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Author has written 2 stories for Halo, and Teen Titans.

I don't have much to say. Read my works, or not. If you don't I won't kill you, but if you read, I'll be that little bit happier. As for flaming, I'm not going to lie. I'm just going to ignore you outright, for the rest of time itself. And if I have to keep on living forever, to do just that, then I will.

If you want to talk to me about anything story-related, or anything else, then chuck me a line at: Festyfeline@hotmail.com. If I ignore you, or don't reply when I'm signed in, it's because I blocked you, and I think you're an idiot. I don't want to talk to you, and I doubt I ever will.

Oh, and if you're ever on X-Box Live, look out for BadCatRabiez. That crazy cat.

I respect intelligence, and grammar, and spelling, and humour. Good humour, mind you. I also like people who show good sportsmanship.

I am willing to beta-read for other people, as long as their story is based on something I'm interested in. Which is, lemme check... a quite extensive list:

Bionicle, Halo, Gears of War, Half Life (1&2), Love Hina, Evangelion, Naruto,Teen Titans, Pokemon, Doctor Who, Original works... more will be added.

But, I'm not going for the whole extensive life story thing here, so I'll keep it short and sweet.

Okay, I'm just about done... but then again, wait a second, I almost forgot.


Corey W. Smith, or Cylor, as you may know him, is one of the greatest writers I know. The guy's been a major help in many ways, not just with my writing, but has also been something of an inspiration. So, check out his profile.

Another great friend of mine is a guy many of you don't know, and never will. GWRedwall, stand up and take a bow. His intelligence, political savvy and overall awesomeness are things I could aspire to. So, thanks.

Hopalongtom is a great friend, and The Mutato is the greatest Halo 3 online player I have so far met, as well as an all-around cool guy.

And, apart from that the only people I know are The Phiend and August Drake, who I honestly think I should be punishing instead of praising. :p

And the guys (and girl) at Lusitaniaonline.net: , who got me well on the road to becoming a far better writer.

The crew at Bungie.net: , whose 1337-spouting 'tude and willingness to overthrow Microsoft inspired me.

And last, but not least, BZPower, , who are a great community, no less.

I could have added this elsewhere, but I'm a stubborn fool who would drive himself to death if only to prove a point.

This may seem like a totally random thing to add to a profile of any sort, let alone a fanfiction.net profile. But, what can I tell you? I like Halo, and I like teh Reconz.

