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I am a mother of three daughters, who's read all 7 HP books with each of them. Like most of us here, I am HP addicted.

I find Voldemort one of the most interesting characters in the HP universe. Let's face it, without him, the books would have been pretty boring. I have actually written a story about that, called 'Harry Potter's Happy Life'. It's a really boring story, LOL. I wrote it just to show how much we need Voldemort in the HP world. I know some people don't like him, but without, HP wouldn't be anywhere near as amazing as it is now!

I have written a few stories, but they are all on

My id here is different from the one on, I am sjauthor there, not spauthor. Unfortunately, sjauthor was taken on this site, and so was sj_author. So for lack of any better ideas, I picked spauthor instead.

The 's' in 'sjauthor' stands for 'Sally', as in 'Sally-Anne Perks', a little known character who gets a mention in the Sorcerer's Stone, she is sorted just before Harry is. I have made her the main character in my largest story, called 'Sally'. This story is huge (75 fairly long chapters), and completed. I am re-writing it for this site and posting the new version here.

I really like to read fanfiction. But I don't like slash! I usually skip any story with slash in it, but occasionally, I make an exception if I feel a story may contain more than just slash. But the slash scenes do make me cringe.

I mostly like to read stories about either Voldemort/Tom Riddle, and/or Draco. I like the other HP characters too, but those two are my favorites so I usually look for them.

I like to see Voldemort/Tom Riddle mostly in character, i.e. evil. I do believe he is human and therefore can develop some feelings, but I could never see him as all fluffy and soft. I don't like it when he falls hopelessly head over heels in love, especially not if he then also gets married and becomes a loving father. I have read too many stories with him that start really well, but then fall into that trap. It really disappoints me.

As far as Draco is concerned, I like to see him in character too, but I see him as good inside with a hard outside shell. I can see him go any direction, from really bad to really good. I don't mind stories with him falling in love, getting married and becoming a father, as I can certainly see that happening for him.

I do very much dislike it when the main character in a story gets pregnant, as usually, after that, the story becomes WAY too "normal". A great deal of my life has consisted of pregnancies/breastfeeding/dealing with small children, so when I read fanfiction, I really just want to immerse myself in a world away from such normalcies. Give me good looks, love, sex, adventure, violence and magic, rather than fat pregnant bellies, diapers, crying babies, sleepless nights, nursing and tantrums. At least in fanfiction, please!

In my stories, my main character will never get pregnant (not during the story, anyway). Even marriage is extremely unlikely.

Favorite quote: "A happy ending is just a story that hasn't finished yet" - Mrs. Smith (from Mr. and Mrs. Smith)

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