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Sorry for the freaking long gap in updating anything at ALL, but I would like to tell you that I am still planning on rewriting That's What You Get and Oops, She Did it Again!. It has just been somewhat difficult in doing that lately, which I'm going to explain to you.

I first wrote those stories when I was 15/16 years old. I'm twenty now, and my Twilight obsession has long since passed.
(in favor of other things, of course.) In addition, we've had two family moves since those stories were around, and I graduated high school, got a job, and pretty much regained a somewhat weak hold on reality.
My writing style has improved greatly, which I am proud of, yet at the same time I have been in the angsty genre lately, as opposed to the humor/crack you all are familiar with. I'm not sure why, as I have absolutely nothing going on in real life that would ever inspire such things for me to write about.

In addition, since I don't have the original files for either one of the stories, it has been quite difficult to remember what some of the chapters even consisted of. Hence the reason why I haven't reposted anything.

However, I still very much plan to put the two of them up again. In fact, it won't be two stories.
Since That's What You Get was fifty chapters long, I will be splitting it up into a trilogy.
TWYG Part 1&2, as well as O,SDIA! They won't have the same titles of course.
I think by this point I could come up with something better. :P

Until the re-postings come around, I bid thee adieu.