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I currently have a Zelda story in the works, but for some reason it's taking longer than I thought it would. So, in the meantime, I'm posting some House fanfics I've written a while ago yet haven't posted to ff.net yet. Most of them are written in response to a prompt table I'm working on, which is the reason for the numbers/random words at the top of each.


It's been awhile, hasn't it?

I suppose I needed a break from writing after my exhausting composition class of last semester, which threw me to the ground and trampled me. Now, I have joyfully leapt back into the saddle and am once more charging ahead. :) Expect to see me more often (err...well, not see, but you know what I mean, I'm sure).


Oceans and Oceans is finished! This story started out as a means for me to answer some of my own questions about Windwaker, and I hope you've also found it useful in this manner. It did not turn out like I wanted it to, really, but I think I'm okay with it. I actually had a completely different ending planned when I started writing this, but I couldn't resist the one I ended up posting. I hope you enjoyed reading it! :)


For those of you who have just finished chapter twelve of Oceans and Oceans I kindly remind you that there is still one chapter left. Don't hate me quite yet. Also, I think some of you are straying away from Her Smile Held Summer because you think I wrote another sad story. I promise, HSHS is not a tragedy; give it a chance. :)


I would like to extend a gracious thanks to all of you who have read my stories. It always makes my day to come home and read your thoughts in a review or notice that you alerted/favorited something of mine. Just seeing the hit count go up is nice! It's really encouraging, and I also just like reading what you have to say. Thanks again to all of you!


I apologize for late updates/lack of posting. These past few weeks have been incredibly busy, as our theatre department was frantically trying to put a musical together. Now, however, I have much more free time. I have a few stories fermenting in my head that I am excited to write, so hopefully you'll see some new stuff posthaste! (I know some of my recent stuff is a little depressing. To lighten things up, I have a couple fun one-shot ideas forming, and I'm trying to start a lighthearted chapter story.)

Quick facts! I am:

-in high school (hurrah for stress)

-a lover of everything literary (except for my American Literature teacher)

-happiest on stage/doing anything related to theatre

-a gamer

-a member of the NFL (to clarify--that's the National Forensic League)

-slightly obsessed with the English language/words

-an Aries

-a hero to spiders

-random, but terrible at writing humor

-misanthropic when it comes to relationships in my own life but am really a hopeless romantic

I am a fan of:

-The Legend of Zelda games (I'd have to say my favorite is Ocarina of Time, with Twilight Princess as a close second)

-The Elder Scrolls (I have an addiction to Oblivion that is probably hazardous)

-the Tales series (admittedly, I've only played Symphonia and Abyss, but I love them both)

-Arrested Development (if only Fox wasn't a horrendously stupid network...)

-Pokemon (a childhood love I recently unearthed and clung to once more)

Current Favorite:

-band/artist: Sufjan Stevens

-book: Atlas Shrugged

-author: Ray Bradbury

-pasttime: writing

-video game: Okami

-word: mirthquake

Stories In Progress:

Dictionary dot com Word of the Day Series

These are stories based off a singular word; more specifically, one of Dictionary dot com's Words of the Day. I do this when I need a bit of inspiration or just want to challenge myself a little bit. I highly recommend doing this if you are stuck in a story or need a new idea. Just one little word can go a long way, I've found. Anyway, this is the list of one-shots I've written in this series yet (and posted; a couple need to be touched up) and their corresponding words. (Many thanks to Dictionary dot com!)

Taste the Rainbow (repletion--6/6/08)

Her Smile Held Summer (patina--5/31/08)

Under the Roses (sub rosa--5/3/08)

In the City by the River (maelstrom--4/28/08)

Polygamy and Politics (camarilla--4/5/08)

Stories In Progress of Becoming In Progress (i.e.--I need to get around to writing them)

Vocal Chords (Legend of Zelda)

Probably rated K+ or T. AU Link/Zelda. Might be a one shot, but I think this will be a chapter story. It won't be terribly long, though. Still working out the details, but Link is a pianist. I've already got the tagline written, too; now I just need to write the actual story. Something along the lines of: "Zelda decided a long time ago that words really couldn't describe her relationship with Link. Then again, words have never had much to do with it."

I've gotten a good start on this one, but I need to figure out where it's going next. Hopefully forthcoming soon.

Project: GENESIS (Pokemon)

Probably rated M, maybe T. My first Pokemon fanfiction, so this'll be interesting. It's in the process of being written. (I try to write the majority of a chapter fic before I post it). A darker side to the Pokemon world. The characters are all basically adults. There's not too much I can say without giving things away, so I'll just wrap it up ambiguously: the old crew faces a new threat.

I've gotten a good 7000 words of this written, but I need to rearrange it and add some more things before I feel comfortable with posting the first chapter. Should be coming pretty soon, though.

Universal Disclaimer:

I do not claim to own any of the characters or elements from whatever anime/book/cartoon/comic/game/movie/or tv show I may write a fanfiction about. I understand perfectly well that I do not own these things I am writing fanfiction about. (I'd have to say that's pretty obvious, too; does anyone actually say: "I TTLY oWnz ZELdaa!?" Whatever. I know I do not, in any case).

Parting Words:

True Ease in Writing comes from Art, not Chance,
As those move easiest who have learn'd to dance.
-Alexander Pope, "An Essay on Criticism"

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