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Konnichiwa Minna

I'm RICEA42991, you probably know me as hardcore anime fan from other sites. In case you don't, I'll introduce myself. I'm mainly a lover of shoujo anime, mostly magical girl anime, my first and #1 being Sailor Moon, but I also love other types of anime like Mazinger Z, Sonic, and Voltron. Anime isn't my only love however, I have a wide variety of interests including comics; but anime/manga is my strong point. Animation of all sorts in general, I say is for all ages not just kids.

In fanfiction weither it's writing or reading; I always say everyone has a right to love their own choice of pairing. Weither it exists as official pairing in the show, or completly fan-made. Weither odd or not. I myself have weird pairings that not many fans like, as well as I don't like other pairings that other fans like. Fanfiction and fandom in general should be a place where fans can like as they choose, and have their own tastes. This can all be in harmony as long as all keep in mind their fan pairings are fan-made. When it comes to comparing it to the official show/series; that's another story. I always say as long as they keep that in mind, and sepreate fandom from the official story; then all is well.

I'm fairly new at writing fanfiction; despite being a reader of fanfics since the site started. I've always loved the art of writing and literature, so even if I don't consider myself a great fanfic writer; and since I'm not going to be a author anytime soon; I finally now started doing fanfics, thanks to the urging of my fan friends online. I'm not the best so please no flaming.

I have the habit going beyond somtimes in theories/research of some shows weither it's anime or not, but that does not mean I want to be known as a know-it-all. I just get riled up when talking of something I'm a fan of lol.


P.S. Also I'm not a huge fan of yaoi, yuri or slash. I'm no hater I just don't like those type of pairings, neither am I a huge fan of them.

For more info of me, check out my youtube page. Ja Ne

Some of Fav Pairings

Sailor Moon







Rini/Chibi-Usa - Helios


Yaten-Michiru/Michelle(theres this one doujinshi that hilarous About them and the lipstick scene)


Prince Diamond-Emerald



Stories to be written/planning to be written/early draft getting planned/idea to get settled

W.I.T.C.H. : Beyond Twlight Zone

Status: Idea to get settled

This is still a faint idea that I got for a fic but to say a bit it will be inspired by DC & Marvel Comics, and alot from Sailor Moon, so yes there will be alot of twists. My friends have been telling me to write it down as it seems good me being a moonie and W.I.T.C.H fan like so much other I should write it.

Sonic The Hedgehog : The Battle with The Mobius

Status: Idea getting settled

Again this is still a faint idea of what popped into my head while chatting with another. I do know this is going to be dealing with the forsaken Mobius and it's outake, but instead of just being Archie it will be more of Sonic X, and having just a few Archie characters plus Mobius. Beware my first Sonic fic despite loving the series since it started, be nice. Anyways I do know this will be for Sonamy fans and Sally haters, Also for Julie-Su lovers, and Shadouge lovers, but don't worry this will center more on Sonic and his dealings, then the Su's. They will be more like a side character.

Pocahontas : Nakoma's World

Status: Early Draft getting planned

Now this is a big one. It seems there are little Poca/Koccoum fans out there, and me and Schrieiend agree that he was never a bad man, but a caring protective one. Since Schrieiend is already making a awesome fanfic of Poca and him together, I decided to let my imagination fly, and put what I always thought into a fic. Nakoma was always a favorite side character of mine in Pocahontas, she was a true friend, even though she got Poca into trouble, so did she for covering for her. Despite what her people would've said, and herself fearing the settlers she didn't say anything, and covered for Poca. I disliked what they did to her in the sequel, so I decided to put this somewhat ignored character in the spotlight. Plus if there are few Poca/Koccoum fans then there's less of these pairings. It'll explain what Nacoma went through in the first and she really she's about to suffer and been suffering. This one will also have a trailer.

The Proud Family : The truth beyond Johnny Lovely

Status:Early Draft to be planned soon

I really love The Proud Family for it's difference compared to all other shows, but really my favorite episode was of Johnny Lovely. He was so suave and cute spainard, and seem to have some chemistry with Penny compared to all the other girls. Plus the episode was with so mystery that I always wished they added more to it, and so I'm making my own wish come true. On to what I saw on Johnny Lovely. It will be extremly different due to the show's outcome, but I will be making it seem more grim, sad, and neglectful.

For more updates on all my stories check out my request list on my DA account

These aren't even half of what I got jumbling in my mind lol

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