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Hi I am Midnight,

I haven't updated this in a while so I figured it was time. I am a 21 year old male doing arts at college this year. As it stands most of my fanfics will be being re-written over the coming year as I have out grown that writing style and am not happy with it.

Midnight is a time of dreams and other worlds and realities. I hope to bring these realities and worlds to you within my writing. Wheter or not you believe them due to your own perceptions is up to you.

My muse is Tobias he inspires my writing, my poetry and my art. Although at times we disagree he is my main inspiration for most of my artistic works. I would describe him to you but then I am restricting you from dreaming, from imagining that which does not come from this reality.

Update :So by now I'm sure most of you want to strangle me slowly..and for that I am sorry. My 'new computer' was second hand...and apparently partitioned...meaning it slowly ate itself in terms of space...so according to it...it has no space and I'm thusly not allowed open microsoft word, or any affiliates, Skype, or steam. YAY! (not) but as I had my birthday recently my dad decided I not only needed a new computer but possibly a Tablet too...so in talks with him about that...we shall see what happens...Should be set up and posting by the end of the month, if not mid next month.

As it stands the Phantom Chronicles will continue...as will Harry Potter and Return of The Fallen. The Alex knight chronicles are in review and may be discontinued as is H20: Just add a phantom.

I have recently become addicted to the same shows I was as a child so I will be planning a few Sailor Moon and of all things Power rangers based cross-overs.

Also. Thank GOD for 2 broke girls keeping me happy and entertained between all of this. It keeps me sane!! (ish)

Sad to see the end of Glee! corny I know but nothing keeps me going like music and their amazing storylines!!

The Phantom Chronicles

1. A Girl Called Sam: Chapter one re-written and soon to be posted

When new girl Sam Manson moves to amity park, she quickly gains the attention of Danny Fenton. Why is she so dark and resereved and why has she fled form California? but as Danny begins to fall for her her secret may be revealed but will he be able to keep his own and save her life?

2. A Sister Called Jazz: Upcomming

When Spectra discovers Jazz's psychiactric abilities she becomes both jealous and intruiged. As Jazz diggs to discover her brother's secret she may get more than she bargained for as Spectra's true motives are revealed and Danny must fight for them both while keeping his secret and relationship with Sam working.

3. A Teacher Called Lancer

When Lancer begins looking for an answer to Danny's change in behaviour things begin to heat up. But is revealing his supportive intentions to Vlad a good idea?? As Danny fights to have his teacher and himself from Vlad's Plot he must struggle to keep his secret and finnish Lancer's Homework

4. A Clone Called Danni

When Danni more or less turns up at the Fenton's Danny must figure out a way to stabilise her before Vlad finnishes off his plans to destroy her. But why is he suddenly so eager? As he fights for his clones life and his own he must keep two identities secret from his parents and defeat a stronger Vlad with haywire powers.

5. A Town Called Amity

As Vlad's plans come to thier peak with a war unleashed upon Amity Park. Now Danny must fight alongside his family and friends as they battle not only for thier lives but for the fate of the world as Ghosts and Humans fight for their existance in the town of Amity Park

This is a list of upcomming crossovers and their positioning in the Phantom Chronicles series:

1. H2O: Just add a Phantom: On Hiatus

After defeating Charlotte the girls of H2O decide to take a vacation. When Zane's Father has a business trip to Amity Park the girls and guys decide that this is a perfect opportunity. But after a close call with a ghost boy on a full moon leaves the girls asking questions how long will it be before they make the connections between Phantom and their new friend Fenton?? ( Set Before a girl called sam with the original character relationships)

2. Danny Smallville: Chapter one planned and ready to upload when appropriate

Danny, Sam and Tucker are sent to Smallville with Jazz on a student exchange to make up extra credit. With Jazz as the Chaperone and Lex teaming up with Vlad things can only go down hill as Danny, Sam and Tucker must team up with Clark, Chloe and Oliver to save the day and possibly the town. ( Set between A Girl Called Sam and A Sister Called Jazz)

Harry Potter and the Return of the Fallen (related to nothing) (On Hiatus)

Sorry about the Hiatus will get back to it soon but just run into the dreaded writers block

When Professor Trelawney makes a prediction that leaves Albus Dumbledore reeling Harry Potter and his friends are thrown into the Muggle world and into an age old struggle. When the stakes are high and losing isnt an option, just how far will they have to go to protect themselves, the ones they love, and the world.

I am also considering some Supernatural fics/Crossovers but I will talk more about those later as I have not even considered storylines or even titles for them. As I am only four months out from my Final Highschool exams I will have some dodgy update times and I apologise profusely in advance. After that...well I will have way more time for my hobies so it will improve.

I apologize as all of this is not new per say but my computer recently died and took all of my planning with it. So updates to these as well as the new fanfiction will be a little slow. Apologies in advance.

Upcomming works however:

Harry Potter and The Eternity Guards:

When Voldemort encounters a broken Chaos after its defeat by Eternal Sailor Moon a deal is made that will force the clash of magic and sailor guardians if they wish to save both their worlds and the universe.

Realised errors in Chapter 1 and will re-write and post, along with chapter 2. Despite lack of word programs on my computer I have come up with ideas on notepads

Magical Morphing Power Rangers: (In drafting)

When Dumbledore signs the contract binding Hogwarts to Compete in the Tri-Wizard Tournament he realises the danger this may place Harry in and seeks help from an old friend.

Considering logistics and how this would work with characters etc...

Most of my time will be spent on Harry Potter and The Eternity Guards and A girl Called Sam and by the end of the month I should have new chapters ready to post. I have sorted college and am ready for that so shouldn't get too distracted before that starts next month

Apologies in advance if that changes

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