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I'll be writing mostly, if not only, Pokemon fanfiction (and to be honest I have no inspiration for my profile so I'm literally writing whatever lol.) Also I can literally vanish for weeks at a time so if I do my "disappearing trick" please don't be alarmed, I seriously suck at technological stuff. I swear my friends think I'm either dead half the time or have migrated to Antartica the other half. Also, just because I ship this person with another person in a certain story, this doesn't mean that that person will only be shipped with that person. (Okay this sounds kinda confusing; for example, just because I ship IkariShipping doesn't mean I won't write about TwinleafShipping or CavalierShipping.)

You can PM me anytime you want and I'll try to reply, but I may respond a few months later... Oops?

Some information about me (I guess?)

Name: ... Should I come up with a pseudonym for myself hmm. I guess you can address me as Ren, Idk. (It's not my real name but the nickname of a character I adore.)

Age: You can try and guess. (Sorry but I'm kind of a private person and I don't divulge information about myself that easily. Maybe in the future?)

Likes: Reading, writing (duh! XD), potatoes (um, the things they make? Like chips and fries), being a potato, singing horribly, using said singing to raise the dead, Kpop, Kdrama, stoning, daydreaming, sleeping, playing chess (I suck at it though), playing Monopoly Deal, oh and have I mentioned being a lumpy potato yet?

Dislikes: Studying, bitter food, laggy wifi, forgetting to bring my laptop home, forgetting to charge my laptop, racism, xenophobia, colorism, classism (basically any form of degradation towards any entity), dirty places, and by default from the previous one, public toilets.


Food - Anything with cheese? (Except maybe like, I dk, boiled rotten socks with stuffed cabbage.)

Song - Currently Regular by NCT 127

Pokemon - I love a ton but Bayleef! Specifically, Ash's Bayleef. I don't know it's super cute and I always pick it as my starter.

Character: Dawn and Paul tie for this one

Region: Hands down Sinnoh

Mega Evolution: Lucario ~

Typing: Hmm I don't really have one, but I have envisioned a full team for certain types like Dark and Steel. Also do you know that as of now there are only six Steel type Pokemon capable of Mega Evolving, they are all dual types in their non-Mega forms, none of their types overlap apart from Steel, and these six form a perfect full team? (Hint, hint: Elite Four, use all six and annihilate the player! Just kidding LOL.)

Game: I don't really play games but there's this game called Bloons Tower Defense 6 and it's pretty cute with little monkeys running around killing balloons and blimps. (Do I sound like a psychopath??)

Shipping Opinions: Ships that I Mega Love

Note: This list is not exhaustive because my brain is half-fried as I'm typing this, and I'm probably missing out a ton of ships that I love. Yes some days I wake up and I go, "Wait a second who am I again?" *facepalm*

This is in no particular order, I'm just writing down whatever I can think of first.

Human x human:

IkariShipping (Paul x Dawn)

MarissonShipping (Alain x Mairin)

CurtainShipping (??) (Reggie x Maylene)

DarkSteelShipping (Steven Stone x Cynthia)

ColdCoffeeShipping (Paul x Barry)

FerrisWheelShipping (N x White/Hilda)

ContestShipping (Drew x May)

FlavescentShipping (Trip x Iris)

IgnitionShipping (Flint x Volkner)

RocketShipping (James x Jessie)

CavalierShipping (Gary x Dawn)

SommelierShipping (Cilan x Burgundy)

Also I don't have anything against Ash! I do ship him with some people and I do like those ships as well but the above are just my favorite of favorite shippings.

Pokemon x Pokemon

I literally don't know most of their names so I shall just write down the Pokemon's names. Also some of them are really just the most random thing ever.

Mew x Mewtwo

Ash's Snivy x Ash's Oshawott

Ash's Snivy x Ash's Sceptile

Ash's Snivy x Trip's Serperior (omg why do I have so many Snivy ships... What can I say Ash's Snivy is cool.)

Victini (specifically, M14) x Kyurem (specifically, M15) (and yes I'm writing a fanfic about them, guilty as charged.)

Ash's Pikachu x Dawn's Buneary

Magearna (M19) x Volcanion (M19)

Eeveelution x Eeveelution (specifically revolving Espeon, Umbreon and Glaceon)

Ash's Charizard x Liza's Charizard/Charla

Virizion x Cobalion (yes I have a thing for Legendary/Mythical Pokemon ship)

Palkia x Dialga (I mean imagine them ruling time and spac -- oh wait, they're already doing that.)

Lucario x Lopunny (strangely they look and sound good

Besides so far I don't have romantic shippings for human x Pokemon, but who knows, maybe I'll randomly like one? Do you know I used to HATE MarissonShipping but I randomly went back to watch Mega Evolution I-IV for my high school fanfic and I fell in love with that ship?? I can't believe I used to hate it so much, now it's one of my top favorites. I guess opinions can change, so never say never ~


Codename: Platinum

This is my first published work, and it heavily features IkariShipping. It's about a young girl with codename Platinum who works for the Elite Federal Association (EFA) and is sent on a new mission: infiltrate a prestigious academy and locate Team Galactic's target before they get to them. I don't want to spoil you all too much, but it revolves around Team Galactic members, who are now out of prison and cooking up another sinister plan, and Paul... who is a bit of an enigma, and trying to outrun his inescapable past.

My name is inconsequential.

All I know is that they murdered my parents. So I will return the favor.

Agent Platinum adopts the identity of Dawn Berlitz, seeking overdue revenge by infiltrating Eclipse Academy. There, she meets a cold teen who knows more than he lets on. Therein begins a game of cat and mouse; who will break first? (IkariShipping with some ContestShipping!)


I have an IkariShipping story in the works where Dawn is an aspiring opera singer, but I'm not sure if I will publish it since Codename: Platinum is only in its beginning stages. There's also a DarkSteelShipping and a Gary Oak x OC story (it's the same story!) that I want to share with you all. I also have an N Harmonia x OC story that is beginning to take flight. Regardless I'll be only updating Codename: Platinum for now. I may publish my other works later :)

Right now I'm having exams so I may not update as often. I apologise for that!

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My name is inconsequential. All I know is that they murdered my parents. So I will return the favor. Agent Platinum adopts the identity of Dawn Berlitz, seeking overdue revenge by infiltrating Eclipse Academy. There, she meets a cold teen who knows more than he lets on. Therein begins a game of cat and mouse; who will break first? (IkariShipping with some ContestShipping!)
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