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. . . I really have no excuse for telling you all I needed two weeks, and here we are . . . what, seven months later? I don't think I can apologise enough to make it up to all of you! Still, I am extremely sorry for breaking my promise.

However, to business.

I'm afraid nothing's been . . . clicking for me the past couple months. I'll look at Centennial and Track Record and think "What the hell was I thinking?". Life outside of the Interwebz has also been catching up to me - I'm much more tired than I should be, I really need a job but I happen to live in the state with one of the lowest employment rates and have little experience, my friends are pulling dramatic problem after dramatic problem out of their asses every time I see them, and . . . life just isn't clicking

I don't mean to whine or complain. Point of the matter is - I don't think I'll be updating anything new for a while. I need to take another look at Centennial; what I have planned is very different from most 100 Themes Challenges, but I didn't exactly plan far enough ahead before posting anything relating to that specific story. I only have a very vague idea of how to do a very specific idea, and if I were to keep going it just . . . would not end well.

The same goes for Track Record - I started it out as just a oneshot, and then decided to randomly continue it one day. It's more planned than Centennial, but that doesn't mean it's as up to par as it should be. I need to completely revamp the poor thing - prolly, the only thing that won't be touched is the prologue (Danny's chapter).

Basically, I need to do A LOT of editing (a major weakness of mine, really - I can edit others' stuff, but not my own, strangely enough).

Combine that with my life starting to fray a bit, and it doesn't look very good for anything that relates to my creativity.

You're all really about to hate me for this, but I'm pretty sure you know what I'm about to say.

As of today (November 12, 2011), XiaoDui is on an official hiatus.

Major revamping will be done. I may or may not be taking down Centennial completely until I rewrite it to satisfaction, and all chapters after Danny's POV in Track Record may or may not be coming down as well. But, yes, I am now on hiatus for my own works.

I'll remain open as a beta, if anyone needs me.

Goodly night, my little duckies - do try to stay hip to the jive, and I'll be back as soon as I am able.

Since now I've somewhat figured out links, you can find me at Facebook! Go ahead and add me - just put a message saying you're from FF.Net so I don't freak out (I probably won't freak out, but you know - just in case). Also, I finally joined LiveJournal. I'm going to post both fanfiction and original works up on there. The original version of I Am? is already up there (at first, it was just a quick little wondering-thing, but I adapted it to Danny Phantom later; the one on LiveJournal is the "real" one). Most updates will appear there first, as well as anything that will hinder updates.

Now for some story clarifications:

Tied Up In Knots is COMPLETE. In other words, take it off your story alerts! Goodness, guys - I'm STILL getting emails telling me y'all are putting this on your Alerts. It will NOT be updated - so cut it out! I love you all, but seriously . . .

Day of Paranormal Silence is technically complete, people. However. I have gotten to thinking, and I might - MIGHT! - be doing either a sequel or a follow-up chapter. No telling what it's about - but you can send me ideas or guesses in PMs, or through my Facebook.

So, yeah. If you've got it on an Alert . . . you guys are sneaky, manipulative bastards. I'll have you know that peer pressure is not very nice, and y'all are going to Hell for it. At least you'll be happy little Hellions.

I Am?'s contest winners - yeah. I have little messages for each of you (which each of you will be getting in a PM, too):

Giving Thanks - COMPLETE (prize-fic for The Scarlet Pencil)

FashionDiva7: It's sorta planned. Mostly, it's just the concept right now, but that's about it. As for the Danny Phantom one, it's still in the beginning of the concept stages.

TexasDreamer01: Your original fic is planned, but not quite written. I've at least started it, but it doesn't like me thus far - I keep having to rewrite it. It is in the process, though. The second fic is also planned, and I have the bare minimum written; I still need to go through and get it written-written (don't question my story-making process XD). The other, different-category one is still in the process of research, really. But I'm working on it!

Track Record will be seven chapters, no more and no less; however, if you read the horrible message above in bold, then you know that it's not going to be updated for a while (despite how close we've gotten to the end!). Chapters may or may not be taken down - it depends on how the editing goes and if I have to essentially start from scratch. The prologue (Danny's POV) will NOT be coming down, whatever happens.

Centennial is my entry for the 100 Themes Challenge, despite the fact that I really should be working on all the stuff I've already got going. I finally found a full list (surprisingly hard to do, actually) and, of course, you know what that means - I AM SO IN!

Hopefully, it'll all work out how I've decided I want to do it. I may be biased, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be different than most of the challenges. Then again, I'm going off the few complete ones that I've seen, so we'll see. Like Track Record, this is sadly on pause until I can pull everything together. I'm so sorry, guys.

Guys. GUYS. GUYSGUYSGUYSGUYSGUYS you won't believe this!

So someone from this site added me on Facebook (yes, this shows that I will in fact add you if you try it!). We got to messagering, and guess what?

Hold onto your hats - 'cause XiaoDui is going to be part of a comic!

Yes, my little duckies, you read that right. I'm to be writing the script, descriptions and dialogue and such. Once I send what I've written to my shiny new partner, it will either be drawn out or edited - if edited, we go back and forth until it works out. Then, it will be posted on DeviantArt (be on the lookout for the link's arrival).

As for content - well, you know how I am with my little surprises, darling duckies. Just know that it will (of course) be Danny Phantom.

(Update on this one - sadly, nothing new will be put out anytime soon. I haven't heard from my partner in several months, and I've no clue how she's progressing on what I've given her thus far. I don't know if the project will be scrapped or not - if not, you'll get a wonderfully-drawn (I swear, the girl's is simply amazing at drawing!) comic with a link posted here. If it is scrapped, I may end up tweaking my half of the project and posting it for you all to enjoy. We'll see - I really do hope my wonderful partner is still willing!)

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