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I am TEN, so I MUST kill LawlClan spam conversations.

Stereotypes hurt, but sometimes they're so true :(

Well, I was going over my profile, and decided that I needed to do some major revamping. My old profile felt like it was too big and had a lot of unnecessary information.

-Table Of Contents-

1) For my fan

2) The Man behind the Keyboard (general info)

3) Writing Excuses (and why they're not valid)

4) My Stories (which you should read)

5) Upcoming Projects (you should be on the lookout)

6) Internet Marriages (otherwise known as ball and chains)

For My Fan

Not all martyrs see divinity, but at least you tried.

-The Man behind the Keyboard-

What's a profile good for outside of explaining who I am and what I'm about? Useless copypasta. But I don't like copypasta, so I'm just going to tell you who I am. I am called Ten, but don't let the name fool you; I'm an eighteen year old. I'm male. I'm a recent high school graduate with interests in film, the English language, and writing. I'm also a co-leader of the Literate Union.

'Wait, what?'

I guess I'll give you the low-down on the LU, then. The Literate Union is an organization run by several members of the site who want to see an increase in quality on the site. Our little home away from home, this forum, has reached over 400,000 posts since it was originally founded by George nearly three years ago. Recently, both the former co-leaders stepped down, and Tallz and I were chosen as the new co-leaders.

For more information regarding the LU, I suggest visiting the forum, or contacting Tallz or me. This profile is about me after all ;)

I am a concritter. My views regarding reviews have changed a lot over the years, but I've always been and always shall be a concritter. I have no personal qualms with flamers or flaming, but it's not a style of review that I personally find effective. So when I review, expect it to be critical, but unless given the reason (such as having already acted as an ass towards reviewers), I should be pretty nice. I'm always willing to give a writer the benefit of the doubt; that they're willing to improve their work. If they're not... well, whatever suits them, I guess. No loss for me :D

Some final notes on me: I'm an self-centered pervert with an ego that is the size of the universe, I like abusing smilies, I like abusing tildes, and I tend to be a tad sarcastic :D You couldn't tell, I bet

-Writing Excuses-

Oftentimes when reviewing, I find people use certain excuses and reasons why they can not or will not accept my concrit. These are some of the reasons, and my pre-generated responses, so that I don’t need to repeat myself several thousand times.

Excuse Number One: I’m young!

• This is an excuse used by inexperienced writers who are starting to get their feet off the ground. However, the problem with it is that it’s actually in their best interest to learn now while they’re getting into it. That will allow for them to better themselves early. Either way, this will only shield them temporarily, and there's nothing to stop people from being critical of their work when they're older.

Excuse Number Two: English is not my first language!

• If you want to write in a foreign language, you should be open to people pointing out when you make mistakes in it. That's going to help you learn the language.

Excuse Number Three: I have dyslexia or another, similar disability!

• While it might be unfortunate to have such a disability, they do not impede you from bettering your work. If you have dyslexia, a good beta or a spellcheck can help you.

Excuse Number Four: Don’t like, don’t read!

• This excuse has little logical support. It’s impossible to know whether you’ll like a story before you actually read it. And even beyond that, there are only some cases where this would be considered a valid excuse, none of which I would be included in. For instance, if you are warding off people who dislike a pairing, it could be understandable: “If you don’t like AxB, don’t read this story.” You’re trying to stick to a certain audience and that is fine. However, if I give you a review pointing continuity errors and bad spelling, “don’t like, don’t read” becomes a childish attempt at warding off any negative comments. It’s narcissistic and immature.

Excuse Number Five: Everyone else is doing it!

• This is an excuse heard almost exclusively by those that break the site’s rules. They say that everyone is breaking ‘insert rule’ so it’s okay if you do it. However, just because everyone is performing an action, that doesn't mean the action is preferable. The site has these rules in place for a reason, and you should respect the site by following its rules.

-My Stories-

In the Eye of Evil – A first person narrative that tells an alternate ending to Ocarina of Time. I wrote this piece because I was always interested in Ganondorf’s character and thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if he managed to win for once. This story is complete, and has an incomplete and scrapped sequel.

