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People! I am now gonna update late, unlike last year, my studies are becoming hard and like unimportant.. haha (just kidding) But i failed like lotsa subjects and I need to concentrate on them for awhile. I promise I will try my best to update


Name: Angie

sex: Female (duh -.-)

status: Not important :P

birthday: something 26, something

age: from 13-19... something with a 'teen' -_-'

from: philippines!!

nationality: Filipino AND PROUD OF IT (cough aside from being top most corrupt country cough)


~~ am always happy!!

~~ am a clutz (it aint my fault -_-)

~~ am a girl!! duhhhhhh

~~ like singing, dancing

~~ love SONGS

~~ hate orange...(but if u like orange, it is perfectly fine with me )

~~ am easy to get along with

~~ am chinese (from mom) (my 1st school was a chinese school)

~~ am spanish (from dad)

~~ am heartless (sometimes)

you can pm me at my YM add:


loves: cardcaptor sakura and gakuen alice

pairs: CCS: sakura x xiao lang... tomoyo x eriol... takashi x chiharu... and more!!

GA: mikan x natsume... hotaru x ruka... and more!! -_-'


color: BLUE and RED


Dangerous - Ying Yang Twins

Dangerous - Akon

Kiss the girl - Ashley tisdale

Last kiss - Pearl Jam

Rehab - Amy Whinehouse

Lets dance - Vanessa Hudgens

Put your records on - Corrine Bailey Rae

Beautiful girls - Sean Kingston

Beautiful girls reply - Jojo

The way I are - Timbaland

Ascot Gavote - My fair lady soundtrack (haha... our very 1st production play!)

Why me - Original song of our class... (hahaha! our very 2nd production play! but our very first original production)

Journey to the past - Aaliyah

No air - Jordin Sparks

Warwick avenue - Duffy

Forgiveness - Leona Lewis

Secret Love - Mariah Carey

Shalalala - venga boys (LOVE IT!)

Smile - Tamia

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So What - pink

Just stand up (to cancer) - various artists

Seniorita - Justin Timberlake

Stop! - Spice girls :P

Rockstar - prima J

there are alot more but I dont wanna fill the space with songs

movie: Happy Feet (i know its kiddy but i like it!!)

Book: Twilight (first real thick book i have ever read!)

Beings: Humans (no offence to non-humans) O.o

pick-up lines: call the cops...why? because you stole my heart

do you have a map? cause im lost in your eyes

Do you have electricity? cuz' your the light of my eyes

Quotes: "Too often, we lose sight of life's simple pleasures. Remember, when someone annoys you it takes 42 muscles in your face to frown BUT, it only takes 4 muscles to extend your arm and bitch-slap the motherfucker upside the head..."

"Im not evil, just misunderstood... and evil!!"


When a teacher tells you "Dont talk to me like that! I am not your friend!" you reply, "HA! did i SAY we were friends? you demented son of a mother fcking prik, you thought i thought you were my friend" then laugh at your teacher... After that your teacher will get so embarrased to talk... IT WORKS! I TRIED IT!

Ladies, When you fence (for fencing), NEVER forget to wear breast plate... cause if you dont, it will hurt TRUST ME...I TRIED THIS TOO!

xoxo Angie xoxo

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