon! So sorry for any inconvenience, I know how frustrating it can be when you are in the middle of a story and the author won't update it! (7-23-11)

Warning! This profile belongs to a Twilight obsessive fanatic!

If you do anything to upset this person, they will send the Volturi after you!

Hey everyone! The name's Jaime. I am 21 years old and reside in Sunny Southern California. I decided to get a fanfiction account to not only read, but write stories as well. I enjoy writing fanfictions for Twilight so that's pretty much all your going to see from me. Ever since I read the Twilight Saga, I have fallen in love with each book and the ending of Breaking Dawn only left me craving for more. So, since Stephanie Meyer has not announced that she is continuing her saga, I figured reading and writing fanfics for it would ease my obsession at least a little. I hope you all enjoy the stories that I post and feel free to tell me how I am doing!

News On Up Coming Stories:

Brown Eyed Angel (Edwards POV of Unexpected Love) I already have two chapters posted!

*Forever Immortal's preface up.

Moonlight Angel already posted first chapter!

Follow You Into The Dark Kind of a song fic based off of Death Cab For Cuties "I'll Follow You Into The Dark" I will post the summary soon!

Random Moment between a friend and I. We are frequent Disneyland guests since we have annual passports and this is just us talking about our memories on Star Tours at Disneyland. "Daddy" is suppose to be Darthvader and if you know the ride, you will get the last part lol:

Nikki: Star Tours will always hold fond memories for me. "This isn't Peter Pan??" =P Remember those cheer leaders?? ROFL

Me: OME, yes! lol. And, "Wait! Daddy, Nooooo!!" lol, we will never get to see daddy on that ride, will we? :(

Nikki: (sniffles) Sadly no, I think daddy's avoiding us ='(

Me: Awww, not again. I think he's mad at us for steeling his cookies all the time.

Nikki: Daddy's always avoiding us...(shakes head) ever since Yoda let us ride in the speeder daddy's been mad.

Me: yeah, and it probably doesn't help that we stole all those ewoks and tried to create our own dark army. I think daddy's intimidated by our siamese force.

Nikki: It wasn't OUR fault those ewoks didn't know what a lightsaber was. Not to mention Chewy was the one who let them all lose in the first place. Twins do have more control over the Force. Just look at (shifty eyes) (whispers) Luke and Leah.

Me: It was the ewoks fault. They thought Chewy was big foot and tried to get a picture of him, and you know how Chewy is when it comes to pictures. Especially when they use the flash.

Nikki: Oh yes, those jittery little things.

Me: Yep, and I believe that is why Daddy sent us to live on earth. But, I swear, one day we will make it into his tractor beam and we will be home. lol, or at least make it to the Endor Moon. Stupid Robot that doesn't know how to fly!

Nikki: Yeah. You'd figure after...oh I don't know how many YEARS he'd figure it out by now! Darn his programming! Daddy is just messing with us.

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Silence, the Loudest Sound by reincarnatedcrazybutterfly reviews
Edward met Bella in Central Park during fall. Intrigued, he kept striking a conversation with Bella but Bella remained silent. It didn’t mean though that she wasn’t able to answer all of his questions. What Edward didn’t know is that Bella can’t speak.
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Unexpected Love reviews
Bella Swan moves to Forks Washington and she attends Forks High school where she feels alone and invisible. But, what happens when she starts to fall for one of the most popular guys in Forks High? Will he see Bella as something more? BXE All Human!
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This is a story about Isabella Swan. She has the deadly disease, xeroderma pigmentosum, otherwise known as XP. She moves to Forks to live with her dad. Every night at eleven o'clock, she hikes the hills in the forest by her home... Full summary inside
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Edward Cullen has been waiting for the right girl & has had no luck in finding her so far. But what happens when a new girl comes to town? Will he finally find the love he's been waiting & searching for? This is Edward's POV of my story Unexpected Love!
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Isabella Marie Cullen is not your ordinary seventeen year old student attending Forks High. She's a vampire. Bella's been in control of her blood lust of humans for years but what happens when a boy named Edward Masen shows up in her rainy little town?
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