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'Empress B. what does your name mean?'

Well kiddies, if I told you you won't like me much, but O.K. Empress B means Empress Bitch, because that's what I am.

Yes, I admit it right out, I'm a bitch, so please, if you feel I've critiqued your story unfairly, when you send me an angry p.m.- and someone is bound to do it- don't call me that, because I already know. But anyway, back to business, I don't flame, I give sometimes harsh- but necessary- critiques, but never flame. And yes, there is a difference.

A harsh but necessary critique: 'Your char is a S(t)ue, please, for all of us, start over on the character design and give him/her some flaws, and no, being emo (although it's annoying) is not a flaw, neither is cutting (it is stupid though), and NO being so beautiful that it's a draw back is NOT a flaw.'

A flame: 'Your char f!cking sucks!! Just have him/her raped already, we know you're dying to do it!!! Then you can go have him/her cut themselves so they can just f!cking die!!!'

See the difference? Both are rather harsh, but the first is much nicer. And alot more helpful.

And no, you will never see me post a story on this account, because if someone feels I've 'flamed' them then they'll just go and really flame everyone of my other stories. Trust me, it's happen before, and that's why I made this account. Well, that's pretty much all I can think of right now, although I'm sure I'll add more later...

Ciao for now then,

Empress B.