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My lovely, wonderful and beautiful people!

Thank you all for coming on my fanfiction page!

Please read away!

I've only done one story so far, I've always loved writing. I used to do a lot when i was younger, like crappy high school musical stories lol back in days! Kinda grown up since high school musical... hmmm

i hate writing about myself, I think thats why I love writing so much is because i'm not actually writing about me, I'm writing about other people. That's why i'm not gonna talk me... you don't need to know anything about me...my age, my name (Libby Ssshh) or anything like that. You know where I'm from the UK, cause it says it write up their hehehe. you're here to nose aren't you? lol

Cut the silliness now lol...

As you can tell by my the picture, yes i love the walking dead been a fan since it came out in the UK. I have a huge thing for Norman Reedus.

I'm not gonna sit here and make a list of every celebrities! I can tell you one! (Johnny Depp)

I can tell you what shows i love ...

Buffy the vampire slayer

Breaking bad

orange is the new black

My mad fat dairy

The walking dead

Vampire dairies

fresh meat (UK Show)

I can't bothered to list anymore, but watch out for any of the following in that list, could be a story soon. (i think if i get round to it lol ((at least I'm honest))


If I don't get a chapter out on time, weeks, months and years (i hope not years) but I work a lot you see, and before i just had a computer no laptop, and iPad wouldn't let me upload shit, fucking thing! but now that i've just brought a new laptop i can take it to work :) and write some motherfucking chapters! (i hope)

My job is full time, (You know when i said I'm not gonna tell you anything about me, well I'm going to tell one thing) I'm a carer, I work for the disabled. So it's really hard work and tiring.

also another little fun fact about me, i have dyslexia. Writing has helped me a lot, I'm sorry if I've missed spelt words or missed some out.

I'm always so grateful for reviews and followers :) makes me smiles, so thank you for those who have so far. You guys can always inbox me! I can have a lovely chat at anytime. (when I'm not sleeping, of course...or showering, alright you get the point.)

Well it is 1:15 in the morning here in the UK and I'm rather bloody tired!

Oh Thanks for taking your time out for reading this (a load of bull shit really ssshhh)

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