The Legend of Zelda: To Smite a God – The sequel to In the Eyes of Evil. This story told of a Hyrule where Ganon had attained godlike status and power. The Gerudo were now the ruling race, and the Hylians were reduced to slaves. This story is incomplete and scrapped.

The Bearer of Evil Seeds – A Legend of Zelda and Soul Calibur crossover. In this story, Siegfried goes in search of a land where there is said to be a blade that can defeat both Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. All the while, Link investigates the appearance of a cult in the mountain range. Meant to be a large adventure series in which Link teams up with several Soul Calibur characters in a journey to gather pieces of Soul Edge so that it could eventually be destroyed. This story is incomplete and scrapped.

Metroid: Their Greatest Weapons – A Metroid story set after Fusion. In this story, Samus is found guilty in a trial after the destruction of planet SR388, and is sent on a mission after her trial. The mission, however, is a trap setup by the Space Pirates, who kidnap Samus, and reveal that the Federation had planned for her to be killed. This story is incomplete and scrapped, with a spiritual successor in Invictus Venator.

Disposable Heroes – A short oneshot from Ganon’s perspective. It reveals some of Ganon’s thoughts about Link during his travels, up until near the point of the final climax. Could be considered a prequel to In the Eyes of Evil. Complete.

Creeping Death – A poem from Link’s perspective as he tries to fight Ganon. Could be considered a parallel to In the Eyes of Evil. Complete.

Moratorium of Memory – A Legend of Zelda and Metroid crossover. Samus is sent on a mission, when her ship crash-lands on a mysterious planet. She is found there without her memories, during a time of great struggles and perils. Incomplete, may see a remake in the future.

Awaiting Link – Was meant to be a series of oneshots about what characters are doing while waiting for Link to arrive. Originally meant to be humorous, but the one and only chapter ever made of this ended up taking on a fairly somber tone. I am unsure of whether I will ever make a second chapter, and as such is incomplete.

Princesses Don’t Believe In Fairy Tales – A story written for a contest. It’s a oneshot revolving around Zelda as she waits for Link to return to Hyrule and defeat Ganondorf, and how she is having doubts that he will ever save them. Completed.

Ever Obedient – A oneshot written for a contest. It tells the story of how Ganon and Nabooru once held a relationship, told from Ganon’s perspective, and how it came to be that they had to be enemies. Completed.

Moblins are Trolls – A oneshot written with satire in mind. It pokes fun at the ideas of internet trolls while telling a humorous short of Link fighting his first moblins. Completed, with a sequel being possible.

Adventures in Grooseland – A oneshot written for a contest. It’s a retelling of the scene in Skyward Sword where Groose finds himself in Hyrule. Groose’s characters rubs Link the wrong way, per usual, and Link decides to finally say something to him. Written in about 45 minutes. Completed.

Invictus Venator – My current project. This is the culmination of many years of thought, since I started writing fanfiction and tried writing for Metroid. It’s the spiritual successor of Metroid: Their Greatest Weapons since they have similar plot points, and many of the characters are similar. This story includes the most recent version of my Metroid OC. The plot is partly based on that of your basic post-Fusion Metroid story, in which the Galactic Federation having colluded against Samus Aran. The story will also delve into the Space Pirates lore and culture as well as have a complex plot involving the Kriken Empire, the Galactic Federation, the Space Pirates, the Chozo, and many other Metroid elements, as well as original content I created just for this story.

-Internet Marriages-

I have trouble keeping count of all those I’ve married on all the forums. A lot. This list is probably incomplete, and am keeping here so that I can refer to it when someone calls me ‘hubby’ or something.

Flamey(x5), Talon (x3), Jimmie (x3), Samus/Crane(x3), Sydney (x2), Nida (x2), Frosty(x3), Lally (x2), Maddy, Pasta, Rory, Mars (x4), Carissa, Cookie, Lilli, Toki, Kellie, Angel, Loomi, Middy, Tabby, Moss, Hazel, Scarlet, Tara, Cream, Silver, Wolfie, Ivy, Jess, Hannah, Luna, Quilt, Velvet (x5), Candeh, Snow, Swyfte, Trin, Callie, Shadough

-Hasta La Vista-

I’d say I’ll be back, but I’m not going anywhere.

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