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Author has written 5 stories for Kim Possible, Harry Potter, and Justice League.

(Updated Saturday May 18 2015)

21 year-old male with a wide variety of fan interests, mostly, at the moment, being Justice League and Kim Possible. As far as fan fiction goes, my three non-related Kim Possible stories (titled Hate, Crash, and He Did With Me) are currently on hiatus, though I full-well intend to finish them. Hate currently has six chapters up, as does Crash, and He Did With Me has three. I also have a Harry Potter anthology story going, which I post new chapters to periodically. At this exact moment, my focus is on Justice League: Off the Record, which is based off the Justice League/Justice League Unlimited cartoon.

If you are a fan of my Kim Possible stories, please read below:

I meant to finish all three of the stories years ago, but various things have occurred which took my attention away. At this moment, I consider Hate, Crash, and He Did With Me to be on hiatus. That said, I hope to begin working on them beginning this upcoming August or September. As of this type, I do not own a personal computer or laptop, so it's difficult at the moment to put my full attention behind it. I am working on my Justice League story when possible, to ensure that I don't stop writing (if I stop writing for a long period of time, it's more difficult for me to get back into it). I do apologize for the length of time it's taken me to publish and complete these three stories. Though they will get done, it saddens me that they've been this delayed. Nonetheless, in time, they will be done.

I'm always happy to chat, and I love reviews, so do with these words as you wish.

As for future story ideas, here they are (I'm just listing thoughts; I haven't began writing anything you'll see below these words, nor have I mentally thought much about the plots, other than the basics. More so, I am under no obligation of writing any of these story ideas if I feel, in a future time, I can't do so - with that said, I plan on writing each story, and have planned out when I would start each one):

1. A romance between Ron and Yori, with Kim complicating things (most likely to be just one chapter, albeit a long chapter).

2. An alternate universe where Ron moved to Norway... and stayed (shorter story, most likely, and highly drama-esque).

3. A vignette-type story in which each chapter is through a different character's point of view. (Don't want to give the actual plot away yet, but it will be intense, and perhaps hard for some people to read - I came up with the plot a while back, so any current events had no effect on my decision to write it, so fair warning).

4. A sequel to He Did With Me, which will be very drawn out, detailed, and time-oriented. Sort of an epic adventure, in a way.

(Yes, I know my profile's boring, but I'm far from an exciting guy).

I wanted to list some assumptions that I hold for each story. Read more below (divided by story) for a clearer understanding.


Assumptions: I have a complete calendar of events completed for this story. I don't know if there's a proper way to post this online (i.e. in calendar format), but I do know if you have any questions related to the time-line, I'll be able to answer you.

This story takes place November of Kim and Ron's Junior Year of High school.

"Jestive" is a word meaning jovial.

Ron's family, while not orthodox, do partake in Jewish religious services every week in the form of Temple (taking place on Saturday morning). Ron is a willing and eager participant in these services.

Middleton, at least as far as this specific story is concerned, is located in Indiana (the time-zone difference between Middleton and Luxembourg implies this, but I wanted to clearly state this).


Assumptions: This has no relation to Hate, and is not chronological as far as any other story is concerned.

This story takes place early December of Kim and Ron's Junior Year of High School.

The twins (Jim and Tim) running outside after Ron and his family drive away have nothing at all to do with the car crash - at the time, I didn't even consider people would think that, so I wanted to make that clear here.

Kim and Ron are friends, and neither one has romance on their minds.

Dr. Higgs is no more than 33 years old (not terribly crucial, but I wish to make it clear he is not as experienced as other doctors).

Ron's parents are named Martin and Elaine.

The twins were born by the events Chapter five, and while I don't see a good place to state it in the chapter, are at a daycare facility at the time of the accident Ron has.

He Did With Me:

Assumptions: I have a time-line spanning from Kim's high school years to her post college years, so if there are any time-related questions, don't hesitate to ask.

This story takes place in May of 2010, a few months after the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was signed into law (as referenced by Ron in Chapter 2).

IMPORTANT: Kim's birthday is March 18th, and her freshmen year of high school took began in 1999 (meaning she was born in the late 1980's).

Kim begins dating Josh around the end of her Junior year of College. Both Ron and Kim graduated college in 2007.

Ron and Kim are 25 years old at the beginning of this story.

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