101 Reasons you can has Recon:

1. Of course you created the great wall map, we all know Lintendo stole it from you.
2. Your uncle works at Bungie.
3. You actually used to be evilcam but he stole your account. Duh.
4. You are the BEST Halo 3 fan in the whole world! (Get in line, mate).
5. You has SUP3R CANSIR!
6. You don't want it anyway so IT WOULDNT MATTER IF YOU GOT IT.
7. Lukems said you would get it but forgot to give it to you.
8. You posted your gamer tag.
9. You got the helmet tattooed on your chest.
10. You have been playing since the first Halo and bought the game before any of your friends.
11. You fly a Pelican to work.
12. Cause you are doing it for your sick cousin who is dying of a brain tumor and the last thing he wants is to has recon.
13. You're Luke's lover
14. You ran over George Bush in a Warthog.
15. You bought Luke a steak.
16. You honk for noobs.
17. You killed a cone. Revenge is sweet!
18. It's just not fair!
19. For the first time you wrote a sentence beginning with a capital letter! yay!
20. You bought the legendary edition of Halo 3! That's really rare! cough
21. You own a pet grunt. Aren't they cute?
22. You said please.
23. You're the reason Frankie's bald.
24. You will nuke Bungie HQ.
25. You promote Drunk Driving. And I will press charges.
26. You made a map that never got into Bungie favourites.
27. You sent your girlfriend fowers that you made with guns in forge.
28. You counted to infinity
29. You ran around the world so fast you punched yourself in the back of the head and now you need a helm to cover up the scar.
30. You found Ling Ling's head.
31. You get picked up by a Elephant to go to school.
32. You killled the Guardians.
33. You're Frankie's brother's uncle's sister's nephew's mom's friend from daycare.
34. You asked the dentist to split your jaw into 4 parts just so you could break one off and be like half jaw.
35. You told your girlfriend to get naked and blue like Cortana.
36. Because if Recon ran for president, it would win.
37. You swear you saw a recon wearing green guy jump out of your trash can.
38. Your friend has it and when he kills you he teabags you and says "U can haz Reconz nuts in your face".
39. Because you will go play CoD4 if you don't get it!
40. You are the love child of the holy trinity that is Chuck Norris, Mr. T, and Vin Diesel.
41. You ate half the recon helmet, so you might as well give him the other half.
42. You tea bagged a Bungie employee and your nuts caught on fire.
43. You can't tell me I can't have recon armor. You're not the boss of me.
44. You added an 8th column.
45. Your a hacker who will gets it anyways, might as well hand it over...
46. Because you slammed a revolving door.
47. You asked the question with correct grammer. ''Can I HAVE Recon.
48. You send nude photos of yourself to the Bungie team on a regular basis.
49. Your head is so hidious it should be covered up with Recon.
50. You made an 8th step to bungie's plan for world domination.
51. You listen to this song while playing matchmaking.
52. Because your not dumb enough to let a traffic cone hit you in the head.
53. Instead of a Rubber Ducky you have a Rubber Recon bobbing along in the bath.
54. You set fire to your hair every morning. (Flaming Recon)
55. You Rick Roll'd a forum Ninja
56. Because soon it'll be 2012, and you will need somthing to protect your head from the apocalypse.
57. Because everybody sucks but you.
58. Because your dad could beat up Frankie's dad.
59. Because you will tell your mom if you don't.
60. Your friend said he would hurt you if you don't get it for him.
61. Your voice is a Microsoft Sam voice.
62. You teabag to fitness Halo style.
63. You've posted more repeated threads than anyone else.
64. You payed 3,000 people to stand outside Bungie's office all wearing fake Recon helmets and T-shirts with your GT on them.
65. You bought the statue of liberty and changed the head of it to a Recon helmet.
66. Because Cortana was your valentine.
67. You shall need recon to battle the evil gremlin empire far out in the galaxy.
68. Santa promised recon for Christmas, time to deliver.
69. Because if you can't has it, Arnold will kill you!.
70. You killed Yoozel by making him laugh to death with your latest screen shot.
71. You come up with better ways than this.
72. You claim the easter bunny left you Reconz n' a egg.
73. You mail your dog to Bungie and stick a note to it saying "Please find enclosed 1xLing Ling's head."
74. You found out that George Bush is related to those monkey people on Sierra 117.
75. You finally figured out why you couldnt invite the Arbiter to Machmaking.
76. You left your mark VI at the cleaners.
77. Because in Soviet Russia recon armor wears you!
78. You forged Zanzibar on Last Resort.
79. You ask your GF to dress up as Cortana to do a pole-dance for you everyday.
80. You found Ling Ling's toes.
81. You can has recon because you blamed stosh for it.
82. Becuase that noob headshotted you.
83. You cured Super Cancer.
84. You swearz you never camped in Snowbound.
85. Because Recon killed the dinosaurs.
86. When you tried to melee, it said "out of order".
87. Because you've been shooting that boss for like four hours.
88. You have a dartboard with the word Sony on it.
89. You voted for Bush.
90. You have over 700 gigs of seeexaaaay pr0nz!!!
91. You want to be an individual.
92. You "Googled" Chuck Norris.
93. You managed to drown a fish underwater.
94. Because my uncle works for Xbox Live...
95. You photo shopped MC into all your family photos
96. You ran down 5 hippies in your car and heard a voice yell "Splatter spree!"
97. You framed Roger Rabbit.
98. Because a dog hit me over the head and took my lunch money.
99. You fitted your head into the legendery edition helmet and want to upgrade.
100. You actually got Bungie to believe the sniper rifle is flawed.
101. You made a thread showcasing 101 reasons you can has recon. cough

Thanks to bffdgdfgdf (Simon) for coming up with the idea behind this list, and for adding my line (97) to it. :)

And, here's the link to the original Bungie.net thread.

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