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Name: My name? My name is Flame.

Gender: Male

Location: You really think I'm gonna tell you where I live?

Species: Human? Not quite. I am the last of the Istari, and I see it my duty to pass on our stories to you.

Appearance: I look human, but am I really one of them? Brown hair. Average height. Eyes that change color. Glasses.

Things that I like? Reading, writing, and dragons. I love to sleep, but never seem to get enough of it.

I'm always thinking of stories in my head, and I love reading fanfics, so I've decided to give a shot at writing my own.

I appologize if I do not update as often as you would like. I do not have Internet at home(GASP) so I have to update wherever and whenever I can.

I also appologize, but the writing process is taking longer than originally thought. I hope to finish and begin to update soon. Thanks for all you have read so far. Hang in a little longer. I do not have internet at home.

I have seen the following several times before. I realized that each one can be applied to me.

1. If you have ever had done something or said something that made perfect sense to your real friends and only caused your "peers" to look at you strangely and roll their eyes, copy and paste this into your profile.

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If you could read that put it in your profile!

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