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...The work is finished

Okay, not one of my better poems, but ah well... it doesn't really fit me, either:)


Nyita... ok, jk, but I like that name!


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Um. I live in Ontario, Canada... try to find me now, suckas!!

Fave thing to write FanFics about

I don't know... I like a lot of things, my account's just started, and I guess... well, so far I have 2 Danny Phantom ones... I'm thinking of doing one for Jacqueline Wilson's The Diamond Girls... or another of her books... (see fic ideas) but Danny it'll have to be so far!!

Fave Books

Hmm, tough one. I like so many!

I guess... anything by Meg Cabot, anything by JK Rowling, I also like cool stories about history, like 'Life of A Princess in History...' okay, so I made that one up, but the general summary of that title fits to my liking! I also enjoy reading Asterix, and other comics like that, like Tintin, I guess... I have since I was, like, 7, so I'm okay with that sort of thing. Oh, yeah, I love Artemis Fowl, can't wait for the Time Paradox, and that book, 'Esperanza Rising'- has anyone ever read that book? It's pretty good! Okay I like TONS but I just can't fit them all in here!! I've missed out so many!! Oh, and Jacqueline Wilson books, o' course. Well. When I was a little younger, they felt like they were so much better. U no what, I'll do a list:



~Fave self-written FanFic~

Ummm... since I abandoned all a while ago, I really can't say.

Fave pairings:


-Ginny/Harry (well, duh. And I liked that when the 2ND book came out!!)
-Ron/Hermione (let's just say I did this a year ago...)
-Lee/Cho (I have my ideas...)


-Elizabeth/Norrington (ADORABLE!! did you SEE the look he gave her before he died?? SOO PERFECT!! BUT THEN HE DIED!! WAAAAAAAA... I'm okay...)
-Elizabeth/Will- (cute- I guess...)
-Mr. One-eye and Calypso(-- sorry, forgot the name!! I liked it when he corrected Barbossa and told Calypso that thing PROPERLY)


-Tucker/Jazz-- cute
-Tucker/Valerie (CERTAIN FICS. CERTAIN VERY GOOD FICS.)ahem don't look up...


-Artemis: Girl from school (I just want him to date a NORMAL girl!!)
-Minerva/Artemis (she sounds cool. But kind of sickening...)
I don't like:
Artemis/Holly: cross-species, I don't mind, but she's is like his PROTECTOR, not lover, and she is an adult. EIGHTY. he is a kid. 15... AT LEAST RIGHT NOW...
Foaly/Cabbaline... I gotta bad feeling...UPDATE yep, they got mar- I mean, hitched. Not a bad book, not a bad book.

~~~UPDATES~~~Um... not yet.

~~~My Story Ideas~~~


Brian gets engaged to Kay-gwa-daush, but will their relationship survive in the wild?

Danny in Hogwarts (Based on Harry Potter books and Danny Phantom show)...It came to me in a dream!!

(Okay, you know what, this story is untitled...)

(Harry's kids are in third and fourth year) Danny is accepted into Hogwarts, but school authorities are confused because when the alert came about a muggle-born child showing his or her 'magic', the child in question was... three years too late. When brought for questioning, teachers suspect that this muggle may have some secret to hide... and the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher is itching to figure it out...

Danny is 14 still, same as James Potter, um, the Second, and he will have to convince the school that he is a muggle. But he can make it past the boundaries...

BTW: Not a big fan of this series. I think, in actual fact, it is cheesy, copies too many things, and in all sense, the plot sucks. But the characters HAVE got some potential...

Kuzco is actually Viracocha's (Seventh I think that number emperor of Cuzco) illegitimate great grandson. The bloody ruler made the people mesh the King Emperor, Con Ticci Viracocha, into himself, so they have lost the real truth of it. (Meaning, before Emp.Vira, the people believed in Viracocha the GOD. But, after Emp.Vira ruled, they got confused and figured that he was the god. Names. Ah, the mess they make...)
So, Kuzco is also in a mess. It doesn't help that Yzma has one last plan to destroy him- for good. But when squirrel spit and century-and-a-half DNA collide, dead demons from Kuzco's past come into the present. Can Kuzco overcome the new spirit threatening to take over his body? Can he manage to convince his people not to destroy him as they did his evil ancestor? Can he convince the girl of his dreams to finally become his empress?


All this and more in the half-finished story: THE UNNAMED!! MOOHOOHAHAH!! Ok, I have no idea what to call it.


