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:3 'Ello, everyone! I'm Kyoha Yagami and if you write Death Note fanfiction, I've probably read it! Except yaoi and lemon, which probably eliminates two thirds of all fanfiction... Anyways, I love to make and read about original characters. I have written one published fic, "Light is Drunk" and one question and answer fic, "Ask the Death Note cast!"

And to my "Ask the Death Note cast!" fans, the questions shall go till the end of July! I'm so sorry, I'm feeling so procrastinative these past few weeks. ;-;

Name: Kyoha Yagami (Fake name in case Kira is real)

Oh em gee, I'm Canadian.. D:

Favourite Anime: DEATH NOTE... Phoenix Wright series /though not a anime/, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star.

Favourite thing to eat: Sweets...

Habits: Sitting with one or two knees to my chest, /I did that before Death Note/, dramatic mood changes /Like earlier today I was listening to Motekke! Sailor Fuku and Caramelldansen and such, but now I'm listening to Zetsubou Billy.. aha.../ using foreslashes instead of brackets /like now!/ and staring into space.

Favourite music: Japanese music. I hate english music, the lyrics creep me out. 'Touch my body, throw me on the floor?' What the hell?

Favourite Pairings: MattxSayu, KlavierxEma, MattxOC, MelloxOC, LightxOC, MelloxMatt, LightxMisa, TrucyxApollo, PhoenixMaya, GumshoexMaggey.

Random characters I own: Kyoha Yagami /obviously/ Mello the Pixie and Matt the Fairy. /If I can get the damn scanner to work then I'll get the pictures I drew up on deviantart...

I ish probably the biggest anime fan among my friends... no, even in my whole school... at least 70 percent of my money is used for anime/manga.

How much of a Death Note fan am I? Well... All my thoughts include Death Note in some way, I try to tie Death Note into my short stories in class, I own all the Death Note manga including 13 and Another Note, I read and write Death Note fanfiction, I watched all the Death Note episodes, I'm trying to convince my mother to let me buy the plushies and I named my cell phone Matt Jeevas. Though I missed some things, there you go. xD

The smilies that you'll see me use: D, ;D, :D, D;, xD, :3, ;3, ._., =.=, -_-, o.o, O_O, and T_T, in order. My favourite is D: xD.


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Ask the Death Note Cast! reviews
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