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To the person who thought s/he are "speaking out" by anonymously reviewing China Doll: If you would like to flame me for my lack of updates, have some nerve and actually sign in and do it so I can respond. Did I ever claim to think my story was the best thing ever? No, I don't think so. Yes, I put links to where it was nominated. Who doesn't? Yes, I haven't updated in a while. Get over it. I write when I can. I'm glad you liked my story, but if you're going to hate on it as well as me for my lack of updating then here is a simple solution. Don't read my stories. I could have instead just given up on it, if you'd prefer that? Those are the two options I have available here. I can either take my time updating, put my real life first, or I can not update at all. I chose the first option because it was what I could do to repay those who read it. And it is what I will stick by. My stories will be completed.

And yes, I do plan to become an author as a career. Don't like it? I don't care.

Thank you to those who are sticking by me in the tough time I'm going through instead of complaining and whining.

To read about how the chapters are progressing, just skim down until you find the name of the story in bold.


You can call me Meg. I'm quite young, but I love to read and write. I'm an avid reader and a writer here on fanfiction, and generally I review a story if I like it. I won't ever be mean in a review, as I am opposed to being cruel towards those who write on here, for we are all here to learn. Occasionally, I will give you advice, and tell you how to improve, but please don't ever take offense. I mean and wish you only the best when I do so.

I update as quickly as I can, but sometimes it's not quick enough to appease my reviewers. Sorry! Honestly, I am incredibly fortunate that so many people read my stories and encourage me to go on, so thank you to each and everyone of you. You have no idea how much the simplest good review means to me. I try very hard on my stories but I, just like every other person on this site, make errors occasionally. If you have any questions/concerns about one of my stories, please feel more then free to send me a PM about it.

Now, a bit about me. I have been reading stories on here since the tender age of eight, and at that point in my life, I was in awe by every single writer on this site. It was about a mere two years later that perspective changed, and I began to grow as not only a reader, but a writer. It's been many years since then, but I'm still quite active on here. I love to talk to people, so if you ever wish to send me a PM for the sake of having somebody to have an in depth conversation with, or perhaps a simple conversation, feel free to send me one. If you would like my AIM, send me a PM and I shall give it to you, unless you have harassed me via this site, naturally.

I also enjoy riding horses, softball, volleyball, acting, music, and spending time with my friends and family. They mean the world to me. I'm a klutz, although not as bad as Bella, and I sing terribly, but I love to sing regardless. I enjoy video games -- well, winning video games, which... rarely happens. :) I'm a rather jealous person, and get aggravated easily, but all in all, I'd like to say I'm a relatively friendly person -- but I shall let you be the judge of that, yes? :) Tragic happenings in history, and everyday life, intrigue me. I'm over emotional and tend to cry quite easily, and I also tend to spill the food that is meant to be eaten onto my clothes. I plan on being an actress or an author one day, since acting and writing are two of my favorite hobbies. But, we'll see with time. Unsolved mysteries interest me, and also partly frighten me. I love a good horror movie as much as the next gal, but 28 Weeks Later has me traumatized for life. (I don't care that most people didn't find that movie that scary. Something about cannibalism freaks me out.)

So, who are you?

Uglies: (Based off of Uglies.) This is a one-shot about Rosalie's opinion of humans. Enjoy it, and don't take it seriously. :)

Marriage: It's a humor one-shot about Charlie and Edward having a little discussion.

You can view it in Spanish here:

Thanks to The Little Cullen for translating. Don't be afraid to leave her some reviews. :)

China Doll: (Based off of a Grimm fairy tale.) Seventeenth chapter is up. Please review. :) China Doll is now next on my list to update. I expect it to come out this week.

The Vampire of the Opera: (Based off of The Phantom of the Opera.) Last chapter is done and up. Just the epilogue left. Hope you enjoyed it!

As the Rain Falls: A one-shot about Carlisle and Esme.

Scars: A one-shot about Alice and Jasper. Just short and cute. Nothing that will stick in your mind, I don't think, but you'll probably enjoy it while you read it

Catechism: A one-shot. My newest one. Check it out! :)

Downfall: Got the next chapter up. Please review! : They inspire me. I will update this AFTER I update VOTO and China Doll.

Also for fans of The Vampire of the Opera be sure to check out a wonderful drawing done by Aleatoire:


And for fans of China Doll, check out ANOTHER drawing she did:


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