-Overcoming the Past- I like it. Simple, sweet, and to the point. Also, dangerously ciffhanging.
-The Threat Within- Ok, this is very descriptive. But it ain't the full story. I mean, not the whole of it.
-Viracocha- Who doesn't love a good singular title? I don't! I don't!! Not really.
-New Past, New Future- I like it. More descriptive of all of what I have, and less of a cage for what's to come. Hmm... wish I knew. Better write more.
-The Last Potion- I don't even know why I wrote this! Oh, yeah... But Yzma's last potion does contribute all of what happens after the first chapter...
-The Seventh Emperor of Cuzco- This is kinda like "Viracocha", except with a more twisty layout. Hm. Meh! Revert to #3!!
-Obstacles in the Past forcing Change in the Present- This sounds like a byline.
-An Emperor Within-True-- and, in a way, ew.

Another ENS one...

Currently I am writing something I have been scribbling in a notebook for a while... It is about how Kuzco is 21 and graduating, and Malina likes him, and he has been cursed with the Powers Of The Sun, to appear on his birthday. But they don't until a couple of months later, and he realises that his mother, who was born way up on the Mountains on the other side of the country, gave him the Ice-Dwellers powers'. And, you know, Ice and Fire just don't mix. While everybody worries about him, grad is the next week, and Kuzco tends to "change" when he cannot help it. But his friends know that something is wrong.--Not too much Yzma, got tired of her... and Kronk isn't a specialized feature either. But the story starts and KIND OF is told from what Malina sees, although it cuts to everybody else at intervals. This isn't my usual style- chaps are like two pages long in my notebook, they zoom ahead and I can't, like, add more to what is already there without messing the whole thing up. So: hope to be finished before Christmas, in which case I will upload it and let to enjoy!

Again, why oh why do my summarys suck so much??
I am writing this one at night before I sleep cause a) I have nothing else to do, and b) my laptop has been taken away... WITH MY STORY ON IT!! WAAA... Ok, I'll stop projectile crying now...
(Danny Phantom)

I'm a real ghost... now.

Danny dies in a freak accident, but authorities are confused when they don't find a body after three weeks. When Phantom shows up at school one day, everyone (SM, TF and JF) is relieved. But Danny doesn't stick around for long...

Sam pays a visit to Clockwork, who explains... everything. Although he is not able to elaborate on how Danny died... if he truly did. After that, Sam is convinced that she must find the ghost who stole his mortal half... and steal it back.

Kind of depressing, from what I've got so far brewing up in my mind, but otherwise just a regular DP fic, for me;)\//\/\\/

A preacher trained his horse to go when he said, "Praise the Lord," and to stop when he said, "Amen." The preacher mounted the horse,
said, "Praise the Lord" and went for a ride. When he wanted to stop for lunch, he said, "Amen." He took off again, saying, "Praise the
Lord." The horse started going toward the edge of a cliff. The preacher got excited and said, "Whoa!" Then he remembered and
said, "Amen," and the horse stopped at the edge of the cliff. The preacher was so relieved and grateful that he looked up to heaven and said, "Praise the Lord!"

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Artemis has a dream about lollipoips.
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In my Mind reviews
Sam's the new girl... and Danny can't get his mind off of her. And vice versa. But even though the two of them have no idea, when Sam rents Jazz's old room and gets closer to the family, she risks being killed... if she finds out the secret... Typical DXS
Danny Phantom - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Poetry - Chapters: 3 - Words: 10,223 - Reviews: 17 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 10 - Updated: 6/14/2008 - Published: 5/18/2008 - Danny F., Sam M.
Together, Forever reviews
Small poem. DxS Sam and Danny, Sam's POV.
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Danny Phantom's being followed by the same gang of ghosts, and they are weakening him greatly. When he is weakened by ghosts in front of school, and the nurse checks him over, she finds something unusual... VERY unusual...
Danny Phantom - Rated: K+ - English - Friendship - Chapters: 4 - Words: 6,130 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 15 - Updated: 3/28/2008 - Published: 2/27/2008 - Danny F.
What a Year Can Do reviews
Danny Phantom's been in the ghost zone for 12 months, only to find that when he finally escapes, the school is on the lookout and ready to hunt ghosts, believing them to be the cause of Danny's disapearance...
Danny Phantom - Rated: T - English - Friendship - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2,447 - Reviews: 19 - Favs: 14 - Follows: 30 - Updated: 3/1/2008 - Published: 2/29/2008 - Dan Phantom, Danny F.
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