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Author has written 5 stories for Escaflowne, Saiyuki, Star Ocean, Hamtaro, and Violinist of Hameln.

NOTE: I do not update this anymore. Please go to my Lemonfingers account..

Favourite series: Hameln no Violin Hiki.

I do not support yaoi or yuri if it's out of character. Same goes for heterosexual, but it's more prominant in yaoi and yuri.

Yaoi and Yuri I DO support: Sephiroth x Cloud (FFVII), Zack x Cloud (FFVII), Vincent x Cloud (FFVII) Flora x Mirta (Winx Club), Envy x Ed (FMA- generally slave-master stuff.), Patchouli x Marisa (or the other way around, Shanghai Alice), Kakashi x Iruka (Naruto), Sakura x Tomoyo (Card Captor Sakura), Riku x Sora (Kingdom Hearts), Dilandau x Dragon Slayers (Escaflowne), Heero x Duo (Gundam Wing), Fiore x Mamoru (Sailor Moon). I don't actively support but I'm perfectly fine with Sephiroth x Vincent (FFVII), Sephiroth x Zack (FFVII), Onpu x Doremi (Ojamajo Doremi)

Yaoi and Yuri I DO NOT support: ANYTHING Saiyuki (don't even ask. It frankly enrages me.), anything Hellsing, anything Avatar, Vincent x Cid (FFVII), Daisuke x Hiwatari (D.N.Angel), Dark Mousey x Krad (D.N.Angel), Dark Mousey x Daisuke (D.N.Angel), anything Vasquez, Gatsu x Griffith (Berserk. Gives me shivers), anything Gyakuten Saiban, Wolfwood x Vash (Trigun), anything Hameln (ewww.), most every One Piece slash, Shiki x Arihiko (Tsukihime, horrifying.), anything Escaflowne besides the one mentioned up there, anything Slayers, any yaoi involving Trowa (Gundam Wing), anything Weiß (with the notable exception of Schuldich andor Farfellow abusing someone for the torture value, I can totally see that. But I hate all combinations of the Weiß and Schwarz as yaoi, alone or crossing between groups), anything Black Jack (espicially Black Jack x Kiriko -_-), Houshin Engi yaoi, Darkstalkers yaoi with Jedah (incubus, it's impossible. -_-), Lilith x Morigan (Darkstalkers)

Hetero I DO support: Vocal x Kuro Sizer (Hameln), Hamel x Flute (Hameln), Raiel x Sizer (Hameln), Kestra x Pandora (Hameln), Lezard x Lennith (Valkyrie Profile), Alucard x Integral (Hellsing), Pip x Seras (Hellsing), Doc x Rip (Hellsing- I'm perhaps the only supporter), Zuko x Katara (Avatar), Folken x Hitomi (Escaflowne), Gourry x Lina (Slayers), Zelgadis x Lina (Slayers, though I prefer Gourry x Lina), Valgarv x Filia, Sesshoumaru x Ren (InuYasha- nonsexual), Black Jack x Pinoko (Black Jack, nonsexual.), Jedah x Lilith (Darkstalkers), Jedah x Queen Bee (Darkstalkers), Black Jack x Pinoko (Black Jack, nonsexual)

Hetero I DO NOT support: Cloud x Aeris (FFVII), Cloud x Tifa (FFVII), Zelgadis x Amelia (Slayers), Alucard x Seras (Hellsing)

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Geigemann reviews
One of my favourites of my pieces of poetry to date. A simply Hamel x Flute poem. No spoilers or anything like that.
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Science Rejections reviews
Abandoned as it sucked. It's not complete but marking as so as I'm never touching it again. Keeping it up only so I won't get flamed. I know it's terrible.
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If We're Friends Forever, Why Am I Alone? reviews
A poem I wrote in school today September 4, 2001, I almost cried when writing it, it's sad. It's about what I think Hakkai's feelings would be if Gojyo was to die. No. I hate Saiyuki yaoi. It's brotherly love.
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