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Author has written 1 story for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Persona Series.

I'm Takamura Rules, I guess I should give an introduction. Kakashi style of course

I'm a 6'3, 22-year-old African American. Yeah I'm black deal with it

What I like: Games, Anime, Manga, Cartoons, Books Reading, and Writing(newfound)

As for Games: The Persona series, mainly 3 and 5


Pokémon(My favorite will always and forever be Gen 4 followed by Gen 3 )

Ghost of Tsushima

Dragonball FighterZ

Kingdom Hearts

Megaman X

Cheesy old licensed games from my childhood

Too many more to list off the top of my head

Anime & Manga: History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi will always be number 1 in my heart


Dragonball(Z, GT(Yeah I know) parts of Super)

My Hero Academia

Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Pokémon: Both Anime and Adventures Manga (Sinnoh arc for the anime and RSE chapter of the manga reign supreme for me)

Black Clover

Inuyasha(My first anime on adult swim)



Welcome to Demon School Iruma

Yu Yu Hakusho

Deadman Wonderland

What I don't like: First and foremost I hate bad grammar. Nothing will kill your story faster than bad grammar. All it takes is one consistently miss-spelled word or too many run-on sentences. Conversely, good grammar can cover up a bad story. I know it's hard to find betas but the least you can do is use a program like Grammarly and good 'ole fashioned read-your-story-over-and-over until you comb out as much as you can.

I also don't like OOC to be OOC. If a character has a reason to be OOC such as a deception, or the writer made a culmination of experiences to make the character change, I'm all for it. I even welcome it to keep things interesting. If a character starts that way, it's jarring to me, and it makes me want to put the story down.

Next is needless disfiguration. I feel it's a cheap way to establish stakes and break down a character. It's a lot more effective to the reader in my experience if the author takes advantage of a mental character flaw to break them down. The exception is the token character whose point and development are related to the handicap. Examples like Fuegoleon in Black Clover, Ryuji in Persona 5, or Crow in Deadman Wonderland come to mind. Sasuke from Naruto also comes to mind since his missing arm is the symbol of his atonement.

Other than that roaches, bad drivers, and indecisive people make the list

Dreams for the future: I am currently getting my first story up on here and AO3 and going back to school.

Current Project(s):

Persona 5XPercy Jackson-Luck of the Draw: current Ch 9 Persona Rock: beta'ing

Ch:10 Break It down: Writing

FAQs for this story

1. It'll be an erratic update schedule. With how my life is, it's simply insanity to put a deadline on a chapter and also puts undue stress on me to put out a product that 9/10 times I'm not gonna be proud of and lose sleep over it as a result. I'll probably try to keep them on the weekends though.

2. The story in "The Lightning Thief" arc is going to be roughly a tag-along following the book. Note: I said roughly, that I do have 3 major changes planned but the ripples won't be felt until the next books. That being said, "Sea of Monsters" and onward is going to be completely different. So please stick with me through the first book.

3. Will the third-tier personas appear? *non-committal shrug* Maruki is the final bad guy so, of course, they'll appear at one point or another. Most likely not until mid to late in the story. I really don't like the message it gives to the other characters in the context of this story: The god evolving into a human. The second-tier was picked because it meshed well with the PJO world.

4. Will X Judeo-Christian figure be in the story? Hoo-Boy. Hmm yes and no. By virtue of Satanael being Joker's persona the answer is yes. No, because I don't really intend to go farther than that, Lucifer and Maria for the Royal content (slight spoiler). If it was a Persona crossover with any other fandom the answer would have been a straight yes as long as I could fit them in. The problem with PJO is that you have to ask, "Are they real?" if so, how do they fit in the modern day? With monotheistic religions, that gets pretty messy, pretty fast. You have to take into account how they function among the other pantheons and if they are heroes or villains in the story. One wrong step and you've accidentally written a diatribe. Even though it's a fanfic I'd rather not open that can of worms. And now that i'm writing PJO fanfic I can understand why Riordan nipped it in the bud in the first few chapters "Let's not get into the metaphysical Mr. Jackson" Also this is why Aru Shah doesn't cover any of the super major gods like Indra, Ganesh, and the creation trio, outside of a minor cameo from one of Vishnu's avatars. Probably why we haven't gotten a Shinto-based story either, even though there's a decent chunk of weeaboos(including me) who would read it.

In short: no YHWH, no Satan, and no Messiah. Though Messiah can get an honorable mention in Makoto's notes Omake.

The archangels are a different story. I can tell you this without spoiling anything. Gabriel was passed over twice in the initial planning stage. She was the original pick for Joker's ice persona mainly to separate me from Buku's Black Frost and the fact I didn't feel Lakshmi would have that oomph factor among the readers. I then ended up going with Black Frost anyway because of the above reasons and how iconic he is as a Jack bro. The second time-- well you'll see why after CH9. However, I will be lenient with them. If I can find a good place to make them villains, like they were in P5 then they Abdiel from SMTV, are fair game. Side Note all of this was conceptualized back in March 2022 a good 4 months before Gabriel made her debut in Buku's DTESH. So I'm not a complete shameless rip-off.

Ideas for the future:

Advance Wars 1&2 retelling: An AndyXSonja ship fic that'd go through the first 2 games. Would feature a smarter but mechanic-focused Andy and COP would take elements from Percy Jackson

Persona5XPersona2: This would take place in the Q2 universe. The all-adult cast meeting the adult hating cast is a story begging to be told.

Pokémon AdventuresX Persona 5 or MHA: The villains are so good and well written in Pokémon Adventures. For persona 5 it makes sense to me cause all the villains are hidden in plain sight; perfect to be exposed. MHA works because of its criminal syndicates. It would be interesting to see Deku working to take down a syndicate by himself without someone else doing the investigative leg work.

Pokémon Adventures One-Shots: The focus of this one would be a team-up we haven't seen before, or it would be interesting to see these 2 or 3 dex holders work together

Copied from The Overly Active Imagination:

For my beloved Mother,

Never Perfect, Always Loved

If you asked me to name one time you made me smile

I would be stuck thinking for quite the while

For those precious moments, I have so many

That it's hard for me to truly favor any

You could make me smile or laugh on any given day

Each one a small treasure in its own unique way

Combined they let me see you like no other

A sweet, loving, amazing person who I called my mother

And even when the less pleasant times came

I can honestly say that you were mostly the same

But behind that sweet smile you were struggling to fight

I had to hold back my tears with all of my might

Time kept marching by and your battle waged on

It became so obvious to me that soon you'd be gone

So when the day came when we finally said goodbye

I sat by your side, not caring if I kept my eyes dry

The pain is still there and may be for much longer

But from this sad time I will try to grow stronger

For I tell myself that every time I look up above

I know that you're there, sending me love

Copied because everything I write is in dedication to my late mother first and foremost


I will probably add to this as needed

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Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 6,446 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 46 - Follows: 20 - Published: 2/14 - [Ash K./Satoshi, Bea/Saito] Melony
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