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Poll: Do you think I should write a story that revolves around Lizu and her past, present and future? The other characters from 'Of Crystals Born' will make appearances, but Lizu will, for all intents and purposes, be the main character. Vote Now!
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Author has written 12 stories for Final Fantasy VII, Inuyasha, and Elder Scroll series.

Name - Spiritslayer (Real Name - Unimportant)
Age - 27
Gender - Male
Interests (in order of preference) - Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim community mods, Elder Scrolls Online, writing, Skyrim modding (in my learning phase!)
Favorite Music - Within Temptation, Tarja, Ayumi Hamasaki, Nobuo Uematsu, Kamelot, Shinedown, Muse

Work has begun on Invasion, the sequel to Eventide! It's taken me a while to decide on one path for the story to follow, but I finally have a basic idea. It's going to be quite a story - and tragic at times.

In other news, I have begun planning a Dawnguard story; I even have the main character picked out. At this point, it's now a matter of 'what spins can I put on it?' and 'how do I arrive at X/Y/Z?'. Fun stuff. Aggravating, since I can't bring myself to write it on this tablet, but yes.

I have also begun pondering the best way for me to branch out into the League of Legends fandom. I have three story ideas on that front, all of which saw progress before both computers stopped working... I always enjoyed the lore in League (what little there was, anyway) and while the new lore is... interesting, they just sort of... ripped everything to shreds. They could have written a legitimate reason for the Institute's downfall, or the disbanding of the League... but nope. One huge X over the entire past lore of LoL.

I'm going to take things one at a time, though. No computer means no easy means of writing, so I have time to consider stuff in the meantime.


Finished Stories

The Galian - Contending with inner demons, both figurative and literal, can be difficult to manage alone. This holds especially true for Vincent Valentine, who, six months after Meteorfall, is busy trying to live his life once more. When he runs into Tifa Lockheart for the first time in six months, however, his entire life seems to change.

What Could Have Been - This one-shot will remain just that, as the ending would see the world destroyed.

Of Crystals Born - The sequel to The Galian. Vincent and Tifa's relationship is slowly going full-swing, but there are two people who want to interfere with not just them, but all their Meteorfall friends, as well. An old enemy's appearance, a new enemy aiding the old enemy's venture, and a controversial ally all emerge to put the bond between Vincent, Tifa and all their friends to the test.

Three Lives - My first Yuffentine, and it seems to have been received fairly well. I do realize that Yuffie swearing up a storm as she does in this one-shot is highly unlikely, but hey, what else is a frustrated ninja to do? In all, it's the outburst, interestingly enough, that makes the story stand out, I think.

The Imp and the Child - A small deviation from my favored FFVII fanfic writings. This small Inuyasha one-shot is just a small conversation between Jaken and Rin, primarily about why Rin follows Sesshomaru around, and why he doesn't seem to mind it. I think this is a very nice story; it doesn't say anything definitive about any of the characters, nor does it cement anything. It's all very open-ended, even with the end result. If only I could do more stories like this one...

Flames - My first Elder Scrolls series fic! First Ambassador Elenwen has sent her favorite and best Operative to aid Ancano in taking the College of Winterhold's knowledge for the Aldmeri Dominion. What does she do, though, when the one mer she thought she was closest to defects? Can she sway their mind and fix everything before a visitor from Alinor arrives in Skyrim and takes matters into his own hands?

I Am Dragonborn - Following the events of Flames, Mia and Adalla set off for Solstheim as they'd originally planned, to confront Miraak together. Shortly after arriving, however, Mia is made painfully aware of her own shortcomings. Can she come to terms with a past that still haunts her, and accept the blood that flows through her veins as the gift that many consider it to be... or will she become lost to her nightmares, fears and self-loathing? Can she do it fast enough to prevent the storied First Dragonborn from returning to Solstheim, or is the frigid island doomed?

Stories in Progress

Throw Me A Shovel, I've Hit Bottom - This light-hearted story is a deviation from the serious stories I've written lately. It revolves around Cloud and Elena, but that doesn't necessarily make them a pairing... Working on eighth chapter, though I will admit, I need to regain my bearings with the entire story. Before my old computer crashed, I had some inkling as to what I was aiming for... I had a definitive train of thought. Sadly, that train has derailed and crashed, and I need to try recovering what's left over before it burns away. Will get Ch. 8 up whenever I can manage it.

The Dying Stream - Suspended indefinitely until I can hit a desperately needed breakthrough.

All In - For Vex, theft is like breathing and walking; it just comes naturally to her. When Mercer Frey pushes her too far, however, she quits the Guild and attempts to strike out on her own! She has revenge on her mind, and with the help of a new ally, she intends to take something from the Guild that she couldn't take from them while she was one of them... their stranglehold on Skyrim's thievery! Can she and her ally bring the Thieves Guild down another notch, and make a name for themselves in Skyrim's underworld?!

Invasion - The Thalmor control Skyrim, and have inherited a rather peculiar problem in the wilds - armies of daedra! Every day is a non-stop struggle to survive against an enemy that cares for nothing but destroying Tamriel, and the people of Skyrim are slowly losing the fight! Fortunately, there exist several heroes who are willing to take a stand against the infernal forces arrayed against them, and even try forcing them out and sealing them out of Skyrim. Unfortunately, these daedra are a foe unfamiliar to all of them - and that, coupled with tensions between some of the heroes, may only spell out their own certain deaths...

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